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I'm curious. As a reader, do you connect with your favorite authors on twitter? If you do, I'd love to know what you as a reader want to hear, learn, connect about with those authors? I'm going to put this question out on twitter too and see what answers come back.

Second, when do you use twitter? Day of week, time of day? That kind of thing.

I think authors want to interact with readers, but aren't really sure what readers want in the…


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The Good Fight - a review

Roger Talbot is now a DA. He’s changed a lot since the days when he was in hot pursuit of Meri Parker in NO OTHER, Shawna Williams’ debut novel. He went from being a rich snob to a man with a conscience. Despite his privileged upbringing, he tries to distance himself from his past. He’s not that man any more. Enter Pennye Boyle Carrington. She has secrets of her own that are worth hiding, including that her brother is a…


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Introduction to The Wordsmith Journal Magazine


Thought I'd take a moment to tell you a little more about us!

Established in Oct. 2011, The Wordsmith Journal was founded with the intention of introducing readers to new Christian authors as well as authors of Clean/Sweet/Cozy/Wholesome works in hopes those connections would turn into friendships over great books. 

TWJM is available as a free read through,…


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The Best Things Come to Those Who Wait for God to Bring Them

In Catch a Falling Star, Beth K. Vogt shares that God’s best is often behind the door marked “Never”


Is there ever a point when you should let go of a dream? Shouldn’t you be content with what God has already given you, even if your life isn’t what…


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Book Review - Scent Of Lilacs by Ann H. Gabhart

This is one of those books I actually wanted to read just because I liked the cover so well. Of course it didn't hurt that it was written by Ann Gabhart, I have read and enjoyed several of her Shaker novels. Based on the cover I thought I was going to get a Young Adult coming-of-age type story with a little mystery, all set in a Mayberryesque town. I was very pleasantly surprised to find so much more than that.…


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Beautifully written, memorable story

In Broken Places by Michele Phoenix is one of the most memorable novels I have ever read. Michele weaves the emotion of heartbreaking drama with laugh-out-loud dialogue and tender romance in a novel that never fails to inspire. With beautiful prose, idyllic setting, and humor never far from the surface, this story of a family's suffering and triumph will entertain…


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Celtic Cross - a review

In Celtic Cross by author Tammy Doherty, Cristeen Latham arrives at the Donovan ranch just barely alive. Suffering from multiple gun shot wounds, a broken leg and other injuries, she also suffers from temporary amnesia brought on by the trauma. She is nursed back to health by Matt Donovan and his sister Katie and gradually learns to…


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Postcards from Misty Harbor Inn Nook HD Giveaway and Facebook Party {5/9}!

Guideposts Books is celebrating the release of their new …

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What’s it Like When the Man You Married is Married to God?

Lisa Takeuchi Cullen’s Debut Novel…


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April Snow Showers bring May Snow Showers and a chance to read in Wisconsin!

Tuesday April 30th we hit a high of 85*F, well Thursday May 2 brought record snowfall.  This unexpected snow day gave me a chance to get caught up on some good books.  Check out these pictures!…


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Review: Field of Daisies

An unusual novel, deals with relevant subject matter

Field of Daisies by Barbara Hattemer is an unusual novel, one that I was very glad to discover. Barbara draws from personal experience as she writes about the difficult subject of degenerative disease with stark realism, but in a way that offers hope to families experiencing Alzheimer's…


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Paige Torn: A Paige Alder Novel by Erynn Mangum

Paige Torn is a busy girl, working full-time for an adoption agency, teaching Sunday school, working with the girls in youth group, and volunteering for various other church activities when asked. Her best friend recently became engaged, and wants…


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How do authors feel about readers? Check out this article for clues beyond the obvious. Readers matter!

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Are you being called to be a defender?

An interview with Beth Guckenberger,

Author of Tales of the Defended Ones


What do adopted children from Ethiopia, a child in slavery in Cambodia, a special-needs orphan from Mexico, and a foster child in the U.S. have in common?…


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Be a Book Reviewer


To the *963 Goodreads members who entered my recent 10-book giveaway of Every Hill and Mountain thanks for participating! To the ten winners congratulations! The books are in the mail.…


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