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Sons of Blackbird Mountain – Joanne Bischof (5 Stars)

In Sons of Blackbird Mountain, newly widowed Aven Norgaard arrives in the Appalachian hills from Norway to live with her late husband’s cousins.  She expects to care for three young boys, but discovers that her great aunt’s letters failed to tell the whole story.  The Norgaard brothers are known throughout the region for their Nordic appearance, strength, and work ethic.  However, their brewing of hard cider and their close relationship with a family of former slaves draws the ire…


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Texas Law by Anne Greene

This novella started with a bang, almost literally! Traveling by stagecoach, Caitlin and her sister Jane were held up by three masked bandits. After roughing them up, taking their jewelry and all their cash, the lead guy vowed to come back later and kidnap Cat. The money was to be deposited in the bank to pay the mortgage on her father's cattle ranch. When finding out, he was livid and immediately sent a telegram to hire a Pinkerton agent to hunt down the crooks and get his money…


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A Crazy Optimist by Anne Greene

With only eighty eight pages this was a quick but enjoyable read. The main character, Sparkle, was definitely "crazy". I would also say a little ditsy, but still lovable. She had moved from Texas to New York City. She jumped from one occupation to another on a whim. She was a taxidermist on the side, recreating deceased pets for their owners. She decided also to start offering her services as a maid of honor to brides who needed one. She needed something lucrative to keep her finances in the…


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The Hope Jar by Wanda Brunstetter

This was a very different story of Amish life. It was sometimes hard because I related to Sara Murray in her loss of her mother, since I lost mine seven months ago. But I also understood Michelle Taylor and why she did what she did. I can't imagine how heartbreaking her life had been growing up and why she was so desperate to change it. The Lapps were the ones that mistook her for their granddaughter and Michelle went along with it to hide away with free room and board. She worked hard…


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An Amish Heirloom by Clipston, Wiseman, Fuller, and Irvin

These four novellas were written by four authors that I've read several full length novels from each. I knew these stories would be good for that very reason and they were!

Each story contains an item or items that go back generations and bring meaning and inspiration to family members.

A Legacy of Love by Amy Clipston tells the history behind two rocking chairs left to a granddaughter planning her wedding. She begins questioning her decision learning of the laughter and love shared…


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Review of The Reckoning at Gossamer Pond by Jaime Jo Wright

When an author has an award winning book the first time out you wonder if it is possible for their second book to be as good. The Reckoning at Gossamer Pond is definitely proof that Jaime Jo Wright is no one-trick pony! She has written another fantastic split timeline novel and this one features both present day events and others that happened over a century ago in the small town of Gossamer Grove, Wisconsin. The two heroines, separated by 100 years, are both affected by a mystery that began…


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Texas Law by Anne Greene

Texas Law by Anne Greene is a book in the Pinkerton Detective Collection.  This novella is a light, western story with a courageous hero who is a Pinkerton Detective and a heroine who is a beautiful and strong woman.  The story is set in 1879 in San Antonio, Texas. 

Robbers threaten a rancher’s two daughters and steal the mortgage money that the older daughter, Cat Devine, is hiding on her person.  She had divulged information to the wrong person who had informed the stagecoach…


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Candy Apple Blessings

“We’ll try the petting zoo.

The games are great fun too.

There’s so much we can do!


Let’s have a festival!” states the near end of the children’s book, Candy Apple Blessings.

Complete Review: …


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Miss Serena's Secret by Carolyn Miller

"Miss Selena's Secret" opens with an episode of sexual harassment but it is handled tastefully and readers will be encouraged by the roles that faith and prayer play in this story. Many of us have had secret crushes on our teachers and Serena Winthrop was no different. When her art instructor seemed impressed with her talent she was thrilled but his attentions soon became bold and personal and her happiness turned to fear and dismay. Suddenly Selena's joy of painting became tainted with…


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An emotional and riveting adventure story

Amy Dawson strives to give her heart to foster children in a summer camp setting, where she can help them heal from hurts she herself endured as a child. Things go terribly awry when she acquires her own foster child and is forced to face her worst nightmare, the loss of her child through the ruthless scheme of a kidnapper. Add a former love interest whose appearance on the scene leaves Amy confused and struggling with her troubled…


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A Rumored Fortune – Joanna Davidson Politano (5 Stars)

Ms. Politano releases her second novel, A Rumored Fortune.  Tressa Harlowe and her mother return to their family’s home to the unexpected news of her father’s death.  Throughout the years, her father rarely spoke of the family’s fortune, only of the lore connected with their legendary vineyards.  Unfortunately, Tressa soon finds the house overwhelmed with visitors, who believe they have a claim on the supposed fortune, even as Tressa herself has no funds to pay for the family’s…


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A Love for Leah by Amy Lillard

Sometimes heartbreaking but mostly heart touching story. This continues the story of the Gingerich Family of Pontotoc, Mississippi. Leah and Hannah, twin sisters had left the Amish years ago but both had come back home. Hannah was finding her Amish roots once again but Leah had been led to a Mennonite faith. Leah is very opinionated and stubborn. She locks horns with newcomer Jaime, Amish, who is caring for his nephew Peter. My heart went out to Peter. Only six, he had lost his whole family…


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Formula of Deception: A Novel

“Hey, and listen. Be careful. Three people connected to this case are dead,” Murphy is warned in Carrie Stuart Parks’s novel, Formula of Deception.

Complete Review: …


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Dead Drift by Dani Pettrey

This was a very active, suspenseful and sometimes deadly search for terrorist activities on U.S. soil. The terrorist leader, Ebeid, has a world renown scientist working on a way to spread anthrax on a deadly scale to infiltrate large populous areas. Luke Gallagher has been on the search for the leader for the last seven years through several countries and has now traced him back to the U.S. Kate Maxwell is shocked to see him after wondering where he had disappeared for all those years. She…


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For Full review click on link…


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Thief of Corinth

“I was not planning to make a life of thieving. My actions would be an aberration,” Ariadne confesses in Tessa Afshar’s novel, Thief of Corinth.I

Complete Review: https://connywithay.wordpress.com/2018/07/19/thief-of-corinth/

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Big Trucks: A Touch-and-Feel Book: Getting the Job Done Together

“It’s time for trucks to leave the site.

‘We did our best. We did it right.

God bless … Good night to each of you,’”

states the ending of Tommy Nelson children’s book, Big Trucks: Getting the Job Done Together.

Complete Review: …


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More Than Meets the Eye – Karen Witemeyer (5 Stars)

In More Than Meets the Eye, Evangeline Hamilton has overcome childhood tragedy, while taking on a joyful attitude toward life.  Having formed a patchwork family with two other orphans, Evie finds love and acceptance, even as townsfolk find her mismatched eyes to be worth avoiding at all costs.  When Logan Fowler arrives in Pecan Gap and becomes the Hamilton family’s new neighbor, he takes the time to see beyond Evie’s unusual eyes to the joy-filled soul underneath.  Unfortunately,…


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The Reckoning at Gossamer Pond by Jaime Jo Wright

The House on Foster Hill, Jaime Jo Wright's debut novel, was excellent but in my opinion, The Reckoning at Gossamer Pond is even better! It was a story that grabbed me from the very beginnng and wouldn't let go, and I'm still not sure that I've been released. Considered a dual timeline novel, it vacillates between 1907 and present day. Each of the 41 chapters has either the name Libby (1907) or Annalise (present day) as the title of the chapter. I had no problem keeping up with which time…


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Monster Boogie

“Everybody does the monster boogie, the monster boogie, the monster boogie,” Laurie Berkner writes her song in her children’s book, Monster Boogie.

Complete Review: …


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