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I'm celebrating in a huge way today.  My agent has sold 8 of my backlist books to Belle Bridge Brooks.  These are books from my pre-CBA days, but inspiring and uplifting stories all the same. :)





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Book release

    Dear Book Lovers,

     I have been keeping a journal of the struggles, hardships, and blessings of my life over the past few years and decided to write a book. The book, Surviving the storm, is an inside look at the trials and tribulations I have endured since the terrible car accident in 1974.

     I am proud to say that the book was finally published March 17, 2001.

     I have been truly blessed and is thankful to…


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Introducing My Baby - Joab's Fire

I'm so excited. Within a week I will be holding a copy of my book, Joab's Fire.

The last few months I went through all the emotions of a pregnant woman--anxieties, joy, fear, giddiness, frustration...oy.

And I know that in the next few months, I'm going to feel like I just had a baby--long days, little sleep, fears, joy, peace, anxiety, hurt,… Continue

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Yesterday's Tomorrow - by Catharine West

Gripping, heart wrenching, poignant, fast paced, tender, descriptive … these are all adjectives that aptly describe Catharine West’s debut novel Yesterday’s Tomorrow. It’s the story of Kristin Taylor, a young reporter out to prove herself by going into the field during the Vietnam War. In the midst of the horror and carnage she finds out what it means to be a friend, a lover, a Christian - a human being. This unfortunate era in US history is well researched yet never pedantic.…


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The Artist's Granddaughter by Robin Bayne

This week White Rose Publishing is excited to bring you a deserving recipent of the American Christian Fiction Writers' Carol Award. Robin Bayne pits ex-high school sweethearts against one another as they each vie for a prized possession... they think it's a painting, we know, it's their…


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Beverly Lewis book giveaway. Ends March 26

Hey everyone, Come on over to my blog and enter to win a copy of Beverly Lewis' book "Secrets"


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BOOK COVER: I was really drawn to pick up this book because of the cover. First of all I LOVE the binding and old book look. The girl on the cover made you look at her a couple of times to imagine what was happening there.

C.J. Darlington… Continue

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ROBIN'S BIO (From her website) Born and raised in Louisiana, Robin Caroll is a southerner through and through. Her passion has always been to tell… Continue

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What's Up? I'm so glad you asked...

There are some exciting things going on in the publishing world, and I'm thrilled to be 'in the know'! Of course, it helps when you own the blog, lol!

First, there's a Giveaway going on for…

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Thinking Aloud: Contentment


A note:  My thanks and gratitude to those of you who are members of ACFW's Book Club and have voted for DEADLY TIES in the current poll to select what will be read by the group.


I can't tell you how much your support means to me.


The decision for me to leaving an established career writing for the general market to write Christian fiction was a big…


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My Friend Jesus - a review

MY FRIEND JESUS is the story of one man's unusual encounter with 'Jesus' in the flesh. It is classed as fiction, but because of the allegorical nature of the story, it almost comes off more like a devotional book, with a lot of scripture references and lots of 'teachable moments' that are meant to explain the basic tenents of the Christian faith. Mr. Lombardo's writing style is quite beautiful - very elegant and eloquent, which is something that I appreciated about the book. However, the…


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February's Best Blog Post: In the Presence of the King (a Fiction Friday post)

This story is adapted from a scene I edited out of a work in progress.

In the Presence of the King

Tamara walked the corridor to the Great Throne Room, a guard on each side and her feet trembling with each step. Had the king decided to reject her plea for sanctuary? She hadn’t been completely honest with him. Did he find out? Sure she hid the king's knight, but she was convinced that was not the only reason the king's enemy sought… Continue

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Touched By a Miracle What we decided to do...

The "Touched by a Miracle" Contest is over and we have sent the check to World Vision as our winner Laurie Winslow Sargent had requested. Laurie asked us to donate the $100 to and chose the "Horn of Africa Food Crisis" as the target for the donation. As it turned out the donation was multiplied 6 times in matching funds!

This was a difficult choice for us because there were so many…


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My Prize-Winning info

In one of my blog posts today,  I posted pictures of the prizes that I won in the Just Desserts contest here.

You can also find the winning recipe there too - oh my!  Try'll like it.  I'm blessed beyond measure!

The Better Baker

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News, Views, & Giveaways

What's going on so far in The Price of Trust ~

Carly Richards is running from her abusive ex-fiance, Ian. She finds refuge in a small rural community in Montana. Reluctantly, she starts to rebuild her life as the people around her begin to creep into her softening heart. After she's met handsome farmer, Joe Baird, can she dare to dream of a future with him, or will Ian find… Continue

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5 signed copies of "And You Invited Me In" giveaway!!!

Check out my blog and leave a comment with your email and you could win one of five copies!

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Rather than writing a blog of my own thoughts, I wanted to take the time to honor one of the people who motivated me to become a writer. Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!

Born Theodor Seuss Geisel on March 2, 1904, he dropped out of Oxford, where he was attending grad school, when a classmate Helen Palmer [she became Mrs. Theodor Geisel in 1927] commented that he was a talented cartoonist. Geisel used his drawing skills an illustrator for advertising campaigns, including Standard Oil and…


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