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Fascinating and Fun time-slip story I couldn't put down.

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Fun, Intriguing read! Click link below for full Review…


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Unafraid by Carey Scott

"Unafraid" is a book that targets women of all ages. Girls and young women often struggle with anxieties about beauty and attractiveness but older women tend to trade these worries for other concerns. We may no longer be obsessed about our outward appearances but we stress instead over being able to live up to the expectations of family, friends, co-workers and even our fellow church members. This needs to end because God created each of us to be just the way we are. Don't worry about not…


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I Am: The Names of God for Little Ones

“God’s names teach us that He is powerful, loving, and gentle,” the back jacket states in the children’s book, I AM: The Names of God for Little Ones, by Diane Stortz.

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River to Redemption by Ann H. Gabhart

I love it when an author reads a historical fact and decides to create a story around it. This is what Ann H. Gabhart has done in River to Redemption. From the first page I was caught up in the lives of Adria, Louis, Matilda and Ruth in my home state of Kentucky. It is 1833 when the cholera epidemic starts to claim lives in Springfield, Kentucky and families are changed forever. Seven year old Adria Starr loses her mother, father and baby brother to this dreaded disease and in a matter of…


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The Fashion Designer by Nancy Moser

I truly enjoyed this new book by Nancy Moser that offers the early history of the fashion industry and even features a glimpse of the Lane Bryant fashion business. "The Fashion Designer" is a sequel to "The Pattern Artist" and it continues the story of Annie Wood, her new husband Sean Culver, her best friend Maude Nascato, and another friend Edna Holmquist. I haven't read the first book but I didn't feel lost because "The Fashion Designer" has numerous references to the previous story. In…


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Made Like Martha by Katie M. Reid

Reading this book has given me a new appreciation for the story of the two sisters mentioned in Luke 10. Martha was the perfect hostess who wanted everything to be just right for Jesus's visit and she was unhappy that her sister Mary wasn't helping. Mary was just sitting around enjoying the company of their important guest and to top it off, Jesus seemed to defend Mary!

Author Katie B. Reid admits that she is a modern Martha but she now knows that this is okay and she has…


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Caught By Surprise – Jen Turano (4.5 Stars)

Caught By Surprise concludes Ms. Turano’s Apart from the Crowd trilogy.  Temperance Flowerdew comes into her own after being accidentally kidnapped off the streets in New York City.  When she finds herself in Chicago, an old friend from her childhood comes to her rescue.  Gilbert Cavendish spent much of his childhood with Temperance, as their parents were best friends.  Gilbert lost track of Temperance during her globe-trotting years, but he is determined to rediscover her…


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Guarded Prognosis by Richard Mabry, M.D.

I must start off by saying that Dr. Richard Mabry writes the best medical suspense that I've ever read. Some doctors will never be writers and some writers will never be doctors, but he does both quite well!

Guarded Prognosis had several different elements brought out in the story. Dr. Caden Taggart was being watched by drug enforcement agents because of illegal prescriptions being filled in the area with his signature and DEA number.

Then he finds out his dad, also a physician and…


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The Fashion Designer

This novel was a shear delight to read! I had previously read and reviewed The Pattern Artist, and it was great too. This book picked up where it left off, although it had a conclusion. You are easily able to read this second one without having read the first. The author fills in what is needed to not get the reader confused.

The characters to me were so real and so human, not cardboard cutouts as they seem in some novels. They had flaws but they also looked to God for answers to their…


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A Daring Venture

“It was going to be a challenge to get him to reconsider the filtration plant, but it had to be done,” Rosalind determines in Elizabeth Camden’s novel, A Daring Venture.

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Sons of Blackbird Mountain by Joanne Bischof

This is a book that you don't want to rush through. You'll want to take it slow and savor every moment, every relationship, and all the family dynamics. I loved the character Aven. She had hardships in Norway before sailing to the rugged hills of Appalachia in the late summer of 1890. Her husband was a heavy drinker and committed suicide while Aven was grocery shopping. She was invited to come live with her husband's cousins, the Norgaard brothers by Aunt Dorothe Norgaard. When she arrives…


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Breath of Heaven by Alana Terry

This was a breath of real life from Katrina's point of view. She had no idea when she married Greg what it would be like to be a pastor's wife. Married young, taken from big city to small community, one where everyone knows everybody's business, especially in the small church where Greg is the new pastor. Gossips, critics, backbiters, all things you wouldn't necessarily expect from Christians. And just because they live in the parsonage that the church owns, members think they can drop in…


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Kappy King and the Pickle Kaper by Amy Lillard

This was a murder mystery that absolutely kept me guessing until the last few pages. I like that, and I didn't even have a correct guess.

Kappy and her friend Edie had solved the earlier murder of Edie's mother, so when a young Amish girl was mowed over in her buggy by a hit and run automobile and killed they naturally got curious. Even more so when Edie started getting suspicious texts on her phone hinting that it wasn't an accident. I loved the way they went about their regular lives…


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The House at Saltwater Point by Colleen Coble

Warning: When you start this book you won't want to put it down, so make sure you have plenty of time, or that you don't need much sleep. I stayed up late into the wee hours of the morning because I had to find out what happened.

Ellie and Jason are partners in a house flipping business. She can swing a hammer as good as or better than any man and has innovative ideas in design. Her sister Mackenzie is a college professor but has purchased a ship and has renovated it. She turns up…


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The Hope of Azure Springs – Rachel Fordham (5 Stars)

Ms. Fordham releases her debut novel, The Hope of Azure Springs.  Em arrives in the town of Azure Springs in the back of a wagon, injured and alone.  Under the expert nursing of one of the town’s families, Em begins her recovery and tell her story to Sheriff Caleb Reynolds.  Orphaned years before, Em arrived in Iowa as part of the orphan train.  Adopted by a recluse, Em spent the last seven years living almost entirely alone, with no chance to search for her sister.  Em’s recovery…


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A Most Noble Heir by Susan Anne Mason


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Writing Your Memoir

We each have wonderful, overcoming, challenging, and powerful life stories. I speak with men and women daily who ask how they can get started writing. They explain they want to leave their stories to their children and grandchildren. I then ask them how much they have written. They sadly say they haven't written a word. I ask they why they haven't written anything and they say they have writer's block. There is no such thing. In my book, The Mindful Writer, Still the Mind, Free the…


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