I had the honor of meeting this special young lady at a conference a few years back.

At the time she was promoting her book In the Field of Grace. 

The biblical insight into these stories is astounding. For example I was deeply moved and astounded by her book The Land of Silence.

This book gives you an up-close and very personal look at the woman with the issue of blood. Tessa explains in the beginning about her research. Little is know about this women but much is known about how they handled issues of blood (women's issues) Grin!

This woman is a brilliant storyteller and has a way of  masterfully weaving biblical truths in these stories in a non-preachy way. But one that has you walk in these characters shoes. It's profound.

I'm excited to set up this page for Tessa as she gets ready to release a new novel about Priscilla and Aquilla. In February of 2020.

We will have drawings here and more information about how to be part of Tessa's Street team for her new novel.

I'm excited to be part of the birthing process of her next book. I know you will be too!

Nora :o



1. Have you read any of Tessa's books? If so, which ones?

2. If you've read more than one of Tessa's books; tell me which one was your favorite. Why?

3. Have any of you been part of a street team before? If so, what was required of you?

THANKS for helping TBCN The Book Fun Place To Be

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at nora@bookfunmagazine.com

Nora :o)

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Question 1: I have read many of Tessa's books and intend to read all of them.  So far, I have read Pearl in the Sand, Harvest of Rubies, Harvest of Gold, In the Field of Grace, and Thief of Corinth and have absolutely loved every book. Land of Silence and Bread of Angels are on my must-read list.
Question 2: If I have to pick one of her books as my favorite so far, I guess I will say Thief of Corinth, perhaps because of the exciting, action-packed storyline. I also loved how she brought the Apostle Paul into this story, as I have always found him fascinating.
Question 3: I was on the street team for Thief of Corinth and have also been on the the teams for many books by Mesu Andrews, Jill Eileen Smith, and Connilyn Cossette.  For these teams, I have shared numerous teasers and graphics on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest) to help promote the releases. I have also written reviews for these books and have shared them on Amazon and Goodreads, along with other sites like Books-a-Million, Barnes & Noble, NetGalley, Book Bub, and Christian Book Distributors.  In addition, I have talked them the books up one-on-one with my friends from Bible study, family, neighbors, and others and have given out bookmarks and requested that the books be acquired by our local library.

Has the launch team been chosen?  Just wondered since I have not heard anything.

I'v e read several of Tessa's books, but it's difficult to pick a favorite, they're all so good! Land of Silence is ONE of my favorites. :) 

I have not read any of her novels, but I have always wanted to because of her reputation for excellence.

I am currently part of the launch team for Max Lucado's new book, How Happiness Happens. We have been given the first five ebook ARC chapters to get us moving along and posting reviews before the book release.

#3 To read and review the ARC books. I'm on Mark Batterson's street team. 

I have been on numerous launch, getting the word out online and by mouth. I post reviews on various sites including Facebook. I met Tessa, heard her speak, and took her class at the OCW conference a couple years ago.

I have read Pearl in the sand and Harvest of Rubies.  I liked Pearl in the sand the best as we discussed that in our ladies bookclub.  I have been in several launch teams including Lynn Austin's Where we belong, Legacy of Mercy,  Elizabeth Camden's A Daring Venture and A Desperate Hope, and Carrie Turansky's Across the Blue.  They are such fun to help promote their books.  Currently I am in Elizabeth Camden's launch group for The Spice King

Yes, I have read several of your books and passed them on to my local community library.

Yes, I have read Tessa's books and LOVE them!  Got my bookclub to read Land of Silence which I loved!  Also loved Thief of Corinth!  (Ok, I haven't read one I didn't like!).  I liked Thief because of all the excitement and gymnastics but Land of Silence really made me think of all those people in the Bible who weren't just stories but real people.  Tessa makes them alive again. 

I've been on several street teams,  and each is a little different.

1. yes, Harvest of Rubies, Pearls in the Sand and In The Field Of Grace.

2. Pearls in the Sand. I liked the way the story flowed. I like the characters.

3. No. I have not.

We have Tessa's books in our Church Library.

The book I enjoyed the most was, "Pearl in the Sand".

Thanks for entering me in your giveaway.

I'd love to be on the review team for Daughter of Rome!


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