Question of the day... How does this work? What should I do?

Good Day Fellow Book Fun Members!!

Today we want to address questions from members who say they had joined but were confused about how the site works and what they should do.

First: What is a Book Club? When you Google “book club” you generally find a lot of “sign here and buy a book a month” type sites. This is NOT our definition of “book club” at all. We define a book club as a “Reading Group” where people get together, in person, and discuss the books they are reading. In this “fellowship” amazing things happen. This can also be an outreach to the community on several levels. Mainly we have found that people will come to a reading group, in a church or Christian Book store, (other places) who would not normally come to a church on a Sunday. The implications/ results are obvious. So when we say “Finding Hope in Reading Groups”, to us, Hope is a person. Enough said about this.

I thought it best to make some time to restate/ clarify our focus, goals and vision for the Network this morning.

1) Our number one goal is to support existing reading groups around the world. I think we are starting to see many Book Club leaders join up and this is exciting! We support them by facilitating this environment where we hope leaders will connect with other leaders and share their reading group experiences with each other. A safe environment where there can be a creative mindshare, and a fellowship of ministries.

2) Our number two goal is to support the creation of new reading groups around the world. We seek and welcome people who have always wanted to start a reading group, who have tried and not had success, who are looking for a community outreach idea and this is it. Our hope is that the existing, experienced Group Leaders who have had success, will either directly mentor these aspiring leaders, or indirectly spark some of them, through sharing their own struggles, victories and creative ideas here on our network.

3) Our number three goal is to connect readers, who are looking for local fellowship in a reading group, to the leaders nearby. This is one of the reasons the member map is so important to us. As we grow and we can open this map, and see the groups and other members, a reader who wants to join a group can find or create a group based on the discovery of other readers locally. Leaders please consider this as you set up your personal pages and group pages. It would help if you would describe the group (or the vision for the group), how many members, when and where you meet, how long you have been meeting etc… We are on guard 24/7 to keep your information safe, and this site safe. Use this environment to recruit new membership for you group, or to find people who are close enough to start the group you want to run. Readers, use this site to find groups that meet, or people on the same page, that you might fellowship with.

4) Our number four goal is to support leaders by inviting authors to participate. We also realize that authors are readers and welcome them to join as a reader and author. One aspect of leading a group is finding and choosing what to read over the year. By allowing authors to create pages and upload videos/ trailers for their books we can assist Group Leaders by giving them a very large resource of books, both from the large publishing community as well as the self published world. Our goal is not to be a “Publisher’s Clearing House” and we do not want our Leaders and Readers deluged with marketing assaults, and we will do all we can to guard against this. We reserve the right to feature authors and videos that we feel are noteworthy. But the result is a deep and ever changing resource of books to choose from for the leaders of our groups.

5) Our number five goal is to allow online groups to form and interact here. Keeping in mind that our number one goal is to support reading groups that meet physically, we still think an exchange of ideas will establish relationships that will support our goals. Seeing groups like; Edgy Christian Fiction Writers; Inspirational EBooks; W.I.T.N.E.S.S. Book Club; ACFW Book Club; Encouragement for the Journey and others is exciting (forgive me for not mentioning all of them?) We want to avoid groups set up primarily to market books though. There is a way to guard against this built into the site, if you feel it is a marketing group, just do not join, or leave the group.

6) Our number six goal here is to support authors in their efforts to get the word out about their books. We realize the passion and energy an author pours into the creation of a book. To them it is more than just a book. We have created this network with them in mind. We expect them to use this network for the purpose of placing their book at the feet of our leaders. We also hope that authors will be able to network with leaders and groups to arrange to attend a club meetings, speak to a group, let groups know about book signings and “give a ways” and other events, using our calendar.

Overall we want more than anything for this place to be one where we can all have FUN with Books and each other.

I will write more about the functionality of the site soon. Items like “Did You Know You Can Update Face Book and Twitter Right from here?”

Please check out my blogs for other tips and feel free to send me question as they come up I am here to serve you all. (Although Nora is always first in line J)

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Comment by Phred St Laurent on June 13, 2010 at 3:11pm
Yes! That would be awesome!!
I can call the UK and most of Europe for free. Send me the numbers of Christian bookstores or Churches and I will call them to see if there any clubs or people who want to start a club.
You could also network with your church to see who might want to join one?

New Member Orientation

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