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ABOUT BOOK: The knowledge of good and evil we inherited from Adam is a dimension of our intellect so innate, so instinctual, so intuitive, so pervasive a way of responding to our everyday circumstances it is virtually impossible to avoid. Even though it is the wellspring of our transgressions, we are apt to overlook its devastating impact and view sin as a life-long list of errant acts, believing we can become better Christians by committing fewer of them.

The purpose of this book is to re-examine how sin came into the world through Adam and how the Lord has redeemed us by His grace through faith from this formidable adversary “crouching at the door”.


ABOUT AUTHOR: Bill Combs is a retired Presbyterian minister, married for 48 years, and has Master of Divinity and Doctor of Ministry degrees from Fuller Theological Seminary. As a pastor, he loved to paint word pictures so the congregation could better identify with the sermon’s text, and has carried that love into the writing of this book. The initial idea came from a sermon. The rest was forged in the crucible of his experience.




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1. What's your favorite Bible story? Why is it your favorite?

2. What book did you just finish reading? 

3. What's your favorite T.V. Show? 

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I love many of the stories--Ruth, Esther, Daniel, but I have to choose that of Joseph. It shows how God used a terrible, unjust situation for good. It also deals with forgiveness of a horrible crime against him. I have read that Joseph's story is similar to that of Christ.
I just finished reading The Beloved Christmas Quilt by Wander Brunstetter.

I just finished reading Peach Blossom Rancher. I really enjoyed it.

I actually love the story of Abigail and how God freed her from what must have been a difficult marriage and led her to David. I am still hoping someone will write a biblical fiction around her. ;)

That would be an interesting read.

My favorite TV show is NCIS. I can't believe I'm going to miss the season opener AGAIN this year because of a church business meeting!! I think I've watched the show since it spun off of JAG. 

I just finished reading Daring to Hope by Katie Davis Majors. A wonderfully inspiring book by a young woman whose heart is after God.

Was that an AMAZING book Anne. I was inspired and amazed I've never read anything like it. It makes me want to go back and read her first book Kiss from Katie!

My favorite TV show is still and will always be The Andy Griffith Show. I go to bed and watch it every night before I go to sleep. I've even taught a Bible study at church based on some of the episodes. Good moral lessons to be learned from watching.

My favorite Bible story is David and Goliath. It's such a great example of a true value winning over brute force. 

I just finished Chief of Sinners by Caryl McAdoo

i just finished The Road To Paradise by Karen Barnett. It is a historical book that takes place in Mount Ranier park. It was such a fun story!


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