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On Magnolia Lane – Denise Hunter (4.5-5 Stars)

Wrapping up Ms. Hunter's Blue Ridge Romance series, On Magnolia Lane tells the long-awaited story of Pastor Jack McReady and the results of his crush on Daisy Pendleton.  For being a leader in their town, Jack's ability to sweep a woman off her feet is somewhat lacking.  With the prompting of his friends, Jack ends up on an online dating app, in the hopes of catching Daisy's attention.  However, their real-life selves also continually encounter each other as they work to put…


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Becoming Mrs. Lewis – Patti Callahan (4-4.5 Stars)

In Becoming Mrs. Lewis, Joy Davidman shows herself to be an accomplished writer, a struggling wife, and a sometimes-overwhelmed mother, who encounters the concept of faith quite by accident.  As someone who regularly corresponds with fellow writers, she sends a letter to C.S. Lewis with her questions about faith and ends up becoming an unexpected pen pal to "Jack," as he is known to friends.  While both her marriage and health crumble around her, she takes a sabbatical to England,…


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Rose in Three Quarter Time – Rachel McMillan (5 Stars)

On the heels of Love in Three Quarter Time, Rose in Three Quarter Time tells the story of Rose McNeil and her improbable career as a violinist in Salzburg and Vienna.  When one of her performances captures the eye of renown conductor, Oliver Thorne, Rose finds a kindred spirit and dear friend who helps her transition to the European music scene.  Soon after Rose joins Oliver's Rainer Quartet as first chair violinist, she loses her visa and must leave Vienna for her home in…


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All Made Up – Kara Isaac (5 Stars)

Kat McLeod finally receives her own novel in Ms. Isaac's newest self-published novel, All Made Up.  To pay back her dues to one of her professional friends, she agrees to take a cut from her normal rate as a lead make-up artist for major films to help out with a Australian reality show.  When some of the normal cast turn up sick, Kat finds herself as a stand-in on Falling for the Farmer, a Bachelor-style show with her ex-boyfriend, Caleb, as the unsuspecting leading man. …


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The Christmas Heirloom – Karen Witemeyer, Kristi Ann Hunter, Sarah Loudin Thomas, and Becky Wade (4.5-5 Stars)

The Christmas Heirloom book focuses around four generations of women who are connected by an heirloom brooch passed from mother to daughter.  Ms. Hunter's "Legacy of Love" tells the story of the brooch's origins and the gift an elderly woman gives to her grandson and her young companion.  Ms. Witemeyer's "Gift of the Heart," follows Ruth Albright and her young daughter as they use the brooch as collateral for a new home, impressing a local businessman along the way.  In Ms. Thomas'…


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The Reluctant Warrior – Mary Connealy (4.5 Stars)

Following the events of The Accidental Guardian, Army officer Cameron Scott and his sister, Penny, arrive at Trace Riley’s ranch in search of his young daughter and nephew.  As a winter blizzard hits the ranch, they find themselves trapped without a means to return home until spring arrives.  Unfortunately, an enemy of Trace and his wife manages to find the family and threatens their survival on numerous occassions.  When Cam becomes injured protecting the group and is forced to…


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Freedom’s Light – Colleen Coble (4 Stars)

In Freedom's Light, Hannah Thomas takes her husband's place as lighthouse keeper in their small Massachusetts town and continues in that role following his death in a Revolutionary War battle.  Meanwhile, Hannah contends with the challenges of her foolhardy younger sister, Lydia, and her obsessive relationship with one of Hannah's childhood friends.  While the Revolution has taken most of the local men far away, the treacherous Atlantic waters thrust strangers ashore.  Captain Birch…


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An Hour Unspent – Roseanna M. White (5 Stars)

In An Hour Unspent, Barclay Pearce has found God and a new life working for the British government after leaving behind his life as one of London's top thieves.  Together with his adopted family, Barclay relocates from his old life in Poplar to the middle-class neighborhood of Hammersmith.  While there, he is assigned to assist a clockmaker with a knack for inventing something worthy of the military's attention.  Evelina Manning sees herself as her father's ultimate automaton, which…


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Miss Serena’s Secret – Carolyn Miller (5 Stars)

In Miss Serena's Secret, Serena Winthrop has emerged from mourning her father's passing in time to finish her schooling.  However, a dark encounter with one of her instructors overshadows her future endeavors.  When an invitation from a family friend appears, Serena takes the opportunity to reengage with her love of painting, which offers her the chance to heal and seek a future for herself.  Henry may be a future earl, but he cannot overlook his best friend's insistence that he…


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Winning Miss Winthrop – Carolyn Miller (4.5-5 Stars)

Ms. Miller starts her Regency Brides: A Promise of Hope series with Winning Miss Winthrop.  As the daughter of a baron, Catherine Winthrop serves as the ever-charitable eldest daughter of the estate.  However, her father’s unexpected death leads to startling discoveries about the condition of the family’s finances and the true heir to the title.  Jonathan Carlew once believed himself in love with Catherine, long before he ran away to India.  His merchant family’s connections were…


