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Core 52 by Mark E. Moore

Core has many meanings in the dictionary but I found it to mean foundational in the title of this book. You will get a foundational understanding of God’s Holy Word. All it takes in this busy world we live in is fifteen minutes a day to read and study a chapter. Then in a year’s time you will have 52 lessons to help understand the Bible more. The first chapter starts with creation and chapter 52 ends with Heaven. In between are chapters covering fundamental ideas from the Bible such as:…


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No Greater Love by Gina Holder

Paige McDonald got the shock of her life one day in her twenty fifth year. It led her from Portland, Oregon to a very small town, Whitman, in search of answers. Because of losing her firefighter grandfather in the line of duty she swore off never getting involved with a first responder. In Whitman she meets police officer Hamilton Bryant, who had made a vow to never marry and put a wife in the possible position of being a widow.

Nevertheless they become friends and get…


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Over the Line by Kelly Irvin

This novel had lots of action and danger among the pages. Dealing with gun smuggling across the border, U.S. to Mexico, made for some fast paced action. The mystery of who was behind it all added to the suspense.

Gabriella, former DA turned restaurant chef, finds a dying man with bullet wounds right outside her restaurant as she’s leaving one late night. On his lips is the name of her brother, Jake, who’s in law enforcement. Thus begins a tangled, twisted story of how to locate him…


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Married to a Stranger by Laura V. Hilton

Everything just seems all wrong as far as Bethel and Gideon are concerned. His wife has recently died in childbirth, and she is being pursued by a widower that turns her stomach. Then she is accused of being pregnant by Gideon, who she’s never met. He is being blackmailed by her father to marry Bethel, even though she tells him it isn’t true.

The Amish are so strict about not being alone with one of the opposite sex, that when they are, they are doomed to marry,…


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The Express Bride by Kimberley Woodhouse

The Express Bride centers around the work of the Pony Express. I was surprised to learn that it only functioned for eighteen months total. They lost over two hundred thousand dollars in the process. But there were many hard working young men that helped it survive for even this short time.

Jackie Rivers becomes the manager of the Carson Sink station after her father passes away. Unknown for a woman to hold this position, she used the name Jack when she wrote to the owners about her…


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The Pink Bonnet by Liz Tolsma

1933 Memphis and children and babies are being snatched from their parents by a cruel, money grubbing woman. Pure evil exists and continues with the help of a politician, judge and lawyer, all crooked. This is true history involving Georgia Tann and Memphis Tennessee Children’s Home Society. She has fooled many people into thinking she’s doing a great job of saving children from abuse and poverty at the hands of their parents. When actually she’s kidnapping or stealing children right from…


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The Number of Love by Rosanna White

The Number of Love, book #1 in the Codebreakers, is set in mainly London 1917, during WWI. I instantly took a strong liking to the main female character, Margo. She was intelligent beyond measure, very opinionated with a wicked wit. She was the only woman in the field of code breaking the enemies messages. The rest of the women were secretaries. But the men respected her to the point of thinking of her as one of them. She had plans to further her education after the war with no plans for…


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The Certain Hope by E.C. Jackson

This was a very unusual book, but in a good way. It started out a bit strange for me in that Tara fell instantly in love with “Andy” who came to supervise a roofing job for her home. He as well fell instantly in love with her but each kept it secret.

He arranged a “blind” date with her through mutual “friends”. Tara was shocked to learn her “Andy” was really Luke. He kept proposing, she kept turning him down.

Tara was lonely, her only family was her parents and they passed away…


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Love’s Truest Hope by Hilton, Good and Alford

Three wonderful Amish stories by three great authors.

Mission of Love by Laura V. Hilton: Jace returns to his Amish community with missions to inner city youth on his mind. Twins Cindy and Linda are different as night and day. Linda tends to be quite selfish for an Amish girl and Cindy thinks of herself as less desirable than her twin, kind of like the heavier less attractive one. The developing of Cindy and her relationship with Jace and with God makes this story definitely one to…


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The Noble Guardian by Michelle Griep

This was an interesting tale that reminded me of American old west stories. A bride traveling to her intended, held up by bandits, and rescued by a young, attractive lawman. But it was so much more. Set in 1815 England, Abby is betrothed to a titled bachelor by her father and stepmother. The stepmother pretty much kicks her out of the household and sends her on her way with an older driver and lady’s maid. The driver is killed by an ambush and the maid eventually heads back home leaving…


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The Brides of the Big Valley by Wanda, Jean, and Richelle Brunstetter

I found these three stories to be heartwarming and fun being written by family members. Wanda Brunstetter authored Deanna’s Determination. Deanna, a member of the white top buggy community, lost her husband through an accident and is trying to raise her young son by herself. Her husband’s best friend is determined to help her all he can until an accident befalls him.

