Christmas Belles of Georgia - four delightful novellas

This book is actually four novellas written by four different authors that are woven together into one story.  Although each section has its own flavor, there is still a sense of unity among the whole. Each story begins with a letter from a Georgina law firm to one of four separate women. Unknown to each of them, they are actually identical quadruplets born to a young unwed mother who died shortly after their delivery. The girls were subsequently put up for adoption, and while two of them know they were adopted (while two of them did not) none of them knew they had biological siblings. Each one is invited to Monticello, Georgia, their birthplace, on Christmas day for a reading of their maternal grandmother’s will.  It will be the first time they we meet each other face to face and the first time they find out the true nature of the will and its author. 
Christmas in Dixie by Jeanie Smith Cash is the first of the novellas. In this story, Holly Davenport, an esthetician, flies to Monticello to find out exactly what’s going on. She is especially shocked by the news since she had no idea she was even adopted. Unfortunately, shortly after her arrival, she has an appendix attack. Dr. Grayson Brockman, her attending physician, also happens to be the brother of her ‘deceased’ grandmother’s lawyer.  Mutual attraction turns to love, but she still has to come to grips with her bitterness toward her parents. This story sets the stage for the other novellas, although each contains enough background information to make them stand alone. 
Nick’s Christmas Carol by Rose Allen McCauley is the story of Carol Peterson.  Carol was raised by a wealthy, though sometimes distant couple, and grew up with every privilege. Although she never lacked for material things, she sometimes felt empty until she became a believer. Unfortunately, her adoptive parents are not interested in her faith. When she gets the news that she is actually a quadruplet, she rushes to Georgia to find out more. Much to her chagrin, her maternal grandmother’s property is managed by a former acquaintance - Nick Powers.  Their meeting as teens holds unhappy memories for both of them since Nick was a mere ‘pool maintenance boy’ while Carol was a rich snob. However, their new found attraction for each other won’t be kept at bay. 
Starry Night by Jeri Odell follows Starr Evans, a skeptic who doesn’t even believe the revelation is authentic until lawyer Camden Brockman makes a personal visit to her California home.  She finds the news hard to accept since her parents never told her she was adopted, even though her father was a pastor and always preached ‘the truth’. Unfortunately they died in a car accident, and so she is left to piece together the puzzle on her own. With Camden’s help, she is able to find peace, and along with that, love. 
Loving Stetson by Debra Ullrick is the last of the stories. Noel Brady knows she is adopted and is perfectly secure in her large family on a Colorado ranch. When the news that she has biological siblings reaches her, she is curious and naturally wants to meet them.  Where she feels some confusion, however, is in her relationship with ranch hand Stetson Laramie. Although she has always felt some kind of chemistry between the two of them, there is something holding Stetson back. Will his long time secret be the thing that brings them together or drives them apart?
The epilogue, written by Cash, finally brings the four sisters together for the reading of the will. I enjoyed reading this book. It was an interesting premise and each story was short and sweet with just enough conflict to keep the reader interested. Christmas Belles of Georgia is a light, easy read – and you don’t have to wait until Christmas to read it!

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