Tips for 6-3-2010 Customizing Your Page

Now that you have joined the Network you will want to make your page your own. Have some fun.

Here are some basic tips for the beginner.

First of all you can move the "boxes" around on your page! Put the activities at the bottom for example and move a text box or the comments to the top.

Below we will move a text box.

Place your mouse over the Text Box until you see the Cross Hairs like ABOVE

Now Left Click the Cross and hold it to drag it where you want (This is called "Drag and Drop")

Now that you have the Text Box where you want it we can add Pictures and or Videos or just text :-)

Just left Click the Edit on the right

This will open a window where we can add the fun stuff we want to add to our page. Notice the little Icons, the camera is where we would click to upload images and videos. The little chain link is for linking to other sites.

Lets add an image (like your book cover etc...

First left click the little camera.

Next Click Browse and look for the picture you saved

(and resized to the size you want and saved) on your computer and ...

Click that File

(I look for thumbnails which you can do by clicking the little icon on the far right on top...

Do you see it?)

Now Left click Open

Now left click the Options arrow. I usually choose to the left, Wrap Text Around and resize the image. But Play around and see what you can do to be creative.

Now Click ADD

This is what you will see... :-) don't panic!

This is just Geek Language. I can interpret.

If you want to add text to the image just type it in after the last little arrow ...

and then you can hit 'B' on top for bold or change the Font by hitting the 'a'

Now hit Save

This is what you will see on your page :-)

Suppose you wanted to have the text take your visitors to your blog

or website...

You would hyperlink the words

You do this by clicking Edit,

Highlighting the words on the page you want to be the link and

left clicking the little Chain Link at the top.

Then enter the web address to your Amazon Link, your Blog

or anywhere else you want to take the visitor.

Here is what you will see on your page

Check out my page and see where I take you with this link

Now lets talk about customizing the look of your page

Your page can take on your personality in many ways,

especially with color and we have a fairly good selection of templates to choose from

First look on the top left of you page, you should see your name in a box like this.

Left click settings

This window will open and you will want to click on

My Page on the left side of it.

Click on Change the Appearance of your page

This will take you to the Template page.

Have fun, you can preview the page before you make the decision

and you can always come back to change it later.

One caution is to be sure that there is good contrast between

the font and the background otherwise you will not be able to read the text :-)

That's it for today... does that help??

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Comment by Phred St Laurent on June 3, 2010 at 12:32pm
... Geek Language :-)
"It is all Geek to me"

New Member Orientation

We are posting videos here in the this group to help all of our members figure out how to use this site :-)


We will be posting videos all the time now, basically going through the entire site. 



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