I had the honor of meeting this special young lady at a conference a few years back.

At the time she was promoting her book In the Field of Grace. 

The biblical insight into these stories is astounding. For example I was deeply moved and astounded by her book The Land of Silence.

This book gives you an up-close and very personal look at the woman with the issue of blood. Tessa explains in the beginning about her research. Little is know about this women but much is known about how they handled issues of blood (women's issues) Grin!

This woman is a brilliant storyteller and has a way of  masterfully weaving biblical truths in these stories in a non-preachy way. But one that has you walk in these characters shoes. It's profound.

I'm excited to set up this page for Tessa as she gets ready to release a new novel about Priscilla and Aquilla. In March of 2020.

We will have drawings here and more information about how to be part of Tessa's Street team for her new novel.

I'm excited to be part of the birthing process of her next book. I know you will be too!

Nora :o



1. Have you read any of Tessa's books? If so, which ones?

2. If you've read more than one of Tessa's books; tell me which one was your favorite. Why?

3. Have any of you been part of a street team before? If so, what was required of you?

THANKS for helping TBCN The Book Fun Place To Be

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at nora@bookfunmagazine.com

Nora :o)

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We have Tessa's books in our Church Library.

The book I enjoyed the most was, "Pearl in the Sand".

Thanks for entering me in your giveaway.

I'd love to be on the review team for Daughter of Rome!

Yes, I have read all of Tessa's books and LOVE them. I’ve read all but Land of Silence really made me think of all those people in the Bible who weren't just stories but real people. Tessa makes me feel apart of the story. My other favorite is pearl in the sand I just connected with rahab.
I have been on a couple of street teams I was expected to post a review and my favorite quote.

I was on your street team for Thief of Corinth and would love to be on this street team. Thank you!

I've read all of Tessa's novels and loved each one. Thief of Corinth is my favorite. And yes, I've been apart of several street teams (including Thief of Corinth), promoting on my social media accounts and leaving reviews. I'm super excited about this coming novel!

I love Tessa’s books! I’ve read Land of Silence and Thief of Corinth. I loved both, but Land of Silence touched me deeply, I think it would be number one, but I loved both.

I’ve been on various launch teams. This year I was in Jill Eileen Smith, Connilyn Cossette, Karen Witemeyer, Jody Hedlund, Carolyn Miller, Becky Wade, Jocelyn Green, Tara Johnson and Jaime Jo Wright.

I post my reviews on numerous sites: Amazon, Goodreads, Bookbub, B&N, Christianbooks, NetGalley, Kobo, etc.

Then I post on christian Facebook groups like Avid Readers of Christian Fiction, The Bookshelf, Christian Historical Fiction, etc. I like to do memes with quotes to post and try to comment on every post I see referring the book!

I’d love to be on this team!

I have not read one of your books yet.  I have had the privilege of being on several launch team's.  I blog about the book, spread the word about book, author and launch date. I would love to be part of your team. I love Christian historical fiction, especially during bible time. 

I've read all of Tessa's books (except the new one coming out, of course) and Land of Silence was my favorite! I've been on several street teams. Usually I'm asked to do a review, request the book at the library, mention it to reader friends, share on social media, etc. I have enjoyed it in the past and would be open to being on Tessa's team, depending on what the time frame is.  ;)

I've been on a few of Tessa's street teams - The Land of Silence, Bread of Angels, and Thief of Corinth. Hard to say which was my favourite, as I enjoyed them all for different reasons.

I'm on lots of street teams, and they all vary a little in what is required. Reviewing the book is fairly standard, providing graphics or giving specific posts to share is another common feature.

Would love to help Tessa promote Daughter of Rome. :-)

Hi! Am Ebos from Nigeria. Yes, I have read two of her books; Land of Silence and In The Field of Grace. In the field of grace was my favourite. 


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