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Delayed Justice: Third Novel in the Hidden Justice Series

Delayed Justice by Cara Putman is the third book in the Hidden Justice Series.  Jaime Nichols is a public defender in Virginia.  It has been twenty years since her uncle, Dane Nichols abused her, and Jamie has decided it is the time to press charges against him.  The next day it is announced that Dane is up for a promotion to a one star general and Dane is not going…


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Priscilla's Escape by Diane Craver

I throughly enjoyed getting to know the characters in this novel. They could easily be friends of mine in real life. The Amish have all different groups over different parts of this country with different rules. Some groups are more strict than others. Priscilla was facing the big decision of whether to join her Amish church in which her father was bishop. She is not 100% sure she is ready to commit. When an opportunity comes available for Priscilla to work for an English lady as her child's…


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CLICK on LINK Below for full Review - WOW, what a Book!



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The Reluctant Warrior – Mary Connealy (4.5 Stars)

Following the events of The Accidental Guardian, Army officer Cameron Scott and his sister, Penny, arrive at Trace Riley’s ranch in search of his young daughter and nephew.  As a winter blizzard hits the ranch, they find themselves trapped without a means to return home until spring arrives.  Unfortunately, an enemy of Trace and his wife manages to find the family and threatens their survival on numerous occassions.  When Cam becomes injured protecting the group and is forced to…


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Lacey and the Law by Anne Green

Lacey and the Law by Anne Greene will sweep you back to 1924 in Chicago, Illinois.  Lacey Fairchild wants to break free of parent’s rigid Victorian ideas and rules.  She wants to have fun, enjoy life and find romance.  Lacey and her best friend, Patricia Hanover begin their makeover to flappers by bobbing their hair.  After a shopping spree for cosmetics and high…


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The Christmas Prayer by Wanda Brunstetter

The Christmas Prayer by Wanda E. Brunstetter takes us back to April 15, 1850.  Cynthia Cooper along with her mother, Mabel are embarking on a journey to California via wagon train.  They are going with Cynthia’s fiancé, Walter Prentice.  They are late arriving in Independence, Missouri and the wagon train they were joining has already departed.  Instead, they link up…


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Review of The Christmas Prayer by Wanda E. Brunstetter

The Christmas Prayer The Christmas Prayer by Wanda E. Brunstetter

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Wanda E. Brunstetter is the author of almost 90 books and…


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A Secret to Die For by Lisa Harris

From the very first word on the very first page I was held in the gripping tale of break-ins, murder, and computer hackers. The story was fast paced and a real late into the night, page turner. I have yet to be disappointed in a story by author Lisa Harris.

The two main characters, psychologist Grace and detective Nate, each had traumas of their own from the past that had "crippled" them. Grace unwittingly got drawn into this national crime because of a client of hers. Danger lurked…


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The Christmas Prayer by Wanda Brunstetter

This story sounded familiar, so after investigating I discovered that it released in 2014 in The Westward Christmas Brides Collection. I had read it previously but re-read it to refresh my memory.

In April 1850, three wagons head to California from Missouri. Cynthia is in one wagon with her mother and the man she has promised to marry. Only she doesn't love him. She only wants financial security for her mother and herself. Another wagon holds a brother and sister and another a widowed…


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Wow, What a Book!



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A Crazy Optimist by Anne Greene

Good Day!  Anne Greene writes sweet Christian romance stories set in different time periods. Some of her books include Her Reluctant Hero, Mystery at Dead Broke Ranch, Texas Law, Lacey and the Law, Red is for Rookie, and Avoiding the Mistletoe.  

A Crazy Optimist by Anne Greene is a Christian novella.  Sparkle January has been living in New York City for five months and her pet taxidermy business has yet to take off.  She is hoping her latest enterprise will be a money maker. …


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Freedom’s Light – Colleen Coble (4 Stars)

In Freedom's Light, Hannah Thomas takes her husband's place as lighthouse keeper in their small Massachusetts town and continues in that role following his death in a Revolutionary War battle.  Meanwhile, Hannah contends with the challenges of her foolhardy younger sister, Lydia, and her obsessive relationship with one of Hannah's childhood friends.  While the Revolution has taken most of the local men far away, the treacherous Atlantic waters thrust strangers ashore.  Captain Birch…


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A Wells Landing Christmas by Amy Lillard

This was a truly gripping story full of secrets, surprises, and not least of all, love.

Ivy Weaver's mother has remarried and moved to another state. Ivy decided not to go and stays in the home she grew up in to take care of her grandfather. She struggles to make a living and at the same time keep an eye on her grandfather who suffers from memory loss from time to time. Ivy fears losing her income, being called sporadically to "rescue" her grandfather.

To add to her complications,…


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Lacey and the Law

Lacey and the Law is a historical novel by Anne Greene, set in 1924 in Chicago—the height of the roaring twenties.  It embraces the era of flappers and speakeasies.  Lacey Fairchild is a modern young lady of the time who witnesses the murder of her date and the kidnapping of his sister (her friend) at a popular speakeasy.  Mitch Ferguson who is the college roommate of the murder victim, somehow feels responsible in that he was dancing with his roommate’s date, Lacey, at that time. The…


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Ours for a Season by Kim Vogel Sawyer

This was a lovely and inspirational story. I cried several times throughout and felt deep joy other times. This was a very emotional ride. The characters were so real and I grew to care about them and what happened to them. The subject of human trafficking and homeless teenagers was brought to the forefront and was very heart wrenching. It also was inspiring to the point of wanting to see what the situation is in my own community.

Marty, a Mennonite wife, has been unable to conceive in…


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An Hour Unspent – Roseanna M. White (5 Stars)

In An Hour Unspent, Barclay Pearce has found God and a new life working for the British government after leaving behind his life as one of London's top thieves.  Together with his adopted family, Barclay relocates from his old life in Poplar to the middle-class neighborhood of Hammersmith.  While there, he is assigned to assist a clockmaker with a knack for inventing something worthy of the military's attention.  Evelina Manning sees herself as her father's ultimate automaton, which…


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What Blooms from Dust by James Markert

This was the third book I've read by James Markert. Although there was some "weird" things going on like in the other two books, I think this one made more sense in the long run. I had read other books on the dust bowl that hit the Midwest in the thirties, but this expanded it even more. Parts of the book were like Biblical plagues hitting the town of Nowwhere, Oklahoma. Interestingly from chapter one until the "epilogue" was only a week and a half. It seemed to span a much longer period of…


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Enjoyable biographical type historical fiction


Gill Paul is an author who’s writing is superb and as you read her stories one cannot tell fact from fiction.  In Another Woman’s Husband Gill takes us back in time to the summer of 1911 when Wallis Simpson first meets her best friend Mary Kirk at Miss Charlotte Noland’s summer camp.…


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