Wanda’s daughter in law, Jean Brunstetter, wrote Rose Mary’s Resolve. Rose Mary belongs to the black top buggy community…


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Summer by the Tides by Denise Hunter

This was such a good book and a fast read since it was so enjoyable! The characters were well portrayed and fun to get to know. Three sisters come together for a common cause. Summoned by a next door neighbor, Connor, who explains their grandmother is missing. They arrive almost simultaneously and the bickering begins. Each sister has a secret she’s hiding from the others. There are some misconceptions by Maddy and a total surprise revealed by Nora. Knowing their grandmother wants to clean…


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A Reluctant Bride by Jody Hedlund

I love reading the author’s notes on the background of a novel and this fictional story has lots of real facts and happenings included. History is so much more interesting learned this way. My eyes were opened to the poverty and slum areas of London around 1862. My heart broke for Mercy and how she had to live. The love she never received for herself she gave willingly to those around her in need. From helping those sick to begging for stale bread from a baker to share with the orphans on…


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Bitter Pill by Richard Mabry, MD

Another great story by Dr. Richard Mabry. I always enjoy his characters and how he skillfully portrays them along with an interesting and inspiring message in his writing.

Scott, once a practicing surgeon, has abandoned medicine and gone to seminary. He blames himself for his wife’s death. He is now an associate pastor at a small community church.

Abby is a general practitioner who seems to be counseling people more than helping their physical ailments.

Bannister moves from town…


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The Amish Widow’s Rescue by Rachel Good

I can’t use heartwarming enough to describe this story. The characters had issues to work through but I enjoyed getting to know them all. Grace’s three year old son Levi had my heart right from the start with his speech impediment.

Becoming a widow at a young age with two young children to take care of, a jam making business to keep up and finding out she’s expecting nearly sends Grace over the edge. Her teenage niece Miriam moves in to lend a helping hand and give emotional…


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The Inn at Hidden Run by Olivia Newport

This was an interesting time slip novel that ties both time periods together in the end. The characters were well written with situations that could relate to the modern reader. Meri runs from her hometown and family after “flunking” out of medical school. For generations those from her family have completed medical school and become practicing doctors. Meri has no interest in that field but her parents are pushing her to it.

In 1878 Memphis a terrible yellow fever outbreak has occurred…


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Cards of Kindness For Courageous Girls

I loved this little devotion book! I also liked the fact that the pages are perforated so that they can be easily removed and shared. Good devotions on thoughts, feelings, emotions, and problems that the average 8-14 year old faces. One side has the devotion with corresponding scripture and the other side has a Courageous Girl thought that matches the devotion. The pages are a light weighed card stock that can be easily removed from the book. Girls are encouraged to share them with others…


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More Than Words Can Say by Karen Witemeyer

Set in 1896 Honey Grove, Texas I found this to be a delightful story that held my attention. According to the author’s notes there was such a town and many of the real people and their businesses were portrayed in the story. This makes the fiction more fun and realistic.

Abigail, Rosalind and Zach were fictional characters but were brought to life by the words of Karen Witemeyer. In trying to save her bakery, willed to her by her father, Abigail had to find a husband quickly. City…


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The Printed Letter Bookshop by Katherine Reay

I’m always interested in learning about a book title and how it came to be. The Printed Letter Bookshop turned out totally different from what I first thought. Grab a copy for yourself and let’s see what you think about what the title might mean. It was a wonderful idea!

I love bookstores and this one felt like home to me. I could almost see and smell the books and see the displays as they were described.

The main character Madeline inherited the store…


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Moments We Forget by Beth Vogt

I just read the last page and all I can say is wow! These characters are real. They face real issues and problems and nothing is sugar coated. They could be anyone you might meet on the street. My emotions were up and down, back and forth throughout. And I’ve experienced some of these situations personally myself. I could relate!

All three of the Thatcher sisters were facing different problems and issues. Every time they got together it seemed that an argument or…


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