If you're anything like me, the books lining your bookshelves and clogging your kindle extend far beyond your time to actually read them, which means you'll likely be a bit more selective. Although I'd like to offer a bit more grace here, I'm finding my time prohibits patience. Meaning, if an author doesn't grab me, in some way, by the first chapter, chances are I won't finish the book.


But that doesn't mean I want a big explosion or some other catalystic event. Plant questions in my mind or hint at issues to come, and I'll likely move on to page two.


Today at Clash of the Titles, we're looking at two "opening hooks," and we leave it up to you, our reader, to decide which excerpt is most intriguing.  


Here's a snippet:


Excerpt A:

 Abigail’s tears were unneeded. Mourners enough had been hired by her mother’s husband, and their loud keening drowned out her grief. She risked a glance at Silas, who stood with an appropriately sorrowful expression in the corner. Her mother’s husband, but not her father. Her father was dead. Mother too. And this family would never be her own.

     She turned to the doorway, where Rebekka, Silas’s first wife, beckoned. Abigail darted one last look at the body laid out on the table, but her mother could offer her no protection now. She left the room, following Rebekka’s voice down the hall. “She is eight years old. Very strong–she gets that from her father. But beautiful, as her mother was.”  (Read more!)
Excerpt B:
A thread-thin shaft of sunshine needled Alarik’s closed lids, but he’d not open them—it would hurt. His woolen tongue tasted of soured goat milk, and Thor’s own hammer beat against his temples. He hadn’t felt this bad since Björn’s wedding feast.
     Something dripped a slow rhythm against his lips, trickling off into his beard. He toyed with the idea of swiping it away, but that would require too much effort.
     A quiet rumble, low and throaty, moaned from afar. No, not far off. Near. And it carried a message of pain.
  He blinked open his eyes, then swallowed back the shock of light and spit out a string of curses.
Stop by and tell us what you think, and be entered into a drawing for a chance to win a free book from one of our competing authors!
Hope to see you there and have a great Monday!

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