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Engraved on the Heart – Tara Johnson (4.5 Stars)

In Engraved on the Heart, Keziah Montgomery hopes to meet her parents' social expectations on the eve of the Civil War.  Savannah, Georgia, becomes a hot-bed of Confederate fervor, even as the members of the Underground Railroad are hard at work to ensure the safety of those put most at risk.  When Keziah unexpectedly encounters her childhood friend, Dr. Micah Greyson, he opens her eyes to the abolition movement and those closest to her who need help.  Keziah must choose between her…


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The Lady of Tarpon Springs – Judith Miller (3.5-4 Stars)

In The Lady of Tarpon Springs, Zanna Krykos challenges her family's expectations when she passes the bar exam and becomes a lawyer in their town of Tarpon Springs, Florida.  When her friend Lucy unexpectedly loses her father and finds herself inheriting a barely-established sponge business, Zanna volunteers her…


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The Best of Intentions – Susan Anne Mason (5 Stars)

In The Best of Intentions, Ms. Mason begins her Canadian Crossings series.  Grace Abernathy travels across the Atlantic from England to reach Toronto, in hopes of helping her sister and nephew.  However, the Spanish flu has reached her family first, leaving Grace’s nephew an orphan and stranding Grace in Toronto with few options.  In her correspondence, Grace was left to believe that the Easton family would never treat her nephew well and she takes drastic measures to become young…


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Sons of Blackbird Mountain – Joanne Bischof (5 Stars)

In Sons of Blackbird Mountain, newly widowed Aven Norgaard arrives in the Appalachian hills from Norway to live with her late husband’s cousins.  She expects to care for three young boys, but discovers that her great aunt’s letters failed to tell the whole story.  The Norgaard brothers are known throughout the region for their Nordic appearance, strength, and work ethic.  However, their brewing of hard cider and their close relationship with a family of former slaves draws the ire…


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A Rumored Fortune – Joanna Davidson Politano (5 Stars)

Ms. Politano releases her second novel, A Rumored Fortune.  Tressa Harlowe and her mother return to their family’s home to the unexpected news of her father’s death.  Throughout the years, her father rarely spoke of the family’s fortune, only of the lore connected with their legendary vineyards.  Unfortunately, Tressa soon finds the house overwhelmed with visitors, who believe they have a claim on the supposed fortune, even as Tressa herself has no funds to pay for the family’s…


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More Than Meets the Eye – Karen Witemeyer (5 Stars)

In More Than Meets the Eye, Evangeline Hamilton has overcome childhood tragedy, while taking on a joyful attitude toward life.  Having formed a patchwork family with two other orphans, Evie finds love and acceptance, even as townsfolk find her mismatched eyes to be worth avoiding at all costs.  When Logan Fowler arrives in Pecan Gap and becomes the Hamilton family’s new neighbor, he takes the time to see beyond Evie’s unusual eyes to the joy-filled soul underneath.  Unfortunately,…


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Caught By Surprise – Jen Turano (4.5 Stars)

Caught By Surprise concludes Ms. Turano’s Apart from the Crowd trilogy.  Temperance Flowerdew comes into her own after being accidentally kidnapped off the streets in New York City.  When she finds herself in Chicago, an old friend from her childhood comes to her rescue.  Gilbert Cavendish spent much of his childhood with Temperance, as their parents were best friends.  Gilbert lost track of Temperance during her globe-trotting years, but he is determined to rediscover her…


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The Hope of Azure Springs – Rachel Fordham (5 Stars)

Ms. Fordham releases her debut novel, The Hope of Azure Springs.  Em arrives in the town of Azure Springs in the back of a wagon, injured and alone.  Under the expert nursing of one of the town’s families, Em begins her recovery and tell her story to Sheriff Caleb Reynolds.  Orphaned years before, Em arrived in Iowa as part of the orphan train.  Adopted by a recluse, Em spent the last seven years living almost entirely alone, with no chance to search for her sister.  Em’s recovery…


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The Road to Magnolia Glen – Pam Hillman (4-4.5 Stars)

The Road to Magnolia Glen continues Ms. Hillman’s Natchez Trace series.  Set in the late eighteenth century, this novel builds on the cast of characters first introduced in The Promise of Breeze Hill.  Quinn O’Shea travels to meet his brother, Connor, in Mississippi, bringing along his two younger brothers from Ireland.  During the ocean journey, he encounters Kiera Young and her younger sisters.  When the families land in Mississippi, the Young sisters quickly discover…


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Just Let Go – Courtney Walsh (4.5 Stars)

Ms. Walsh releases Just Let Go, following the events of Just Look Up.  Set in the small town of Harbor Pointe, Michigan, the novel focuses on Quinn Collins as she achieves her lifelong goal of owning her mother’s former flower shop.  She has much to prove to herself, the town, and the mother who left years ago.  Fortunately, Quinn has a plan to seek out her mom’s attention at the state’s flower competition, by entering her design for Harbor Pointe’s Winter Carnival. …


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