Charming WWI Christian historical novel

One thing one can always depend upon when reading a story by Roseanna White is her attention to detail and accuracy. Reading one of her stories is a delightful way to have a history lesson. I must admit I have read a lot of WWII stories but very few WWI. I knew that there had been code breakers in WWII, but to learn that we had them in WWI was what drew me to wanting to read this story. Another eye opening fact was that there were submarines back then and that men would actually drive into the deep ocean trying to retrieve the enemy’s code books.

If I had to pick a favorite character it would be Dot, Drake’s little sister, followed by Margot. The author brought to life the true meaning of how one feels as we delve into the minds of these two quirky individuals with real live social struggles. Dot with her fear of leaving the security of her home, and Margot living in her mind of numbers. How their friendship developed and their way of helping each other constantly kept me looking forward to reading their interactions within this story.

This book overall was a very charming story to read. Would I read it again? Maybe, maybe not and here is why... Drake, who was the English spy working in Spain, in this intriguing WWI Christian historical novel, started out so strong in the beginning that I was looking forward to reading his part in this duel POV more so than Margot’s. However, once he returned home to England after being wounded the story took a complete right turn so to speak for me until about the last quarter, and then the story picked up, but not like the on-the-edge-of-your-seat action I have read in Roseanna White‘s other books. I would have to say that this story was more mind action than physical which is a slightly different approach for this author which was a surprise and took some getting used to. My rating 4.5 stars for historical and Christian content, 3.5 stars for mystery & suspense, and romance.

I received a complimentary copy (or ARC) of this book from Bethany House Publishers via NetGalley for its JustRead Publicity Tour. All opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

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