For years I have worked on a book of devotional thoughts; images, if you will. Since this is a book of pictures, I realized I could not print this book without illustrations.


I have found an illustrator in Tracy H. Sugg. Tracy is a gifted artist, with sculpture being her forte.  While Tracy works on the illustrations for this book, I wanted to share a few entries from ‘Illuminations.’

Falling Sparrows

After six months of trying to find a house, we finally moved. After weeks of unpacking the essentials, I was finally able to unpack my schoolroom; I wanted it ready when we began homeschooling in a few weeks.

Hunting through the various boxes, I realized that two large boxes were missing.  One contained items that
we had bought to enrich our homeschooling, including antique books and a rock collection my children and I had collected. The other box had supplies we had bought in bulk to ease the expense of school. Somewhere, somehow, these two boxes had been lost in the move. While some of the items were replaceable, many were not. 

After the last few months of frustrated waiting, it was too much; I sat down amid opened boxes and cried.

Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed something through the window; something falling from the tree in our back yard.  Wiping away the tears, I watched – there it was again.  Moving closer to the window, I saw a baby bird fall to the ground.  Another one fell near it. They were the tiny blue jays from the nest outside of Josh’s bedroom window.  Over the last few weeks, we had watched the eggs hatch and kept up with the babies as they grew.  

I realized I was watching the moment when the mother bird pushes her young out of the nest.

I looked around the yard and located all the baby birds, chirping pitifully for their mother and the safety of their nest.  Nearby – on a branch not two feet above them – was their mother.  As her babies fluttered around the yard, she stood guard, ready to protect them if need be, but not interfering with this important moment in their lives. After a half-hour of hopping and fluttering, one by one, the babies took their first
flight. As the last one took off, their mother followed close behind.

A sparrow does not fall to the ground unless the Father knows it – how much more are you than they?”   

 I had always supposed that scripture referred to the death of the bird.  Now it took on new meaning.  Many times, like the mother bird, God has pushed me from my nest, realizing I needed to leave my comfort zone.  I fluttered and cried, certain that He had abandoned me.  Yet, looking back, I realized that He was always there, watching over me, protecting me, and exulting when at last I stopped clinging to the ground and learned to fly with Him.

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