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Dear Grandchild This Is Me. Waterbrook

I’ve seen and even purchased books similar to this one but the makeup and format of this one is by far my favorite. There is nothing better to leave your grandkids than your memories and life history. Such as my impressions seeing the moon landing live, watching news clips of the Vietnam war and the funeral of president John F Kennedy. How I met your Pop, high school events and favorite songs. There are envelopes throughout that can be used for special mementos or notes or letters to your…


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An Amish Christmas Kitchen by Leslie Gould, Jan Drexler and Kate Lloyd

From three of the best Amish writers come a collection of three novellas that will get you in a mindset for celebrating Christmas a little early this year. All the characters in all three quickly won my heart, well maybe except for one...or maybe two...

All held family values and traditions close to their hearts. From selling baked goods at the local Christmas Market to supplement family finances to trying to win the heart of a secret crush with cookies, and trying to learn of the…


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Whose Waves These Are by Amanda Dykes

This book was very special to me for many reasons. The stones that were sent to Bob included one that represented my father-in-Law that was included in the author’s acknowledgements. But stories that are written partly during the time of WWII are meaningful as well, the greatest generation of men and women. Brave souls that are due all the recognition and more.

The book characters were presented in a way that I cared for them as friends and neighbors. Annie, Bob, Roy, William and…


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Strands of Truth by Colleen Coble

It all started with a DNA test. Harper felt alone, no family and few real friends. She finds she has a half sister through a DNA test and seeks her out. They discover that both their moms died while they were infants under questionable circumstances. Then is when strange and terrifying things begin to happen.

Ridge has always resented Harper because of the interest his father Oliver took in her. He thinks she is after his money. But after going from one foster family…


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The Yellow Lantern by Angie Dicken

I had vaguely heard of grave robbing previously but this novel put a different spin on it. The opening chapter gave me chills as I learned the main character, Josephine Clayton, had been thought dead then buried. But she was dug up by grave robbers and brought to Dr. Chadwick. She awoke just as he was about to cut her open!

Relentless for the money they made, the grave diggers or resurrectionists as they were sometimes called, even went so far as to help an ailing…


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Jessie’s Hope by Jennifer Hallmark

This was a wonderful story of overcoming life’s obstacles with a sweet country flare. At age ten Jessie survived an auto accident that killed her mother. After learning she was paralyzed and would live in a wheelchair the rest of her life, Jessie wished she would have died too. With her mother gone and abandoned by her father, Jessie felt like she was unloved and alone. But her mother’s parents took care of her and loved her like a daughter.

Jessie felt like her life was turning around…


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The Healing Jar

This is the third and final installment in the Prayer Jar series and a wonderful ending. Although, I love the characters so much I hope the author will consider another sequence later on. I really enjoyed getting to know each one, more in-depth with each story. Although wanting to get married and have children, Lenore Lapp has resigned herself to staying single and taking care of her aging grandparents. She even prays for God to remove the desire from her heart if it’s not to be. Besides…


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Deadly Intentions by Lisa Harris

There have been too many deaths in Caitlyn’s workplace in the last few months. Three to be exact. Then she was run off the road and almost killed! Somethings not right. She goes to Detective Josh Solomon, who’s wife was the first one murdered, for help. At first he doesn’t take her accusations seriously. After all, his wife was murdered, the second co-worker had a heart attack and the third death was considered a suicide by an overdose. But they were all working on the same secret…


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Cross My Heart by Robin Lee Hatcher

Although I think horses are beautiful animals, I’ve never been a fan.  I have heard of equine therapy which is a great program. I know friends who have used this particular therapy with great success. That being said it did not hinder my enjoyment from reading this book.

Both the main characters, Ashley and Ben, have a strong love of horses. Ashley takes in rescue horses and nourishes them back to health if they are not too far gone. Ben has a vision of having a…


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Fragments of Fear by Carrie Stuart Parks

This was a quick read as all of Carrie Stuart Parks books are. I’m reading as fast as I can as the suspense and dangers increase. Lots of intricate happenings seemingly unrelated but are they tied up somehow? It starts out at a funeral that Evelyn McTavish is attending for her fiancé. She has been tied up in knots ever since her beloved grandmother died over a year ago. They were very close, much more so than her and her mother Helen. Whenever she finds herself in a stressful situation…


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A Family for Gracie by Amy Lillard

