Meet Christian Fiction Author and Clash of the Titles Team Member, Lisa Lickel

by Jennifer Slattery


If you haven't stopped by Clash of the Titles lately, there's still time to catch a glimpse of our latest COTT Conqueror, Roseanna White. Her novel, A Stray Drop of Blood is definitely a must read! And a great novel for an upcoming COTT book club read!


Next week, Lisa Lickel, author of Meander Scar, hosts one of our most challenging clashes--best back cover blurb. Authors spend hours, perhaps even months, carefully crafting the handful of paragraphs printed on the back of their books, knowing many readers won't make it past a casual glance. Monday, hop on over to Clash and tell us about you. Ever bought a book based on the blurb or Amazon description alone?


When I read Lisa's novel, Meander Scar, it was the title that grabbed me first. Although I didn't know what it meant, it sounded intriguing.


And it was. Meander Scar is the romantic story about two people caught up in an elaborate deception of control and lust for power. Ann’s husband disappeared so long ago, but her wealthy mother-in-law refuses to allow her to move on and have him legally declared dead. When Ann is finally ready to move out of the dark place with Mark, a new love who’s a former neighbor and quite a bit younger, she learns what happened to her husband. If she tells the truth, she may ruin more lives than just her own.
Ann Ballard is so lost. She came from a great, stable family who loves her, she’s smart, she married well—maybe a little too well. She kept her home and her family together the best she could when her husband disappeared and her mother-in-law put her on a sort of allowance when she could no longer count on the income from Gene’s business, where she still worked. However, she doesn’t have the guts to simply sell out and take the fall in order to fight her mother-in-law; besides, Gene might still come home. She lets her son walk all over her because she’s still feeling guilty that maybe she really did drive her husband away, although there’s nothing to indicate that’s true. She’s cautious about her new romance, but with good reason.
As to the title, Lisa says, "It’s one of those things that you think, oh, that would make a great title someday! When I first learned the concept, I think it was in college and before I knew I would write, I kept thinking that there has to be a story to go with this idea of meandering, out of control, then after the control is re-established with a streambed, things go stagnant and dry up and leave a permanent mark in the earth. That’s so LIFE – that a person can handle the tough stuff, but it leaves a mark. Even as Christians we are forgiven, but still have to deal with the consequences of our actions."
So true! Visit Clash of the Titles Monday to join in another fun literary clash and get to know Lisa better!
And moms, have a great, new book, happy reading Mother's Day. (You're gearing up for our book club, right? We launch May 1st with Karen Witemeyer's Tailor-Made Bride. Can't wait! (You can pick up a free ebook on Amazon right now!)

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Comment by Clash of the Titles on May 7, 2011 at 3:53pm
You MUST read it Naomi. Meander Scar is one of those books that keeps you scratching your head--and I know you love those!
Comment by Naomi Dawn Musch on May 7, 2011 at 9:17am

I STILL have to get Lisa's book. It sounds like such a great plot! I'll get it read this summer for sure! BTW, Karen't book is free at Amazon right now.


Naomi Musch

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