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1. What aspects about your bible do you like?

2. When did you receive and/or buy your first bible? 

3. What are your favorite translations? Why is it your favorite?




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I came to saving faith when I was 26 years old. At that time, I bought an NIV Life Application from Walmart. I relied heavily on those notes when I first began to read the Bible for myself. I'm 40 now and that old Bible is well worn and still on my shelves, replaced by a journaling bible I use for my daily reading with my daughter. I like the margins because I use them to record notes and things we discuss from year to year.

In October, I moved to a Reformed church. The pastor preaches exclusively from the NASB translation and I've been shopping for one of my own. 

I received my first Bible in 1977. It is the NIV Bible.

I have a parallel Bible and really likes being able to look back and forth between two translations.

What I like about my Bible is that it is a study Bible with a lot of references. Please enter me in the drawing.


I received my first bible when I was confirmed.  It was the King James translation.  Now I have many translations.  I love to read and compare the different translations. 

Thank you for entering me in this drawing!

I was born into a Christian family so I’m sure my first Bible was given to me as a child. For study purposes I like the NIV or the NASB. for just reading, sometimes I like The Living Bible or The Message. 

3. What are your favorite translations? Why is it your favorite?

I grew up using the King James translation, and I still consider it to be my favorite. My second favorite is the NASB, which I used in most of my college years and still use from time to time. I like both of these translations as they tend to be literal translations. For a similar reason, I also like the NKJV, the ESV, and even the old ASV.

#3  Favorite translation. . .I change between several.  ESV, The Message, and NASB.  The NASB is one I enjoy.  I have not read it in awhile. . I had an old paperback copy someone gave me.  I find it a refreshing translation. 

Thanks for the chance,


My favorite translation is the NASB. I have one that is almost in tatters. It's also highlighted, written in, and very well-loved.

I received my first Bible in my early 30's from a friend. It was the version the 700 Club was advocating at the time. I now use the NIV.

2. I was 7 yrs old and in the hospital for almost a month with a near fatal disease. One of my dearest uncles brought me a white Bible. That was my very first one. I’m 63 yrs old and still have it today, I’ll always treasure it.




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