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BOOK BLURB: Rekindled is a historical fiction about how Roger Williams becomes the original architect of the separation of church and state. He must survive the men that intend to silence him in order to engineer anddemonstrate a new society structure that will protect people voicing ideas and heartfelt convictions while keeping civil peace. If he fails, the tragedy of needless loss of life and livelihood will continue unabated on both sides of the Atlantic. Roger Williams obtained the first charter for the colony of Rhode Island in 1644, as an explicit experiment in the separation of church and state. Rekindled is also a historical fiction about Miantonomoh, an Algonquian prince from the elite line called the Steward rulers. He must prove himself a competent general, diplomat, and family man to lead the Narragansett and other Algonquian. If none like Miantonomoh succeeds cruel English puppet prince Uncas will rule but rapidly lose followers.

ABOUT AUTHOR: Teresa Irizarry is the author of Rekindled, a 17th century historical fiction. Her skills in writing and technical trouble isolation were gained in a corporate research setting. She learned how to deal with cold, snow and ice to race in the Iditasport, a 100 mile race in winter Alaska that she finished in the cycling division in 1999. She learned related history from her mother's genealogical research, pastors that taught church history at the college level in the Catholic and Baptist traditions, as well as from her own reading. Teresa currently resides in Arizona, though she was born in Texas and has also lived in New Jersey, Utah, Kansas and New Mexico. She enjoys visiting her kids, now grown, and other travel along with reading and writing.


1. This book is set in Rhode Island in 1644. How many of you have been to Rhode Island? If you have been; what stood out to you on your visit?

2. This book features Roger Williams who established the first colony in Rhode Island in 1644. He wanted to protect people voicing their ideas and heartfelt convictions while maintaining peace in the colony. He wanted to create a new society that had separation of church and state. What does the term "Separation of Church and State" mean to you?

3. Have any of you been to Plymouth Rock? If so, what impressed you while you where there? What surprised you?

Amazon Link https://www.amazon.com/Rekindled-Teresa-Irizarry-ebook/dp/B0794KTC3...

LINK TO BOOK TRAILER https://youtu.be/tqdGXK-6L-U 


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Hi,    I was in Rhode Island, many years ago!

it was during the time of The Great Gatby film,

being shown, at theaters... It was such a lovely

state!  We went to Newport, to see the home, that

The Great Gatsby was filmed at... I will never forgot

that trip.

Thanks,  Cindi

Hi. Have been to RI and to Plymouth Rock. What stands out about RI is how you can get from one end of the state to the opposite end of the state in about an hour. It has some of the most impressive history as you mentioned, as well as the most beautiful mansions in Newport.

#3. I have been to Plymouth Rock about 30 years ago. What I remember most, is the size, it was quite a bit smaller than I expected. I would like to go back again. Please enter me in the drawing for the audiobook. Thank you.

1. live in RI and one thing we have visited besides RW (roger williams zoo, there is a park here and other not well known areas. Pulprit Rock on Prudence Island is where Roger stood on the rock to look up west passage of Narragansett Bay to watch out for enemies approaching.  Island maintains the path.

Thanks for the chance to read this, Julie

I have been to Rhode Island. I remember the big bug sculpture. I think it was an advertisement for an exterminator.  lol

And as far as Plymouth Rock, I was surprised by the actual size. I always envisioned this large bolder, when in reality it was very small. 

Thanks for the chance to win.  This book sounds so good!

I have never been farther east than Michigan. Would love to visit East Coast some day.

I have never been to Rhode Island or Plymouth Rock that I can remember, but I would like to some day.  To me, separation of church and state means that there is freedom of religion and there is not one that is required by the government as it was in England.


THANKS to everyone for commenting and being part of this group.

I have sent your contact information to the author

We have lots more book fun ahead!

Rekindled by Teresa Irizarry is a detailed historical fiction account of the beginnings of the concept of separation of church and state that ultimately became a principle held forth in the United States Constitution. As such, this book would be a good resource for U. S. history buffs. The book revolves around the main character of Roger Williams, a Puritan minister and founder of Providence, Rhode Island, but has a number of historical figures in the story as well. It took me a little while to really get into the book as it seems like the first part of the book is more a historical listing of facts rather than a story and it often seemed a little 'choppy' to listen to. The book is replete with historical accounts of the religious, political, and social issues of this time period (the 17th century) giving interest to the book. These accounts include relationships with the native Americans in the Northeast, women's roles, and the lack of religious freedom in these early years of the American colonies. At the end of the book were several appendices, one giving a listing and a bit of information of the characters included in the book which was helpful in clarifying who the many characters were and their relationship to the story.
I won a copy of the audiobook through The Book Club Network and was not required to write a review. The opinions are my own.


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