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Harry Moon Contest

The very first, never before held, certainly not annual, Harry Moon Contest is here!

What can you win?

An annual subscription, for your child, your grandchild, your neighbor's child (or grandchild) or a stranger's child (or grandchild) or even for YOU!

What comes with this cool subscription thingy?

Every other month, you get a book!

First you will get a welcome package, with a hard cover book, a poster, a map of Sleepy Hollow, a Sleepy Hollow Hat, a cool looking carabiner to hook to your belt (Similar to this, but 


A letter from the Mayor of Sleepy Hollow, and More!!! 

In between the books you will get the Sleepy Hollow NEWS and an App that includes all the books (as they are released) in eBook form for FREE!

WHO wants one??

I do!

What do I do to get one?

First... go to the Harry Moon Face Book Page and request to be a friend of Harry's and when he accepts you, leave a comment: "Phred Phrom BookFun Sent Me"

(No not Book Phun!)

We will be watching all of the new friends there and in November we will be announcing who gets the really cool, unbelievably awesome, wondrously woven, Harry Moon Subscriptions! (I am out of breath!) 

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