Out of Love

By Marcia Lee Laycock


Staring at a blank page, knowing you have to fill it with something by a specific time is a little daunting. Knowing there are a lot of rules that have to be followed, that the words have to be just right, the content intelligent yet interesting enough to keep a reader’s attention, is a little nerve wracking. Realizing that the end result could be summarily dismissed with “does not meet our needs at this time,” is more than a little frustrating. Yet, as a writer I do it, day after day, week after week. Some might wonder why.


The answer is quite simple – I love the process, the challenge, and yes even the struggles and frustrations of writing. I do it because I believe in some small way, what I write can make a difference. It can change things. It is what I was created to do.


We all have these same fears, struggles and frustrations in our lives. We all do things that others shake their heads at and wonder why. We do them out of love. An interesting phrase, that. Out of love. Because of love. On account of love. It has been said there is no more powerful a force on the face of the earth.


There is One whose demonstration of that force must have been confusing to those who watched. He left a home and position that was beyond anything we can imagine. He allowed himself to be born into a poor family and a race that was one step above slavery. In accordance with His father’s plan, he kept himself hidden for the first thirty years of his life and when he did finally reveal himself, even his own family did not believe who he really was. He did miracles of healing and grace but people spat on him. He taught everyone who would listen how to find true peace but no-one understood, not even his closest friends. Then He offered eternal life to the world by offering himself in atonement for all their sin, and still, some refuse to acknowledge him.


Why did he do it? Out of love. Because of love. On account of love. And you can add grace and mercy to that. The gospel of John, chapter 13 describes it – “It was just before the Passover Feast. Jesus knew that the time had come for him to leave this world and go to the Father. Having loved his own who were in the world, he now showed them the full extent of his love.” Then John describes the moving scene when Jesus washed his disciples’ feet. An act of servitude, an act of profound love and grace that changed those whom he served. But then he topped it. He went on to suffer the humiliation and torture of the cross. That was an act of love that changed the world. That was why Jesus was born.


As Christians we strive to imitate Christ. As writers we must do the same. Do it all out of love. Because of love. On account of love. Not just of the process, the challenge and the end results, but of Him and those whom we serve.



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