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God's Great Plan by Melissa Cutrera & Illustrated by Matthew Sample II

This is a poetic narrative of God's plan, from creation to the fall, and finally redemption. The writing is descriptive and well done, written in an appropriate level of understanding for young children. This is an excellent way to present Christianity to…

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Human Trafficking Story Released for Kindle

My human-trafficking thriller, On the Pineapple Express, has been released early, Kindle only. It is now available at:

It's free for Prime members. The full release, including print copies, is scheduled for Feb. 28, 2014.

For those interested, here's…


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Review of The Birthing Tree by William D. Burt

I was so happy that one of my favorite characters in the King of the Trees series, Princess Kyleah, would be returning in The Birthing Tree. I felt that her story was only left halfway finished in #6 in the series, Kyleah’s Mirrors. Kyleah finally gets the happily ever after ending to her story, and she definitely deserves it! The Birthing Tree is all about the perfect…


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“The charismatic quest for extrabiblical revelation, ecstatic experiences, subjective guidance, unrestrained emotionalism, and material prosperity represents a massive danger. In the same way a child should avoid matches, believers ought to stay away from the strange fire of unacceptable charismatic worship and practice,” John MacArthur states in his book, Strange Fire.

For complete review, please go to:…


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Life is not perfect, yet we strive to be. We get off track through divorce, loss of a loved one, depression and toxic relationships. To escape, we 'numb' out by overeating, overdrinking, overspending, etc. In "Real Health Real Life," the author not only shares her various wellness techniques, but also 'gets real' by sharing her real life experiences. When it's all said and done, "Real Health Real Life" helps you 'get real' with your body, yourself and your life! Real Health, Real Life…


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Review of Herpel Holler Homecoming by Jo Ann Snapp

Herpel Holler, Arkansas is a fictional dot on the map where I would take pleasure in visiting - as a matter of fact it would be an ideal place to retire. Norma Jean Clark thought so, and did just that. She had been raised in the rugged back country of Herpel Holler, by her widowed dad Daniel and considered as family by the entire populace who knew and adored her. Norma…


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"The Manger Mouse" is Going to Mast General Store

I am so excited! Matty, the manger mouse has found a new home at Mast General Store in Boone and Hendersonville. That’s right. Matty has crept into the hearts of those Mast General Store executives, just like he quietly sneaked into the manger to sleep at baby Jesus’ feet the night Jesus was born.


When my publisher, Ambassador International emailed me several…


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The Promise (Book 2, The Restoration Series) by Dan Walsh & Gary Smalley

Jim and Marilyn Anderson have reclaimed their marriage through prayer, hard work, love, and a new respect for one another. Their second honeymoon in Italy is the…

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Lisa T. Bergren brings readers to the last stop on the Grand Tour

An interview with Lisa T. Bergren,
Author of…

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Lisa T. Bergren brings readers to the last stop on the Grand Tour

An interview with Lisa T. Bergren,
Author of…

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Peril the exciting conclusion to the Bloodlines trilogy


Bloodlines Trilogy #3

By Jordyn Redwood

Peril is the third offering in the Bloodlines Trilogy and it is intense.

Morgan Adams and her…


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A Confident Heart 60 Day Devotional

A Confident Heart Devotional

60 Days to Stop Doubting Yourself…


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Review of Uniform Decisions: My Life in the LAPD and The North Hollywood Shootout

Uniform Decisions, My Life in the LAPD and the North Hollywood Shootout John Caprarelli has many life experiences to share about growing up in the San Fernando Valley, a suburb of Los Angeles. His book Uniform Decisions is not only about the famous botched bank robbery of February, 1997, where two armed assailants were killed and over eleven hundred rounds of ammunition were spent, it is about his personal life of how to accept and adapt as a husband, father and police officer. The blend of…


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The God Puzzle: How the Bible Fits Together to Reveal God as Your Treasure

The most important thing parents can do for their child is to pass on the greatness of who God is and what the Christian faith is about. However, parents often feel ill-equipped and unprepared to do so. As a director of children’s ministries, Valerie Ackermann has observed that most churches focus on developing their own programs but direct very little attention to helping…


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New Review of The Force and Book Basket Giveaway

Our newest review of The Force. Read the review and then enter to win our book basket giveaway. $185.00 worth of books including The Fourth Kingdom and The Force.

"The books are full of twists and turns. It scares me how evil the world can be and the fear this book brought out in me. There were times when I almost wanted to stop reading, however I couldn't, I was drawn into the story and I wanted to see good win over evil. The reason I found this book so…


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Since I have already read this good book, here is my review on it! Thanks for the read!

In her debut novel, The Outcast, Jolina Petersheim’s character Rachel cries out to God, “I know I have already asked your forgiveness for my adultery, but I need to know that you really forgive. That you are not punishing my child for the sins I have committed.”

For complete review, please go to:…


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Destiny's Hands - Violet Nesdoly

Destiny’s Hands by Violet Nesdoly is a story of the Hebrew exodus from Egypt under Moses, told from the point of view of Bezalel, a master craftsman and goldsmith.  I enjoyed the different point of view as well as Bezalel’s gradual transformation from a skeptic to a strong man of faith.  Romance and personal redemption are woven throughout the familiar tale. It was a lovely read which I highly recommend. 

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“She doubted he’d even come see her. Why would he? She’d stated plainly that things were over between them. After all, how could she give her heart fully to someone who promised her a good Amish life and then turned to the world? The Second World War had taken so much from their country – from their community. But Rose felt it was a personal attack on her. On her dreams. On her future,” Tricia Goyer writes in her short novel, A Christmas Gift for…


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Video trailer group board

I have added yet another Pinterest board for Christian authors to share the book information. This one is for video trailers:

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