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Time to Read a Book & Enjoy a Cup of Joe!

Coffee Spice 2Thanks, Greg at  ABUNDANT LIFE for the bag of BLUE DONKEY COFFEE PUMPKIN SPICE that I won here on Bookfun.org!


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Hauck Hopes Readers Discover God’s Beautiful Plan for Them

An interview with Rachel Hauck, Author of Once Upon a Prince


Every little girl dreams of being a princess. Every woman longs to be treated like royalty. We’re all just a little bit fascinated by royal weddings…


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Romantic & Suspenseful

"Path of Freedom" by Jennifer Hudson Taylor, Book 3 in Quilts of Love Series

4 Stars

In this pre-Civil War story of transporting slaves to freedom via the Underground Railroad, a special quilt plays an important role in paving the road to "safe houses" where supporters assist in concealing…


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Being blessed

I am so blessed to have found this Christian book club. Being an Armenian born in Iran, I can share my knowledge about the Christians who lived in that country during the Shah with my fellow Christian authors and readers. There are still plenty of Christian families living in the Islamic Republic of Iran. There are also some daring converts to Christianity who live in fear of being persecuted. Once my brother told me that Khomeini had no idea how he was pushing people toward Christianity…


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Birth of a Blog: SNOW LESSONS

We had over 6 inches of snow last night, which a lot of snow for our little town of Tullahoma, Tennessee. As we sat at the dining table with our morning coffee, Mike and I watched the dogs romp through the vast whiteness of our back yard. Mike commented that we would have to wipe their paws off before they came in.

“At least I don’t have to find coats and gloves and hats for them,” I replied, “or shoes,” at which point we began laughing at a shared memory.

“Mama! Mama! Mama!…


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Your first novel, Scared, was inspired by visits to Africa and the plight of children suffering from the HIV/AIDS crisis there. Priceless introduces readers to a new location, Russia, and a new evil, the sex-slave…


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Question of the day... How does this work? What should I do?

Good Day Fellow Book Fun Members!!

Today we want to address questions from members who say they had joined bookfun.org but were confused about how…


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Tips for 6-3-2010 Customizing Your Page

Now that you have joined the Network you will want to make your page your own. Have some fun.

Here are some basic tips for the beginner.

First of all you can move the "boxes" around on your page! Put the activities at the bottom for example and move a text box or the comments to the top.

Below we…


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How to Use the Network- a Daily Digest to Help. 6-2-2010

My friend, Angie Breidenbach made a good suggestion yesterday and I want to try to implement it. She said:

"You know what would be cool? One little mini lesson a day on how to best use this group. But that would be a lot of work for you, Fred." (To quote Maynard G Krebs -"Work!!!")

Actually I am getting questions from people everyday who join and it occurs to me that many…


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The Language of the Heart

I remember when I told my boyfriend I felt vulnerable in our relationship. Actually, I wrote the word in a note. He told me I'd spelled vulnerable incorrectly. How was I to know it had a "l" after the "u'? When I said the word, I never acknowledged that sound.

Seems as a missionary kid growing up with strange English being spoken and mixed with my own mother's made-up words and Southern phrases, I often was not sounding like a native speaker. To add to…


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Sweet deal for edgy Christian fiction lovers...

I'm celebrating the incredible 4 star review for Never Without Hope from… Continue

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GINA HOLMES BIO: Gina founded the influential literary blog, Novel Journey. She holds degrees in science and nursing and… Continue

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Attitudes or Gratitudes — It’s Your Choice!

The dictionary describes attitude in this way, “a manner, disposition, feeling, position, etc., with regard to a person or thing.” When a teacher or coach says, “He’s got an attitude,” it is not a positive remark. No matter how you cut it “having an attitude” is not a good thing.

“Attituders” are complainers. They yell and moan about what is wrong and don’t get anything done. Attituders seem to revel in making everyone meserible. And… Continue

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Seeking Nominations for Most Anticipated Summer Christian Read

For the June edition of Christian Fiction Online Magazine I will be featuring top ten summer reads for my column. However, I will also be doing a more expanded version on my blog. And would love for you to participate. I want to award an author with The Most Anticipated Good Read of Summer 2010. Yet, I need nominations. I'm accepting books published between May and September 2010. Drop your nominations here or message me. My deadline for nominations are 6/20/10.

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Trailer for The Weight of Shadows

Looking for a book that will promote rich discussion in your book club? I hope you'll consider my latest novel, The Weight of Shadows. The trailer can be found here--drop me a note and let me know what you think!

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New Member Orientation

We are posting videos here in the this group to help all of our members figure out how to use this site :-)


We will be posting videos all the time now, basically going through the entire site. 



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