ABOUT BOOK: The knowledge of good and evil we inherited from Adam is a dimension of our intellect so innate, so instinctual, so intuitive, so pervasive a way of responding to our everyday circumstances it is virtually impossible to avoid. Even though it is the wellspring of our transgressions, we are apt to overlook its devastating impact and view sin as a life-long list of errant acts, believing we can become better Christians by committing fewer of them.

The purpose of this book is to reexamine how sin came into the world through Adam and how the Lord has redeemed us by His grace through faith from this formidable adversary “crouching at the door”.


ABOUT AUTHOR: Bill Combs is a retired Presbyterian minister, married for 48 years, and has Master of Divinity and Doctor of Ministry degrees from Fuller Theological Seminary. As a pastor, he loved to paint word pictures so the congregation could better identify with the sermon’s text, and has carried that love into the writing of this book. The initial idea came from a sermon. The rest was forged in the crucible of his experience. Bill@WilliamCombsAuthor.com.



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1 PB 8 weeks please.

Hi, I would like to read and review your book, papberback. Review posted about 8 weeks after receiving book.

pb 8 weeks please thanks

CONGRATS to the following Please email William Combs bill@williamcombsauthor.com




Message sent to author. Thank you. Look forward to reading and reviewing it.

THANKS for letting me know Deana! Grin!

Thank you so much. Message has been sent to author.

I appreciate you letting me know Deana!

I really enjoyed how the author told the story of Adam and Eve and brought out points that made things clearer . It is one of the Bible stories that most people have heard, but not really broke down into sections that help readers understand the significance of this story. I loved how the author said that instead of looking at what they did wrong " it might more appropriately be viewed as separation or alienation." When we sin do we feel naked? I thought about that question a lot. For me, when I do something that is not of God I do sense a feeling of nakedness. I feel vulnerable and not covered in His protectiveness.

The author goes into depth about other people in the Bible who had gone against God. I loved how he explained the scriptures and gave examples to help readers visualize what the Word is saying. The author does explain that he has taken some liberties in the retelling of some of the stories in the Bible. I found it refreshing to look at a different point of view and understand about where sin came come. So many of us do wrong things and then try to blame someone else for the deed. What would it be like if we owned what we did wrong ? What freedom would it bring?

One of my favorite chapters is when the author talks about anxiety. I have suffered from PTSD for a long time. Anxiety and depression is part of living with PTSD. It can keep you locked away so no one can get close to you. "Anxiety is signal we do not have a solution for a given situation." When the author talked about Christ's peace and that it "remains in our hearts and minds, guarding and protecting us from the worry and anxiety normally accompanying a stressful environment," it reminded me that I'm not alone. We try to solve things on our own instead of calling on Jesus to help us.

I loved that the author included study questions at the end of every chapter. It helps readers go deeper into the Word and reexamine the chapter and apply the questions to our walk with Christ. The book was well written and I found it to be very helpful. I look forward to more books from this very gifted author.

I received a copy of this book from the author and The BookClub Network. The review is my own opinion.

Who Told You That You Were Naked? A Refreshing Reexamination of the Garden of Eden, by William E. Combs. This is a book that contains ten chapters, each chapter is filled with Scripture, insights from the author, personal stories, and study questions for discussion.

I liked how Combs explained about why God put the tree in the middle of the Garden. He could have just as easily not put that temptation in the way. Also, Adam and Eve could have chosen not to eat the forbidden fruit, but God allowed them to choose which path to follow. The one of obedience or the one of sin. Choosing to disobey God created all sorts of feelings that Adam and Eve had never dealt with before…shame, fear, knowledge of good and evil. I think God would have preferred to spare them from these feelings, but it was their choice. Learning faith can be tough.

This book is filled with wisdom and insight from William combs. He explains faith, sin, death, truth, salvation and many other concepts in an easy to read 200 page book. He introduces us to other folks in the Bible that dealt with sin, and how God offered His grace and forgiveness. This book reminds the reader that Jesus and His sacrifice is the reason we have complete forgiveness. This is a great read for the new Christian or the experienced one.

I received this book from The Book Club Network and the author in exchange for my honest review.

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I'm not sure Where to post the review. Seems you would want them all on one page.

This biblical study looks at the sin of Adam and Eve in the Garden and its ramifications for all people. The author connects New Testament passages to help explain his views on the subject. I found his thoughts interesting, but didn’t agree with all his conclusions and found some unscriptural. He begins with fictionalizing the events from the beginning of Genesis, but strays too far from the truth found in God’s Word, in my opinion. One example: I know scholars argue about whether there was death before Sin, but God gave the animals plants for food so they weren’t killing prey in Eden. I did appreciate new thoughts to consider regarding how things might have happened and all the verses he shared in this study. I plan to go over some of it again. I think this would make an engaging book for discussion in a small group. I received this book from Book Fun Club. All opinions are my own.

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