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The Inn at Hidden Run by Olivia Newport

This was an interesting time slip novel that ties both time periods together in the end. The characters were well written with situations that could relate to the modern reader. Meri runs from her hometown and family after “flunking” out of medical school. For generations those from her family have completed medical school and become practicing doctors. Meri has no interest in that field but her parents are pushing her to it.

In 1878 Memphis a terrible yellow fever outbreak has occurred…


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Cards of Kindness For Courageous Girls

I loved this little devotion book! I also liked the fact that the pages are perforated so that they can be easily removed and shared. Good devotions on thoughts, feelings, emotions, and problems that the average 8-14 year old faces. One side has the devotion with corresponding scripture and the other side has a Courageous Girl thought that matches the devotion. The pages are a light weighed card stock that can be easily removed from the book. Girls are encouraged to share them with others…


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More Than Words Can Say by Karen Witemeyer

Set in 1896 Honey Grove, Texas I found this to be a delightful story that held my attention. According to the author’s notes there was such a town and many of the real people and their businesses were portrayed in the story. This makes the fiction more fun and realistic.

Abigail, Rosalind and Zach were fictional characters but were brought to life by the words of Karen Witemeyer. In trying to save her bakery, willed to her by her father, Abigail had to find a husband quickly. City…


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The Printed Letter Bookshop by Katherine Reay

I’m always interested in learning about a book title and how it came to be. The Printed Letter Bookshop turned out totally different from what I first thought. Grab a copy for yourself and let’s see what you think about what the title might mean. It was a wonderful idea!

I love bookstores and this one felt like home to me. I could almost see and smell the books and see the displays as they were described.

The main character Madeline inherited the store…


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Moments We Forget by Beth Vogt

I just read the last page and all I can say is wow! These characters are real. They face real issues and problems and nothing is sugar coated. They could be anyone you might meet on the street. My emotions were up and down, back and forth throughout. And I’ve experienced some of these situations personally myself. I could relate!

All three of the Thatcher sisters were facing different problems and issues. Every time they got together it seemed that an argument or…


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Shadow Among Sheaves by Naomi Stephens

It’s July 1861 in Abbotsville, England, hot and bleak for two widows. They have been turned away from various households and businesses as they search for work. They are starving, without money and with no place to rest. Rena is from India. She was married to Nell’s son, who was British. After he passes away Rena feels compelled to take care of her mother in law. Rena’s nationality has caused them to be shunned by nearly everyone. Talk about prejudice!

This story is…


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Gone too Soon by Melody Carlson

Only God knows the number of days he has ordained for each of us, so when seventeen yr old Hannah dies unexpectedly in a car accident on New Years Eve, her whole family falls apart.

Middle sister Kiera finds Hannah’s diary hidden in her room, so she secretly “steals” it to read. Thus begins a discovery process for her about her “perfect” sister. As her family comes unglued right under her nose, she hides and begins reading Hannah’s thoughts. There’s so much she didn’t…


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The Memory House by Rachel Hauck

This was a time slip novel separated by 50 years. It was all centered around a house in Florida lovingly named the Memory House. In the 1950s Everleigh finds herself happily married to Rhett until a deadly tornado hits Texas. Her world falls apart.

Beck Holiday in present day, is a New York City cop chasing the bad guys until she does something out of character and gets suspended for a month.

They each must learn to live their lives in spite of memory…


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The Governess of Penwythe Hall by Sarah E Ladd

Cornwall England 1811

Cordelia Greythorne’s life had taken many painful and heartbreaking roads. Her situation grabbed at my heart right from the start. There were secrets alluded to also that had me curious and reading as fast as I could. Sometimes I wondered who really were the “good” guys and who were the “bad” guys.

Finding work as a governess to five children after her husband passed away gave her a purpose and an income. She came to love them…


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The Golden Bride by Kimberley Woodhouse

This is the eighth book in The Daughters of the Mayflower series and I’ve enjoyed everyone. Reading about American history using fictional characters (some even actual people) makes learning so much fun! Kimberley Woodhouse has done her research in The Golden Bride and it was quite eye-opening.

