ABOUT BOOK: When the Black Death is coming, what can you do—except wait to die? In the year 1348, as the deadliest of all plagues approaches the community of Rundschau in the Swiss Alps, villagers use their last remaining hours to stage the Passion of Christ.

As their performance turns into prayer, the village becomes a temple. What happens when the whole community reaches out to God?

The miracle of Mysteria—the sacramental and mysterious experience that takes place when people meet God. Heaven IS listening... This story is inspired by the real events that took place in the Bavarian village of Oberammergau. The Passion of Christ has been staged there every decade since 1634, when the village was miraculously spared from the bubonic plague. The next performance is scheduled in 2020


Lori Smanski 

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1. Have you read and/or watch a movie that you just had to tell everyone about? Please share it here!

2. What do you like to do when it snows? Things you look forward to when that happens?

3. What do you like best about technology? What scares you about it?

4. Have you read any books and/or heard about an unforgettable situation that encouraged you? Do tell! (This novel speaks about an incredible courage a community faced and how they set about putting on a passion play as everyone was dying around them. It's a must read)

5. What words do you live by?

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When it snows I like to stay inside and be warm...Give me a book, a quilt, and a cup of tea and I'm all set. It is beautiful to see the white covering the drab of winter, though.

I love to watch it snow! Everything slows down. I love to get in the kitchen and make a big pot of soup and biscuits!

Thankfully we moved to an area where we don't often get snow so can just enjoy a quiet day at home. Previously we were in central NY so a day without snow was unusual and we just had to bundle up and get on with whatever activity we had planned for the day. 

What I like best about technology is that it makes life easier.  I no longer have to carry two or more books with me because I have hundreds on my Kindle.  I can connect with people online and looks up information quickly.  I can purchase needed items without leaving my house (love this).  

I am one of the few people who likes to shovel snow.  I enjoy going out, especially when the neighbors aren't making noise with their snow blowers, and listen to the falling flakes as I shovel.  It's peaceful when I shovel, it's beautiful too with everything covered in white.  I enjoy the "snowball" fight with the oak tree over our driveway as it drops snow on me sometimes, and sometimes the squirrels knock the snow off the branches onto me also.

1. Have you read and/or watch a movie that you just had to tell everyone about? Please share it here!

My favorite book series is "The Sword of Lyric" series by Sharon Hinck (starting with "The Restorer").

I've told several people about it. One of my daughters finished the four books in record time!

2. In my part of Texas, we don't get much snow. My favorite Winter activity is reading.

3. Technology is wonderful if used to stay connected with family and friends and also medical advancement. There are many dangers to technology such as cyber bullies, hacking personal information and so on.

2. I love to read when it snows but I also like to cook. A snowstorm inspires me to bake and cook!

1. movie - The Prayer Room

    movie - God is Not Dead

2. sew/quilt

3. That I can instantly get a hold of loved ones/friends

     Where it is taking young minds that are so impressionable

5. Be kind to everyone, I don't know there back story

Some of the new technology scares me in that I’m always hearing about people having their identities stolen or their bank accounts hacked into. Nothing seems to be private anymore. The beginning of the end?

I think snow is beautiful when I can stay inside and don't have to go out in it! I love to sit by the fireplace and read a good book while I'm wrapped up in a cozy blanket. I used to ski and skate, but my body won't cooperate anymore. We've had a lot of snow this winter, and the mountains surrounding our beautiful valley look so gorgeous!

We've been buried in snow this week. I love the beauty of it and now it quiets the world.


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