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Are you effectively reaching your platform? Are your reaching anyone outside of your network?

For over a year, we have been telling our clients about the algorithms being used by some social networking sites and how they can effectively get around these using organic videos that talk about anything BUT the product being offered.

A video blog can effectively reach your network and beyond, if done correctly.

Watch the video below... This is Mark Cuban, commenting on this very issue on season two, episode 2 of Beyond the Tank. 

We provide video blogging services here, and place them on Book Fun TV. We will help you to come up with ideas for the blogs,  capture the video, edit the videos, and even place them on your social networks for you. This is something that needs to be done weekly!

We will shoot the videos over the internet (four at a time), edit them, brand them and place them on our network (Book Fun TV) for $400 a month.

You can then take these and share them on all of your social networks. This is possible because of a formula we have tested and we know what works.

If you decide that you want to have us place them on your networks for you, we will need your log in information and you can sit back and enjoy the release of your videos each week. We charge an additional $200 a month to do this for you. 

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