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July 2013 Blog Posts (101)

The Governess of Highland Hall by Carrie Turansky

Julia Foster returned from the missionary field in India with her parents after being there twelve years.  The Fosters returned to England due to her father’s declining health.  Julia sets out to find work to help support her family while Mr. Foster recovers.  She applies for the governess position and is accepted.

As governess, Miss Foster is responsible for Sir…


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"Back to School" Blog Tour - Looking for Bloggers to feature book

Hey Everyone!

I just woke up and realized a few days ago, that the retail outlets are all getting into "Back to School" mode, and that I should be too! (in spite of the fact that to me, summer is only half over. . . )

I wrote a new book this spring, as a grad gift to my two graduating teenagers,…


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Raising Respectful Children In A Disrespectful Wor [Paperback]

“In other words, the respectful child produces good deeds from a good heart, and a disrespectful child produces bad deeds from a corrupt heart. Whatever is in your child’s heart determines what your child will say and do,” Jill Rigby states in her book, Raising Respectful Children in a Disrespectful World.

To view entire review, please go to…


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REVIEW of GRAVE CONSEQUENCES (2nd in The Grand Tour Series) by Lisa T. Bergrem

Grave Consequences (Grand Tour V2) [Paperback]

“This is but the beginning, Cora. You may call yourself by your old name, but you are a Kensington – it may as well be branded on your forehead. What Father wants, Father gets,” Vivian insists in Lisa T. Bergren’s The Grand Tour Series novel, Grand Illusions.

To see rest of review,  please visit: …


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Review of Taming the Wild Wind by Donita Kathleen Paul

Ida Meade has come to Oklahoma to fulfill her responsibilities as the wife of a missionary. The problem is she isn't married. Her wedding was postponed and fiancé, John Newcomb, detained due to his boss's illness, but John requested Ida go on without him.

Despite rumors of ghosts, Ida takes up residence in an abandoned farmhouse with plans to turn it into…


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Did you write that...

Who's asking? Yes I wrote that. Don't you like it? How many times have you been asked that question. Makes you wonder don't it. I have found that if I let my fingers loose they will say something. Sometimes what they say isn't entirely what I had on my mind. Oh well, that goes with being a writer. An absolute requirement for a writer is, I guess you figured that out already...yes, write. Not just when you feel like it, but every day. Have a set time you get up and go to your favorite place…


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Blowing On Dandelions (Love Blossoms In Oregon V1)

“She wants you to believe that, and perhaps it could be true for the most part, but deep down each of us wants to trust we are loved, respected, and yes, even liked, by the people around us. I don’t think your mother is an exception,” Katherine is told in Miralee Ferrell’s Love Blossoms in Oregon series’ novel, Blowing on Dandelions.

For the rest of this review, please visit my blog at…


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Review of Veil of Pearls by M.L. Tyndall

Okay, this book was completely amazing from start to finish. In fact, of the eight novels of Marylu Tyndall's that I've read, this is my absolute favorite. Not only was there plenty of realism and romance, but there were a lot of insightful comments about faith, slavery, surrendering to God, the meaninglessness of worldly riches, etc. But you could also see how…


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Review of THE AMISH CANNING COOKBOOK by Georgia Varozza / Harvest House

Amish Canning Cookbook

“When we think of home canning, our mind’s eye is quick to envision neat rows of jars lining pantry shelves, safely filled with food just waiting to be opened so we can prepare a variety of tasty meals for our dear families,” Georgia Varozza writes in her book, The Amish Canning Cookbook.

To read full blog see…


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Riveting Christian fiction by debut author, Jolina Petersheim

The Outcast is a stand-alone novel and a fantastic debut by Jolina Petersheim. Set in the Old Order Mennonite community of Copper Creek, Tennessee, it is described as an inspirational retelling of Nathaniel Hawthorne's The Scarlett Letter. This unusual and compelling novel stands out on many levels and is one that I can highly…


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Updating purchasing information on Pinterest boards to include TBCN store link.

Adding TBCN store links to my purchasing options, such as Pinterest boards and Facebook author page.

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Descended - Jett - a review

DESCENDED by Dana Pratola is a romance first and speculative second, although the premise of a man who can make himself invisible due to some kind of supernatural lineage is enough to put it in that category. There is a lot of great description and enough surprises to keep it interesting. Jett, the hero, uses his gift in ways that seem a paradox at times, but are ultimately for good. Aspiring artist Haven falls in love…


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Eternity by Randy Alcorn - Interview and Giveaway!

Learn about graphic novels in my interview with Randy Alcorn and Art Ayris and enter to win a copy of Eternity!

Click here to read the interview and enter to win!

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BONUS GIVEAWAY 5 Copies of Suzanne's…


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Not Guilty by Teresa Pollard & Candi Pullen

Carrie Shepard was brutally assaulted and in her grief, shame and despair Carrie broke off her engagement and retreated into a nightmare world of her own. She kept her secret until she discovered she was pregnant by…

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Review of An Unexpected Romance by Donna Fitts

An Unexpected Romance is a lovely story. It’s about widowhood, re-entry into the dating scene after many, many years in a happy marriage, and the second time around.

In An Unexpected Romance, Elizabeth Parker has no thought of marrying again, since her husband died two years before. She took over running their real estate business, and managing their…


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Wavelength by Jeff Petherick

Listening to God can be like listening to a radio broadcast or television program. If the radio or TV are not tuned in properly all you hear is static, and very little of the message comes through. The same goes when listening to God. With…

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Review of A Hometown Fourth of July by June Foster

As sweet romances go, June Foster’s A Hometown Fourth of July fits the bill, but there is so much more of an underlying story. The main plot is inspired by a real-life relative of the author, so we can see why the details are right on target.

Max Tate had been adopted into a wealthy, prominent family in the town of Ft. Freedom. But he had always felt…


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Daystar - a review

Daystar by Kathy Tyers definitely touches a spiritual cord, while taking the reader on a fast paced adventure to unknown galaxies. Even at a daunting 650 pages, the story maintained a great pace and was engaging throughout. There was enough pseudo-scientific mumbo jumbo (which Sci-fi writers…


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