Pits are no fun!

They are hard places to be in.

They affect us physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

We don’t get to choose our pits—but we do get to choose our reaction to them.

Working recently on my new retreat series on the life of Joseph, I imagined his cries of bewilderment and fear—the shock and confusion that must have permeated his mind and left him shaking.

Did Joseph cry out to the Lord, “How could this happen? I don’t belong here in this nightmare. God, how could you abandon me—and what about the dreams I had?” I imagine he did, because he was human, just like us.

Several years ago I found myself in a place of shattered dreams. The experience left me in shock, incredible emotional pain, and totally confused. But God’s Spirit imprinted one deep desire on my heart. I prayed constantly:

“Lord, don’t let Satan have a victory in my life by making me bitter, or by spreading poisonous comments about others. May You be glorified by how I respond in this place.”

In the pits of life, we get to choose:

  • Which way I will go—toward a flesh-driven response, or one given by God’s Spirit.
  • What beliefs about God and myself I will cling to.
  • What attitudes I will choose right now.

Dark and difficult times are prime opportunities for the Enemy to decimate our faith. It’s too easy to hear his whispers, If God really cared, why would he let this happen? When this happens, remember, he is the father of lies today, just as he was with Eve (Genesis 3:1-7). He is the deceiver, and the one who is actively looking for ways to devour our confidence in God.

What are Satan’s Plans for you when you’re in a pit? Check this list:

  • To have you focus on your pain, your suffering, your needs
  • To have you choose: self-pity, bitterness, cynicism, hopelessness and fear
  • To cause you to turn away from God.

What is God’s purpose when you’re in life’s inevitable pits? Look at the following:

  • To have you focus on His sufficiency and strength for your trial.
  • To draw you closer into a more intimate, honest, and empowering relationship
  • To have you choose: Strength, comfort, courage, and the power to show His reality. 

Let's Talk: Our pits can draw us closer to the God who loves us deeply, or they can drive us away. What effect is your pit having on you today? (If you want to comment on the actual post, click here to visit the blog and leave a comment.)

If I can be of any support or help, please email me privately.

Would you like more encouraging insights from the life of Joseph? Contact me. I’d love to come and present all or part of these hope-giving talks at your next event.

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