Review of Considering Calvinism: Faith or Fatalism by Gil Vanorder Jr.

The subject of Calvinism is discussed quite often at the small Baptist church my husband pastors. As a result, I've done some reading on the topic in order to have a better understanding of the doctrine.

Considering Calvinism: Faith or Fatalism is by far the easiest book I've come across in terms of writing and explanation of terms. Plus, the author doesn't talk down to his reader, as I've seen some do when discussing such weighty issues of faith.

Early on Gil VanOrder, Jr. states that he longs to avoid coming across as pompous or arrogant in his arguments, and has had several read the manuscript before publishing it, pointing out any areas he might misrepresent himself and what he believes.

I noticed a few spots where Gil's passion almost bled over into an "I can't believe you don't see this" mentality, but I can understand why. It is very difficult to write about a subject that is dear to your heart and that fills you with passion and conviction and not find yourself slipping a toe into the pool of 'Told You So'.

The book is broken down into seven chapters, with the first five tackling one of the five points of the Calvinist doctrine: Total Depravity, Unconditional Election, Limited Atonement, Irresistible Grace, and Perseverance of the Saints). The final two chapters examine an opposing view and how to know the God of the Bible.

My only complaint is the length of the chapters. I would have preferred Gil divided the book into five sections, and had shorter chapters within the sections. I believe it would have made for easier reading.

As for how well Gil made his points, sometimes I agreed, sometimes I didn't and at times I felt he was reaching. I also would have liked more Scripture passages in their context, especially when the topic under discussion was vital to the doctrine.

Overall, I enjoyed Gil's book, Considering Calvinism: Faith or Fatalism. I'd recommend Gil's book to those who are seeking, but not to young believers in the faith.

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