Who's asking? Yes I wrote that. Don't you like it? How many times have you been asked that question. Makes you wonder don't it. I have found that if I let my fingers loose they will say something. Sometimes what they say isn't entirely what I had on my mind. Oh well, that goes with being a writer. An absolute requirement for a writer is, I guess you figured that out already...yes, write. Not just when you feel like it, but every day. Have a set time you get up and go to your favorite place to write. Of course mine is the computer, also my being retired means I can choose my time. I have chosen to write 6 to 8 hours a day. Long time, yes, but during that time I come up with ditties like this one. Pretty cool huh!

My fingers do a better job when my mind is active and telling them what to write. I have done that 25 times already. Very shortly my new traditionally published book by KG Books of Alabama will make it's debut. Could you imagine I started that book and wrote and wrote until 7 years later it's finally coming out in hard back. Wheee I was beginning to feel like the young woman who gave birth to her son after 16 months of pregnancy. Or maybe like the famous basket ball player who takes up a great deal of space on the court. He said his mommy wasn't expecting him. Well, I was expecting this book to make it to the book shelf. I had faith from day one. That's what you have to do. Have faith. Never let the ditched query get you down. It just wasn't their day for you. There's someone out there who will love to publish your book. Just keep working on it, hone it down to the final correction, then do it again 3 weeks later. The thing I am hinting around at is this, don't quit!

Best regards,

James M. Copeland

PS: Oh by the way, the name of the book is, 'Frank Hawthorn is...Blindsided.'

A trailer has been made that's 21 seconds long, take a look!



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