NASB Side-Column Reference Wide Margin Bible (6.5 x 9.25) Foundation Publications, Inc.

With an one inch outside margin and over 95,000 cross-references you can enhance your daily reading and study. This Bible features a single column of Bible text making reading smooth and steady.

Now with a 1" outside margin. Features: Concordance, Maps, Full Column Cross References, Wide Margin, Presentation Page, Verse Format, 

Black Letter, Single Column Text Trim Size of Paper: 6 1/2 x 9 1/4 x 1 3/8

Font Point Size: 11


1. If you had the chance to purchase any bible you wished no matter the price which would you choose and why?

2. Which do you prefer reading the bible on your electronic devise or from a book? Why?

3. Which translation (s) do you prefer to read? Why?

4. How old where you when you received your first bible?

5. Do you write in your bible? If so what do you use? If not, why not?


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Definitely prefer to read from a book. There is something special about the blessing of being able to hold the word of God in my hands. 

 I love reading a paperback/hardback Bible, I don't like reading the electronic device; however, I'm grateful we have that option for when I write blogs, Bible studies, etc. because it's convenient to look things up that way.

However, I love a good old fashioned study Bible.  I love sitting quietly for my devotions and holding God's Word in my hand.  The chance to win a Bible here would be fantastic!  

Thank you for this opportunity and the chance to win the quilt.

IN Him,

Cheri Swalwell :)

#5. I like to write in margins to help me remember what was preached about on that verse. It is helpful to review over time. I consider it to be like a textbook. I think it will be a cherished hand down over time.
I choose a New American Standard version to read for a number of reasons. Although I sometimes read other versions for further understanding, almost all of the verses I have memorized are from the NASB. Reading it regularly helps me refresh my memory and recall verses that I can meditate on. My current NASB is the one that my husband gave me the year we got engaged, and was the one I used during my studies at Bible College. I have many notes in the margins and I still like to reflect on when and where I gained particular insights. I hope that my Bible will bless my children or grandchildren some day in the future in the same way I've been blessed by having the opportunity to read the Bibles carried by my parents and grandparents.

#2. I prefer the actual Bible over the electronic device because it's easier on my eyes. I also like the convenience of having multiple bookmarks that I can easily flip between. I do use the electronic version sometimes because it's on my phone and there is zero effort in finding scriptures. There are pros and cons to both. It's awesome that we have a choice, isn't it?

I received my first Bible that was my own at 12 years old, shortly before I accepted Jesus as my Savior.  The family that led me to Christ had given it to me.  

I absolutely do write in my Bible!  I write quotes, sermon notes, thoughts I have during quiet times, lessons learned, and even an occaasional picture to help me remember.   I an thankful for the notes scattered throughout my Bible that encourage me and remind me. 

Bible and quilt, please

2. Which do you prefer reading the Bible on your electronic devise or from a book? Why?

My "older" eyes prefer an electronic device, where I can adjust the font size. I still love to hold a "real" Bible in my hands and flip through it, but a copy with a font size as large as I typically use on my Kindle eReader would be quite large. I also prefer my Kindle because I have several translations installed on it and I can easily compare a scripture text in different versions.

I was probably about 6 or 7 when I received my first Bible. I do write in my Bibles and just use a pen (or whatever is at hand!) I love reading the notes my mom left in her Bible. Maybe my kids will too.

4. My parents weren’t Christians when I was growing up. At age 7 I spent a month in the hospital with acute nephritis which almost did me in. While there my uncle brought me a white Bible that I still have today. He recently passed away.

I won this beautiful Bible last month, thank you, but please enter me for the quilt.

1. I would choose a large print KJV Bible with side margins because i like the larger print and I like taking notes on the side :)

(pls don't enter me for the Bible, just the quilt, thanks! :)


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