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Review of 'Broken Angel' by Sigmund Brouwer

“We had agreed – the woman I loved and I – that as soon asyou were born we would perform an act of mercy and decency and wrap you in atowel to drown you in a nearby sink of water.” Wow. Talk about impact. Thus Broken Angel by Sigmund Brouwerbegins.

This post apocalyptic novel immediately draws the reader inand never lets up. In a future reminiscent of John Wyndham’s The Chrysalids, the government of…


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Review of IN ALL THINGS by Shawna Williams

In All Things is the sequel to Shawna Williams’ debut novel NoOther, a touching and heart felt story of God’s faithfulnessamidst the seemingly impossible circumstances surrounding a young couple whofind themselves in love during the post World War Two era. I loved NoOther and was quite honestly skeptical about what a sequel might hold.When I first started to read In All Things, I almost didn’t wantto continue. I…


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Review of 'No Other' by Shawna Williams

No Other by Shawna K. Williams is a beautifully written romanceset in post WWII America. Anti-German sentiment is prevalent, and one family inparticular has had to endure much hardship because if it. Now that the war isover, twenty year old Jake must brave a regular classroom in order to finishhis schooling. This would have been bad enough, but he wasn’t expecting to fallin love with his teacher! It’s a dilemma that will test his will power and…


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Giveaway Reminder & Free Kindle Books

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SANDI ROG'S BIO:(taken from blog) Her writings have appeared in Christian Woman Magazine, Affaire de Coeur, Sister Triangle and Writer's Digest. She has written children's stories and has given writing workshops at…


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Trusting the Light

A couple of Sundays ago I heard a profound explanations of a particular Bible verse. What made it even more incredible for me was that I never thought it needed one before.

We had a guest preacher at church; our previous youth minister and associate pastor, who moved to Maine several years ago as a church planter and evangelist. In the midst of sharing how the Lord called his family to missions in Maine, he said, "We thought the Lord was calling…

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Reflecting Him Bible Study Blog: Week 6: Day 4

Week 6: Day 4

“He (God) takes all our impurities and breaks them apart to make them useful to God’s Kingdom. God filters our fears and doubts just like the boiler distills petroleum products. This spiritual refining process is a wonderful example of ‘when we are weak He is strong.’”

Carla McDougal

He’s been doing something in me for the past three years. 2007 felt like the end. I had so many questions and few answers; more tall tales than truth. Yet, it was just… Continue

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The Gates of Heaven Series, The Map Across Time by C.S. Lakin (Review)

Book 2, The Gates of Heaven Series

Release date: January 14, 2011

Honored. That’s how I felt when C.S. Lakin asked me to review her book, The Map Across Time. It wasn’t scheduled on the offical blog tour run by CSFF and this book isn’t scheduled for publication until mid-January.

Most series usually use prior characters. It’s a way to continue a story from the first book like Terri Blackstock’s suspense series. You always meet the characters in the prior book… Continue

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I’m so excited to give… Continue

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2010's Most visited Blog Post: Writing as a Ministry Part III

Taking My Product to the People

In my first post in this series I discussed how I placed my writing ministry under the authority of my church. Last post I discussed my writing ministry in terms of… Continue

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CFBA Tour and Review- PARADISE VALLEY by Dale Cramer


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Happy 2011

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and 2011 is starting out to be a great year for you.


Sorry to have been such a scapegrace.  Right before Christmas, for fun, someone corrupted my domain sites.   All five sites went down and all

five had to be recreated.  I took off Christmas day to be with the

family, and otherwise, if awake, I've been working on reconstruction. 

Finally done except for nitnoys, so I'm human again and looking forward to all we'll do in…


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Hey Everyone;

I don't know if you received a E-Reader for Christmas, or you have the capability of downloading these o your computer but below are several books that I know will be a fun read. Thanks to Brandi Fitzpatrick for bringing these great deals to my attention. Brandi is the leader of Faith in Fiction book club that just won the Grand price and is selected to go onto the next phase of the Just Desert contest. CONGRATS!! 2011 is starting out with a…


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I was so blessed to be able to read alot of really good, touching and moving stories this year. It was hard to pick only 10 out of the 115 books I read in 2010. But I managed to do it and here my list and I had to include one more and make it 11. :D

 I wish I could have read more books from this year but alas I have to work, take care of the kids and live life. Ha! Ha! There are still several books in my TBR pile close to my night stand. Ha! Ha! Not kidding! I need to play catch up…


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Happy New Year!

I just wanted to thank each and everyone on T.B.C.N. that has taken me under their wing. There are so many of you that just make me smile. I hope you have a blessed New Year!…


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Congratulations to BRANDI FITZPATRICK and ALL MEMBERS of FAITH IN FICTION BOOK CLUB on your winning of the Secret Mission Contest.  


I can't wait to see the Just Desserts!


Hope you enjoy DEADLY TIES.






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“True joy comes to us, not from what we own, but from what we are able to give to others. When we give what we have, God will bless us with more, and the blessings will be doubled because of the joy that giving brings….We were created for one another. There is no sense in trying to deny it. Those who attempt to stand on their own two feet find that they tire…


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STARS COLLIDE Book Cover of Week

STARS COLLDE is my book cover of the week. For the Blurb of the book by Janice Thompson click this link

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The First of Many (I hope)---------What do you think?



If she hadn’t…


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