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What's in Your Face?

Ever feel like the piles on your desk, the work around the house and those you love are in your face?


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It's A God thing

Title: It’s A God Thing!

Author: Larry Baker & Becky Lyles

Pages: 170

Publisher: Perpedit Ink

Year: 2011

Note: I received a complimentary copy from the author for an honest review and opinion.

Lately it seems that I have read a lot of books ranging from deep nonfiction to nice, enjoyable fiction. Here I share about It’s A God Thing! This is about…


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The Consummate Storyteller

Need a little inspiration to write right now? Take a look at this:

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Our Fortieth Anniversary

This weekend we celebrated our fortieth wedding anniversary. It seems impossible that it's been so long.

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Thank You, Memorial Day 2012

During the Memorial Day Weekend I started wondering about all the men and women who had lost their lives in the eleven wars Americans have fought in. Each person who lost his, or her life was a unique individual. A person God created with a face, personality and soul like none other. Each fallen soldier was someone’s son, brother, dad, sister, wife or mother. They should not be a forgotten memory. They were real flesh and blood with the same wants and needs of you and me. The only…


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WINTER - a review

The novel Winter by Keven Newsome was a treat to read. It is a paranormal thriller with a Christian message – ‘Christian horror’ if such an oxymoron can exist. Winter is a young ‘Goth’ who is off to college for the first time. She has a past riddled with hurt and trouble, but she is now a Christian, despite her continuing espousal of Goth dress. This is one aspect of the book that I especially liked. The author has set out to completely destroy stereotypes in how his heroine should…


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The Sword Of Magna (a short background)

     In March of 2011 The Sword Of Magna was published by BookBaby, and is now available for download from all the major online ebook retailers. This is the culmination of a quest spanning two decades, and it really feels great to finally be able to share my book with the world. Now for some history….

     I was initially inspired to write this book after reading The Lord Of The Rings by J. R. R. Tolkien back in 1980. This was life-changing for me – I…

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Memorial Day Reflections on Southern Belle View blog

Memorial Day Reflections take center stage next week on Southern Belle View.  Do you have a war hero in your family or group of friends?  A war story that’s been passed down? Maybe an ancestor?  What does his or her service and the holiday mean to you? Come to the porch for some touching memorials by five Southern writers. We want to hear your story, too.

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Ever been sidetracked by a moment of doubt?

Learn what to do next time it happens here:

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SPLIT SENSE - a review

Split Sense by Barbara Ellen Brink is, at the risk of sounding cliché, a real page turner. It is very well written; full of action, twists and turns, intrigue and a well thought out though complex story line. The book begins in 1995 with a frightened schizophrenic woman being chased and killed, but not before her twin babies are taken alive. Thus begins a complex web of deceit and subterfuge that centers around a pharmaceutical company that has been experimenting on pregnant…


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Follow my blog for great author interviews and giveaways!

I'd love to have you stop by my blog. I've always got great author interviews, posts, and giveaways going! Thanks!

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Follow me on over to to read my most recent post in Joyful Journey. If you've ever known anyone with a mental challenge, you'll like this story.

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Memorial Day or Decoration Day?

My grandma used to call this holiday "Decoration Day." I've written a post for Nike Chillemi with thoughts about Memorial Day and also about my novel, which takes place over the holiday weekend. I hope you'll trek on over to read about it!

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In celebration of the release of my latest novel, STARDUST, I'm giving away a retro prize package that I think you'll love. Everyone has four chances to get their name in the drawing. Instructions are on my BLOG. Here's a pic of all the goodies.



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A Word From a Polio Survivor

When I chose to write about polio in Stardust, I had no idea I would meet a survivor who contracted the dreaded disease in the very year I set the story. Today Linda Clare shares her story on my blog.…


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A Daughter’s Broken Journey from Heartache to Hope

An interview with Julie Ziglar Norman,

author of Growing Up Ziglar


Julie Ziglar Norman often says her dad is the king of “doing life right” and she is the poster child for “doing life wrong.” In Growing Up Ziglar: A Daughter’s…


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Giveaway - Open to Anyone with an Email Address!

Sherri Wilson Johnson is a guest on my blog as she talks about her writing journey and offers a eBook giveaway of her novel To Dance Once More!  Unlike most of my giveaways, this is not restricted to US Residents and is open to anyone with an email address!

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Strings of Color Review

Title: Strings of Color

Author: Marian L. Thomas

Pages: 368

Year: 2012

Publisher: LB Publishing

Note: I received a complimentary copy for my honest review from the author.

What an amazing story! I’ve got to say it took one day to read; I simply couldn’t put it down! I wasn’t sure if I wanted to read it at first because I was “judging a…


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Meet an Wonderful author

Author Biography: Marian L. Thomas lives outside Atlanta, Georgia and is also the best-selling author of two Clean Fiction novels, Color Me Jazzmyne and My Father's Colors. Avid readers have embraced Marian's ability to move the heart and stir the mind with her dramatic style of writing. The author has been a frequent guest on radio shows, nominated for many industry…


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A good deal? A summer read?

The Toyota jingle is stuck in my head, "Toyota is Hot, Hot, Hot!". But my brain has substituted Toyota for Mississippi Nights: "Mississippi Nights is Hot, Hot, Hot!"

All because of the promotional poster my publishers created to market the deal on Amazon where the Kindle edition of my book only costs 99 cents.

Oh, my. My brain just started…


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