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ABOUT BOOK: The knowledge of good and evil we inherited from Adam is a dimension of our intellect so innate, so instinctual, so intuitive, so pervasive a way of responding to our everyday circumstances it is virtually impossible to avoid. Even though it is the wellspring of our transgressions, we are apt to overlook its devastating impact and view sin as a life-long list of errant acts, believing we can become better Christians by committing fewer of them.

The purpose of this book is to re-examine how sin came into the world through Adam and how the Lord has redeemed us by His grace through faith from this formidable adversary “crouching at the door”.


ABOUT AUTHOR: Bill Combs is a retired Presbyterian minister, married for 48 years, and has Master of Divinity and Doctor of Ministry degrees from Fuller Theological Seminary. As a pastor, he loved to paint word pictures so the congregation could better identify with the sermon’s text, and has carried that love into the writing of this book. The initial idea came from a sermon. The rest was forged in the crucible of his experience.



 Winter Rose 

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1. Are you in a Book club? If so, for how long? Does your club have a name?

2. If you are part of a book club where and when do you meet?

3. Have you ever been part of a book club online? If so, tell me how that worked? Did you like it?

4. What does your book club like to read the most?

5. If you are not in a book club right now would you like to be? Would you like a face to face club or an online one? Why your choice


If you have any questions please feel free to contact me

Nora St.Laurent

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I am in a few book clubs online. I love the idea that we can chat about the book and never leave Hone. I would love to be in a few more book clubs online because I don’t leave my house much.

I am not in a book club as all of the ones I know of meet at night.  Due to vision issues, I do not drive at night and do not want to bother others to get a ride if they are  not going.  I would be interested in learning more about online book clubs.

I am in Jane Austen online book club, so it's obvious what we discuss there. I love online clubs, because I can talk to other fans from all over the world. 

5. An online club would work for me but they have chats also that'd be great to discuss the book every other chapter or so. I'm a fast reader.

Please enter my name,



I am in two face-to-face book clubs and one online books club.  I enjoy all of them.

I am not in a book club at the moment A number of years ago I was in one (a literature circle) and we read and talked about Christian non-fiction books. I wouldn't mind being in one on-line. Not sure I want to commit to going somewhere at this point in my life.

Question 5. No I am not interested in joining a book club. I like to read what I want, when I want. Please enter me in the giveaway. Thanks

5. I'm not in a book club and I don't know if I'd like to be. I enjoy reading and reviewing books that appeal to me and I'm not sure I'd like reading books that someone else picked for me.

I am in a book club and we meet the 4th Monday night of each month at Sugar Hill Church in Sugar Hill, GA.

I am not in any book clubs but would love an online book club because there is not much that happens around where I live. We have to drive out of the small city for everything including Walmart or anything besides a dollar store.

I'm in an online book club group for Christian fiction readers. Each month we offer book suggestions, then vote on them. The book with the most votes is our selection for the next month. We can make comments or initiate discussions as we are reading the book, so that makes it conveniently interactive. I've enjoyed reading other members' comments.

I would like to start a book club in the church library but with the holidays coming up, it might not be a good time to do it.


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We will be posting videos all the time now, basically going through the entire site. 



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