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Giveaway for a precious book about boys!


I interviewed Jenny and she is offering a signed copy! This would make a sweet gift for a new mom :)



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Walt Disney's Favorite Song

During the last couple of years of Walt Disney's life, every Friday afternoon he would visit with the famous Sherman Brothers who worked there in the Disney Studio. (The Sherman Brothers are the famous award winning writing duo that created so many of the classic Disney songs and soundtacks)

The visit with Walt was always the same. He would ask what they were working on. He would usually take a few minutes to listen in and offer suggestions. Walt would then look to Richard Sherman…


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ABOUT AUTHOR: Susy Flory is a New York Times best selling author who grew up on the back of a quarter horses in North California. She took degrees from UCLA in English and…


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Megan Cleary's Christmas (Excerpted from The Twelfth Juror)

As for Megan, after two hours she settled with her back against the wall and stood staring at the Christmas tree. It occurred to her for the first time that the other people in the room were actually enjoying themselves. This dull, lifeless, little social event was pleasant to them, as were all of the other holiday activities. Not…


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Yashua's Bridge by Sandi Rog - a review

YAHSHUA'S BRIDGE is the second in The Master’s Wall series by Sandi Rog. Set in ancient Rome, the book takes place during the turbulent years of the early Christian church. Here we meet Alexander, a young slave who also happens to be the son of his master. The book spans twelve years of his life, full of interesting descriptions of Roman customs as well as the sometimes sordid truth of what life for a Christian was like at that time. His story is woven together…


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by Debora M. Coty

Publisher: Barbour Books

Published: August 1, 2011

Format: Paperback (224 pages)

ISBN: 9781616263461

Origin: netGalley E-Galley


***Though the publisher provides the free book, I offer the opinion.***


My Look:

From chocolate to going green and from GREASE TO PEACE, this devotional inspires with…


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The Visionary - a review

On the surface, twins Taylor and Trevor Forrestier appear as confident and successful operators of a growing architectural design firm. However, things aren’t always what they seem … The Visionary by Pamela Thibodeaux is the story of their journey toward emotional healing after suffering from horrific abuse as children. Along the way, each twin also finds true love, something that neither thought would be possible. But freedom from the past isn’t without its own…


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Happy Thanksgiving

Wishing each of you a Blessed Thanksgiving! Hope this is the start of a wonderful holiday season for you all.

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Two great giveaways on my blog Davis Bunn and Darlene Shortridge










Here is The link to "Book of Dreams" by Davis Bunn…


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Dragons of the Watch Giveaway ~ Ending @ Midnight Nov 20th!!!


Last chance!!! Enter to win a copy of Donita Paul's ~ Dragons of the Watch!



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Saving Fort Smoky, children's book Giveaway!

Debut author, Jenna Gustafson, who is only 15 yrs old, is on my blog talking about her writing and journey to publication. She's offering a copy of her children's book, Saving Fort Smoky. 



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Cuban Christian Writer

For all Christians readers and brethrens of the World:

Can you can support the Book:

"The Lighthouse of Asaph: Unforgettable Christian Reflections"

Imagine this: it is the first book of a Cuban Christian writer that live in the Island. Around him there are not editorials, radio stations and Christian television stations. Nothing of this exists here.

... Blessings,



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Walt Disney and Telling A Story

Walt Disney once said, "It seems to me that we have a lot of story yet to tell."

I believe that quote is a powerful one and it has a lot to say about each one of our individual lives. Our lives are telling a story in some ways. The places we go, the things that we do, and how we spend our time all are reflective of what is most important to us. But on an even deeper…


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Thanksgiving at Mother Harriet's

What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?  The Twelfth Juror's Megan Cleary can't think of one single thing for which she is thankful.  That makes celebrating the holiday difficult, especially when she is invited to a Wednesday night prayer meeting at the home of Harriet Porter--affectionately known as Mother Harriet.  Though very old, poor, and blind, Mother Harriet glows with the joy of living:

“I’s so…


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Launching my first book It's My Time To Grive

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Do Good Things for Others


The Hidden Gifts of Helping: Do Good Things for…

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Zinovy's Journey - a review

Wow! This is one of the best books I’ve read in a long time. For a first novel, Ginny  Jaques sure knows how to grab the reader right from the instant the book begins and not let go. The description is magnificent, the characters varied and believable, and the action is well paced. Despite the fact that this is a really long book, I didn’t want to stop reading until I reached the final page.


The book is set in the not too distant future when a worldwide government has been…


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Come visit my blog, Books . . . Looks and Takes, for my review of: THE CHRISTMAS SINGING 


****Feel free to rate this blog review using the link at end of the text. 

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Rising Above Walt Disney World

In the novel, The Key to the Kingdom I wrote a story that built upon the history and life of Walt Disney and set the mystery in Central and around Walt Disney World. I'd like to share a few stories along those same lines in this blog.

Many of you have heard that this year Walt Disney World is celebrating its 40th Anniversary and there are many stories of how the "world" was built that are being rediscovered or shared for the first time.

The name of Admiral Joe…


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