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                               By Jill Williamson


I recently completed the first book in the Safe Lands series,  CAPTIVES  written by Jill Williamson was copyrighted in 2013 and pulished by Zondervan Publishing Company.  This is a futuristic/adventure teen novel.  This book reminded me of several different books mixed together~~"Lord of the Rings" (good verses evil,  a hero that will save all~~in this case it is Levi),  "The Hunger Games"  (survival of the fittest, villages instead of districts,  good verses evil),  and the movie "Gattica" (creating life that is perfect by using perfect donors and surrogates and not allowing "lifers" or marriage unions ).

The Safe Lands is a utopian community~~perfect in appearance in every way.  What looks good on the outside,  does not really mean it is on the inside.  This place is driven by outward appearances,  pleasure and ultimately control of everyone who lives in this community.  It is truly sugar-coated~~too good to be true.

One outsider is fooled by it's appearance and desires a better life for himself.  Life outside the "Safe Lands"  is not so easy .  This outsider,  Omar,  ultimately sells out his family and friends who live in the Village of Glenrock.  Their lives change drastically and has a rippling effect that will test their faith, their courage and their strength.  Will good overcome evil???  Will Levi (Omar's brother) be able to save his family and friends??  What happens to Omar??? 

This book also ends with an amazing cliff hanger.  I felt like something was missing and I had sooo many unanswered questions.  Now,  I will have to read the next book in the series to see what happens.

Although this is a teen book,  I thoroughly enjoyed it and was captivated throughout my reading.  It subject content was a little bit disturbing at times and felt it might not be appropriate for a younger teen to read.  But,  I do highly recommend it for adult and older teen reading.



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