Centered around the California Gold rush of 1849, Olivia Brighton finds herself in a wicked, filthy, overcrowded environment when she travels to find her brother. Her last living relative after…


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A Silken Thread by Kim Vogel Sawyer

The story centers around the Atlanta Cotton Exposition of 1895. Three of the characters, Laurel, Willie, and Quincy, find well paying temporary jobs for the three months the exposition will be held.

Laurel works in the Silk Room weaving silk threads on a loom. Willie works as a security guard and Quincy as a groundskeeper. Differences in financial situations, social class, race and eduction all come into play in the story. Willie and Quincy have been best friends…


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The Songbird and the Spy by J’Nell Ciesielski

During WWII Churchhill put together a secret spy ring from some of the British soldiers. They were trained in various aspects. In this novel the character Michael learned how to secretly decode messages from the Germans. He infiltrated the German army as a captain, a spy for the allies. He could have been caught at any moment and killed for what he was doing so it kept my heart pounding with each mission he undertook.

Claire was a music student and took a break to…


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The Baggage Handler by David Rawlings

I sat down and read this in one sitting. A very thought provoking novel with an almost otherworld quality. There were certainly things that happened that could not be explained.

This novel brings in three characters that get their luggage mixed up after a flight. They are prompted to go to a facility in the “boonies” to exchange suitcases but get a whole lot more than they bargain for.

We all carry excess “baggage” around everyday that we don’t want…


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The White City by Grace Hitchcock

This novel is set in Chicago 1893, during the World’s Fair. People are coming to the city from all over increasing the crime rate by thieves, pickpockets, shysters, even murderers. Based partially on fact, this story drew me in and kept my heart pounding during certain events.

Winnifred sees a woman being forced by a man to leave the fair by gunpoint. Her accusations are overlooked at first by her Inspector father. But for safety reasons and to ease his mind, he asks…


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I Love to Tell the Story by Susan Barnett Braun

I absolutely loved this! It was almost like reading my own story and brought back some great memories. Each chapter begins with the words to a song and I found myself singing as I read them. Some were old hymns I grew up with and miss today as our church does the praise song thing.

Susan tells of her experiences in her church from her earliest memories through high school graduation. I related to so much of her story except for the fact that my parents did not attend church. I hitched a…


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Far Side of the Sea

I always enjoy trying to find out where the title of a book comes from and this one had a double meaning. My favorite meaning is from scripture, Psalm 139:9-10. I also like real history depicted in a fiction novel. It makes learning more fun and the author did her homework. Most interesting to me was the fact that pigeons were trained and used as secret message carriers during WWI, and in doing so saved many lives.

This begins in France, 1918, at the tail end of the war. Colin Mabry…


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Of Fire and Lions by Mesu Andrews

It is is interesting to imagine what conversations might have gone on between the people in the Bible in their everyday lives. And though my imagination is not that inspiring, the author, Mesa Andrews does a great job in this novel. Each chapter begins with a scripture that goes along with what is happening. I appreciated how the story followed the actual events from the Bible.

Daniel and his friends Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego along with other strong captives were exiled to Babylon.…


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Mending Fences by Suzanne Woods Fisher

When I looked at the cover and the title, Mending Fences, I got a whole different idea of what the story was really about. Actually Luke had fence mending to do that included sincere apologies, introspection and forgiveness. Unlike the typical Amish I’ve read about, Luke was an alcoholic that had been in rehab three times. After his third release he was invited to live at an older couples farm in his community. He got lots of cold shoulders and snubbing. But his stipulation for staying was…


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Ladies of Intrigue by Michelle Griep

These three novellas span three time periods, 1815, 1862, and 1890. The three ladies in each of the stories had several things in common but the strongest was their spunk. They were strong, opinionated women especially for their time periods.

The Gentleman Smuggler’s Lady started out with a bang. Smuggler’s boarded the ship as it came into shore and Helen was right in the middle of it. She was on a mission to care for her ailing father. So how does it all tie in to her care of her…


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Leaving Darkness by Greg Shaffer

The initial description caught my eye. Lowell, a long haul truck driver, is in a dark place. He carries a bottle of pills in his pocket and is almost constantly feeling for them. He is thinking of suicide to end his meaningless life. The only reason he hasn’t followed through is because of his little dog Rufus. Rufus has a tumor that could be cancer. If he dies Lowell does not know any reason to go on with his own life.

Lowell grabbed my heart and pulled many times. He…


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