This is another wonderful heartfelt and emotional Amish story by Amy Lillard.  Gracie feels like she’s going into “Old Maid” status at age twenty six. Most Amish women get married much younger and already have children. And the pickings are slim in her community for an unmarried man. She makes a bold move and takes dinner to recently widowed Matthew and proposes. He initially is shocked but realizes he is at the end of his rope with a young baby and four rambunctious boys to take care…


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Core 52 by Mark E. Moore

Core has many meanings in the dictionary but I found it to mean foundational in the title of this book. You will get a foundational understanding of God’s Holy Word. All it takes in this busy world we live in is fifteen minutes a day to read and study a chapter. Then in a year’s time you will have 52 lessons to help understand the Bible more. The first chapter starts with creation and chapter 52 ends with Heaven. In between are chapters covering fundamental ideas from the Bible such as:…


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No Greater Love by Gina Holder

Paige McDonald got the shock of her life one day in her twenty fifth year. It led her from Portland, Oregon to a very small town, Whitman, in search of answers. Because of losing her firefighter grandfather in the line of duty she swore off never getting involved with a first responder. In Whitman she meets police officer Hamilton Bryant, who had made a vow to never marry and put a wife in the possible position of being a widow.

Nevertheless they become friends and get…


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Over the Line by Kelly Irvin

This novel had lots of action and danger among the pages. Dealing with gun smuggling across the border, U.S. to Mexico, made for some fast paced action. The mystery of who was behind it all added to the suspense.

Gabriella, former DA turned restaurant chef, finds a dying man with bullet wounds right outside her restaurant as she’s leaving one late night. On his lips is the name of her brother, Jake, who’s in law enforcement. Thus begins a tangled, twisted story of how to locate him…


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Married to a Stranger by Laura V. Hilton

Everything just seems all wrong as far as Bethel and Gideon are concerned. His wife has recently died in childbirth, and she is being pursued by a widower that turns her stomach. Then she is accused of being pregnant by Gideon, who she’s never met. He is being blackmailed by her father to marry Bethel, even though she tells him it isn’t true.

The Amish are so strict about not being alone with one of the opposite sex, that when they are, they are doomed to marry,…


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The Express Bride by Kimberley Woodhouse

The Express Bride centers around the work of the Pony Express. I was surprised to learn that it only functioned for eighteen months total. They lost over two hundred thousand dollars in the process. But there were many hard working young men that helped it survive for even this short time.

Jackie Rivers becomes the manager of the Carson Sink station after her father passes away. Unknown for a woman to hold this position, she used the name Jack when she wrote to the owners about her…


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The Pink Bonnet by Liz Tolsma

1933 Memphis and children and babies are being snatched from their parents by a cruel, money grubbing woman. Pure evil exists and continues with the help of a politician, judge and lawyer, all crooked. This is true history involving Georgia Tann and Memphis Tennessee Children’s Home Society. She has fooled many people into thinking she’s doing a great job of saving children from abuse and poverty at the hands of their parents. When actually she’s kidnapping or stealing children right from…


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The Number of Love by Rosanna White

The Number of Love, book #1 in the Codebreakers, is set in mainly London 1917, during WWI. I instantly took a strong liking to the main female character, Margo. She was intelligent beyond measure, very opinionated with a wicked wit. She was the only woman in the field of code breaking the enemies messages. The rest of the women were secretaries. But the men respected her to the point of thinking of her as one of them. She had plans to further her education after the war with no plans for…


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The Certain Hope by E.C. Jackson

This was a very unusual book, but in a good way. It started out a bit strange for me in that Tara fell instantly in love with “Andy” who came to supervise a roofing job for her home. He as well fell instantly in love with her but each kept it secret.

He arranged a “blind” date with her through mutual “friends”. Tara was shocked to learn her “Andy” was really Luke. He kept proposing, she kept turning him down.

Tara was lonely, her only family was her parents and they passed away…


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Love’s Truest Hope by Hilton, Good and Alford

Three wonderful Amish stories by three great authors.

Mission of Love by Laura V. Hilton: Jace returns to his Amish community with missions to inner city youth on his mind. Twins Cindy and Linda are different as night and day. Linda tends to be quite selfish for an Amish girl and Cindy thinks of herself as less desirable than her twin, kind of like the heavier less attractive one. The developing of Cindy and her relationship with Jace and with God makes this story definitely one to…


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