GIVEAWAY - NO SAFE HAVEN by Kimberly and Kayla Woodhouse

How did you get the idea for No Safe Haven?

Well, it was our brilliant editor (Karen Ball’s) idea for us to write together. Then we just had fun brainstorming all the wild and crazy things about Alaska that we had experienced there. We chose something that would fit well with Kayla’s nerve disorder and knew we would have fun creating a story that put our characters through our own worst fears. 

What made you want to write about a girl that had the same life challenges as Kayla? Did this make it easier or hard to write for you?

We knew that we could make it real and authentic like no one else. We also knew that thousands of people had written in to our website asking questions about how Kayla did this or that. So it really came easy since we understood it so well – having lived with it day in and day out – BUT it was hard to write it. It was hard to imagine what I would do as a mom were I in the same position we put Jenna in. 

What was it like to write a book with your daughter? How did the writing process work for the both of you?
It was amazing. I never knew how great it would be. We both write really fast, and we “feed” off each other like there’s no tomorrow. I definitely feel like it was a God-thing when Karen suggested it – because we hadn’t thought of it ourselves. And now we can’t imagine NOT writing together 

I’ve read of how beautiful Alaska is but you brought out a side of the Alaskan frontier that I’d never read about before-it made the story more compelling to read?

Well – first and foremost – we LOVE Alaska. Loved living there, love going back every chance we get. It really is like the last frontier. It’s huge. Majestic, beautiful, scary, and a land all its own. Even when I lived in Europe, I didn’t experience what we had the incredible privilege of experiencing in Alaska. We just wanted to share our favorite state with everyone.

I heard in a YouTube interview that your family lived in Alaska? How long and what was your favorite aspect of living there? What made you move to Colorado Springs?

We did  We lived there around five years and loved it. We lived on a little island for quite a while and I’ll never forget the thousands of eagles, salmon, whales, and sea lions that entertained us. It was a perfect climate for Kayla – so it really granted Josh and Kayla a childhood that they’d never had before. We had to make the move to Colorado Springs when Kayla became very ill in 2005. And in December of 2006, she had to have brain surgery.

Can you give us a sneak peak into your next novel the sequel to No Safe Haven? Race Against Time?

Race Against Time was so hard to write and yet so fun all at the same time. Here’s the blurb:

Anesia Naltsiine has made mistakes that have cost her-and her 13-year old daughter, Zoya-dearly. But no more. She will prove her worth as a mother and as a breeder of champion sprint racing dogs. Her kennel is so successful that buyers come from all over the world. So why does she still feel so worthless?

Zoya misses the dad she never knew. All she wants is to follow in his footsteps as a champion sprint dog racer. But when she witnesses a murder in their town of North Pole, Alaska, she finds herself thrown into dangers and emotions she can’t begin to understand.

Enter Sean Connelly, a new employee at the kennel with demons of his own. When he discovers macrochips bearing military secrets implanted in the Naltsiine's dogs, a puzzle tracing back to the murder unfolds. Then strange "accidents" start happening; clearly someone wants Zoya silenced. Anesia tells her daughter it's not safe to race, but Zoya, angry with the world- and God-takes off across dangerous Alaskan terrain alone. Anesia and Sean must race against time to save the girl-and themselves.

What do you want readers to take away from your stories?
Our goal for each book is basically the same although each book has its own theme. We want to challenge the believer in his/her walk with the Lord and point the non-believer to the Lord. No Safe Haven tackles trust. Race Against Time tackles forgiveness.

You had Jenna your female lead learning to fly a plane. Is this something you’ve done or aspire to do? It was so real and believable. It made me think you’ve flown a lot!

Wow – thank you! Well, I have to admit,........................

To read the rest of this fun, heartfelt interview with Kimberly and her daughter Kayla Click this link

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Comment by Nora St.Laurent on June 8, 2011 at 5:10pm
Wow, That's great to know. I've read their books and LOVED every second of it. I thought the fact that they talked about Kayla's condition and how that affected every aspect of them trying to escape the bad guys and survive the plane crash. It was fascinating and I learned so much. I look forward to their next book together. I couldn't put this book down. NO SAFE HAVEN has been chosen by the ACFW On-Line book club pick for Next month along with Deadly Ties by Vicki Hinze. Thanks for stopping by!
Comment by Candy Mersdorf on June 8, 2011 at 3:28pm
I'm excited about reading this book.  Kim and Kayla used to go to my church here in Anchorage Alaska.  I was excited to see that they have started writing books. :)

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