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"It Is To Write"

I've been reviewing Christian fiction on my blog "It Is To Write" at for a couple of years now. You can see a listing of my reviews in the left margin by scrolling down. Several of the reviews are of books by author members of TBCN.

Most recent review is of John Robinson's Heading Home.

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Life-changing Romance by Marianne Evans

Hearts Surrender Woodland Series, Book 2

Marianne Evans

White Rose publishing

C. 2010

Print Edition ISBN 978‐0‐9842968‐2‐8

e-Book Edition ISBN 978‐0‐9842968‐3‐5

Marianne Evans’s second book in the Woodland Series, Hearts Surrender, is a dashing romantic love story about a youngish widowed pastor and a member of his church. Pastor Ken Lucerne went through a traumatic few years watching his wife Barb die of cancer. During this period the pastor admitted… Continue

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Book Club Beat - Rain Song by Alice Wisler

Today I start a new feature - Book Club Beat, where book clubs share about their discussions. Today's post is from my own book club. Sorry - we don't have a catchy name, but we've been meeting since 2003 (!) and have way too much fun.

If you belong to a book club and would like your group to be featured here, let me know!

Book: Rain Song by Alice Wisler
What's it…

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The Book Short for DEADLY TIES is out!

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The Write Stuff

What God has called you to do, he has gifted you to do.

What God has gifted you to do, he has called you to do.

I have been accepted as a volunteer writer/editor for my national church, The Church of God in Christ. I am blessed, humbled and honored. Please pray for me that I will have wisdom, knowledge and inspiration as I tackle my new assignment. View the qualifying article…


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To Mosque or Not to Mosque

Everyone from political figureheads to next door neighbors seem to have an opinion on whether or not the Imam(prayer leader) of a mosque 12 blocks from Ground Zero should be permitted to build an Islamic community center closer to

the place where innocent victims lost lives in the 9/11 tragedy.

The community center will not just be a place for Muslims to worship but also serve as a place where members of both the Muslim and non Muslim community can come to take…


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Book Marks are in early on Deadly Ties!

The new bookmarks are in early. If you'd like some sent to your group, please email me with the quantity and mailing instructions!



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Joyful Moments

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How I Wrote My Novel

I hope you enjoy reading this recent blog I wrote. One of my readers requested this blog, so I wrote it in three parts. This is part one of How I Wrote My Novel.

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“Studies show that 500,000 books a year are now being published. Of those, over 98% will sell less than 500 copies. If you’re just starting out, shooting for 500 is a good start. After that, I would say you’re moderately successful and ready to strive for the thousands.” (Irene Watson)

To this date I’ve already sold 450 books. So I’m not far from being part of… Continue

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Many Lessons for a Life Worth Living

Every summer we have a nesting pair of birds to set up residence in the birdhouse in our backyard. For many years, it was a purple martin house, though purple martins never used it. Great crested flycatchers found it and returned year after year. We knew they had arrived when we heard them in the trees. If they thought I was watching, they would fly away. Toward the end of the summer when the babies had fledged, the squirrels…


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Meeting God in the Garden

I am wondering how many of you authors are into gardening in your spare time? I am wondering what your favorite garden plant is that is mentioned in the Bible? Does anyone do any of their writing in the garden? Does anyone have a garden shed where they spend time reflecting on God's goodness and the beauty of his creation reflected in nature? Is your garden a place where you can envision the characters of your books coming to life? Is the garden a place where you like to go to read? Tell me… Continue

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BIO: Jen Stephens grew up in a small Ohio town where she developed a passion for writing at an early age. She participated in Young Authors contests in grade school, wrote her first novel in high school, and wrote dozens of poems and short stories in between. She majored in elementary education with a concentration in English and the humanities at the University of…


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Missing in Action

Whoo-ee! I've been missing in action trying to meet my publisher's deadline for Dancing On Glass on August 1st, and getting ready for the release of Secret of The Shroud on September first!! feel like I've just popped back up into the world. Now I have to reconnect. Sure missed you all!

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Today is National Girlfriends Day. A day to honor and give a shout out to the ladies in your life who have had your back, made you look great when you weren't so hot, lent an ear when you needed to sound off, reminded you of your

blessings when you felt ungrateful, and inspired you when you felt unmotivated. know who you are. You have been my strength when I was weak,…


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