A week and a half ago, our daughter Bethany married the love of her life, Billy. They found a historic church for their day and my husband Mike performed a beautiful and moving ceremony.

The one challenge for the day was the weather. The wedding was scheduled for mid-morning. Bethy and Billy were having a simple reception at the church for friends and a private cookout at a state park for family in the afternoon. We live in Middle Tennessee and Bethany wanted moderate temperatures. Whenever anyone reminded her that she was getting married in late July, she would announce, “I’m praying that God will give me 75 degrees on my wedding day.”

As the big day drew nearer, everyone involved with the wedding kept an eye on the forecast. The National Weather Service was not being cooperative; they predicted temperatures ranging in the upper 90s to low 100s. What was worse, there was a good chance for rain. “That’s all we need,” I told Mike. “Sticky, humid heat!” I stepped up my prayers for no rain, believing that – in God’s natural order - there was a better chance for that than mid 70s temps.

I woke up at 5:00 a.m. on the morning of the wedding and the first thing I did was check the weather forecast. It was already in the 70s, would rise to 90s by the time of the wedding, with 85% humidity. I kept up a continual prayer as I applied my makeup and fixed my hair.

Despite my prayers, the weather was not cooperative that morning. When we stepped out of the cars at the church, we were hit with a blast of hot, sticky air. As we were walking in, I said, “Well, maybe the weather service is wrong and there won’t be any…” BOOM! A clap of thunder interrupted me. It started raining soon after we arrived.

There was too much to do with the wedding to even think about the weather. We laughed and smiled throughout the ceremony, especially when Bethany began jumping up and down as Mike was pronouncing them ‘husband and wife.’ They kissed, greeted their guests, cut the cake, and had their first dance. After the guests left, we all changed into clothes that would be more comfortable for an outdoor cookout.

I drove to the second reception with my niece Melanie and her children, who had come from Texas for the wedding. We were talking about the wedding and how beautiful it had been. “Even the rain wasn’t bad. Look,” Melanie said, pointing to the outside temperature gauge on her car’s dashboard, “it’s 75 degrees outside.”

I sat dumbfounded. All that time, I had been praying for no rain and Bethany had been praying for 75 degrees. I had been praying for something that was easily possible and Bethy had been praying for the impossible.

Amidst all the gifts Bethy and Billy received that day, they got a special one; an answered prayer from God.

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