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Review of SISTERS OF MERCY FLATS by Lori Copeland

“It was only a matter of time before he caught on to the fact that she was posing as a nun, and the knowledge that she’d tricked him could agitate him so that he might leave her by the wayside. Far better to sit still and keep quiet,” Lori Copeland expresses in her book, Sisters of Mercy Flats.

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Book Review of EVERY WAKING MOMENT - Great Fiction about Aging

“This is the thread that runs through the stories: handling change, taking what life throws at you, responding with grace, fighting back when you have to, or being content. Knowing things might not get better. And that they are probably going to go downhill,” A compassionate Devin explains in Chris Fabry’s book, Every Waking Moment.

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“You said we were f-friends, and you’re the only f-friend I have. The R-rainbow M-man said you’d help me. But you don’t buh-lieve me, d-do you?” stuttering Leah insecurely questions in Bill Coffey’s novel, When Mockingbirds Sing.

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Have you ever wanted to read the Bible in the order things have happened or are going to happen in the future? Is it too complicated and time consuming to look up what you are going to read in a regularly formatted Bible as you turn to chapter and verse, wanting to read it daily quickly and chronologically? Are you looking for a special, unique gift to give to an avid reader of the Bible?

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Fictional Tome about JFK Babushka Lady - Was there a 2nd shooter?

“And I’ve heard dozens of so-called experts make their arguments over whether Oswald really acted alone or was part of a larger conspiracy. I know the truth about that – and the proof is on the film,” Sheila Baker’s mother writes stoically in Wil Mara’s novel, Frame 232.…


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New Member Orientation

We are posting videos here in the this group to help all of our members figure out how to use this site :-)


We will be posting videos all the time now, basically going through the entire site. 



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