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ABOUT BOOK: When the Black Death is coming, what can you do—except wait to die? In the year 1348, as the deadliest of all plagues approaches the community of Rundschau in the Swiss Alps, villagers use their last remaining hours to stage the Passion of Christ. As their performance turns into prayer, the village becomes a temple. What happens when the whole community reaches out to God? The miracle of Mysteria—the sacramental and mysterious experience that takes place when people meet God. Heaven IS listening... This story is inspired by the real events that took place in the Bavarian village of Oberammergau. The Passion of Christ has been staged there every decade since 1634, when the village was miraculously spared from the bubonic plague. The next performance is scheduled in 2020.




1. You are shipwrecked on an uninhabited tropical island with a group of Christians – all friends and relatives of yours. You all have to work as a team to survive. Many roles have to be filled. Which role do you think you’d play? 

2. A friend of yours has a time machine and they will let you use if for a while. Where would you go and what would you do?

 3. If you could be any super hero for 48 hours Which would you be and why? (You are the creator here. You can mix and match powers if you’d like)

4. If you could meet any US President, who would you meet? Why?


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Hi, Deana, if I was in your team, I would be really relieved that someone else has taken up the burden of leadership. It is such a burden even when it's just coordinating willing teammates; and if you have to soothe bruised egos, resolve and, sometimes, initiate conflicts... Tough job! I have always avoided the leadership positions, taking them only when there was no one else to step up, like with publishing this book. 

2. A friend of yours has a time machine and they will let you use if for a while. Where would you go and what would you do?

I would actually like to use it repeatedly. However, my first stop would be to a time and place that has an active apothecary. I'd like to look at their gardens, learn how they prepare their medicines, and wear time piece clothing. :)

1) it would depend on the other people's abilities and personalities. I'd assume a role, that would benefit the group. I can be a leader, but I can be a follower as well..

2) If I had the time machine, I'd love to prevent the World War I and II.

3) I always liked Superman, because he is such a positive figure helping others out of the goodness of his heart.

I think that if we prevented WWI, then WWII just wouldn't happen. There would be no Communist revolution of 1917, no Stalin regime, no Gulags, no extermination of the best Russian priests, who nevertheless managed to make those Gulags into a new Golgotha. I have read the stories of some of the survivors of those terrible camps and they told stories of unimaginable holiness, telling that "the brightest light is seen from the deepest well", and "the night is darkest right before the dawn", but that the light to which this cross would take them was so worth it. I was always terrified at the thought of "pick up your cross and follow me". It takes a literal cross to make one's heart good and make us into Superman, doesn't it?

Yes, you are absolutely right. I lived through Communism and I had seen a lot of things which would be difficult to believe for Americans. 

Aha! I thought I recognized an Eastern European last name, just didn't know if it was personal or through marriage. In the very likely event that you speak Russian you may read the novel for free in its wonderful and much expanded Russian version: The English translation is condensed and heavily edited, albeit by a great editor (Thomas Womack, 2+ million books in print!)

Ooohhh, that would be so cool!

I think I just took a trip on a time machine about three months ago. Costumes, people speaking Shakespearean English, apothecaries... oh wait, wait, it was Renaissance Fair! :)

I was always amazed at the courage of the apothecaries and doctors of the Middle Ages who were so under-equipped yet valiantly faced epidemics like Black Death of 1348 just with the prayer and whatever little knowledge they possessed. 

2. I would want to go see Jesus while he was on earth working miracles and teaching.

The book sounds interesting too.

Me too! I would also love to meet apostles! Who were they, the followers of The Master? Was Andrew a quiet leader who managed to get along great with his eloquent brother Peter (such a rarity among brothers)? How did Master tame the "Sons of Thunder" James and John? I would like to see how Matthew the Tax Collector changed from being who he was to just going about the business of God. And I would like to see how the perfectly balanced Man looks like. Because I cannot imagine rugged, tough, practical and down-to-earth fishermen following anyone less amazing than a Perfect Man. I would also like to know what did it feel like before the Holy Ghost descended upon Earth? I think we take this presence of The Consoler for granted, but it looks like he was not there before, right? What a journey this could be!

4. I would love to have a chance to meet Ronald Reagan. I love the things that he stood for and the way that he ran the country.

Coming from another side of the Iron Curtain it took me a while to understand why people called him "The Great Communicator". And then I was working on a music clip for a song of our band (based on Kipling's "If" - "If you can keep your head when all about you..."). And I encountered upon his second inauguration address and was blown away by him! I just had to use his words! There were three interludes in the song, and we used Kennedy's speech about flying to the moon, Reagan's words about everyday heroes and Steve Job's words about not living somebody else's life (Stanford University commencement speech). It is that YouTube link up-top. Check it out!


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