GAME BLURB: These unique board games are designed to be both exciting and educational. They are not knowledge based. They are not the boring roll a die, take a turn, and then answer a question type of game. Rather, these Biblically based board games are both intense and interactive. They are thoroughly researched and team play-tested. As such, they have a high degree of replayability. Enjoy a fun and quick paced experience.


BOOK BLURB: Rekindled is a historical fiction about how Roger Williams becomes the original architect of the separation of church and state. He must survive the men that intend to silence him in order to engineer anddemonstrate a new society structure that will protect people voicing ideas and heartfelt convictions while keeping civil peace. If he fails, the tragedy of needless loss of life and livelihood will continue unabated on both sides of the Atlantic. Roger Williams obtained the first charter for the colony of Rhode Island in 1644, as an explicit experiment in the separation of church and state. Rekindled is also a historical fiction about Miantonomoh, an Algonquian prince from the elite line called the Steward rulers. He must prove himself a competent general, diplomat, and family man to lead the Narragansett and other Algonquian. If none like Miantonomoh succeeds cruel English puppet prince Uncas will rule but rapidly lose followers.

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1. If you could have witnessed and/or met someone famous in their childhood, who would it be? Why?

2. If you could find the personal diary of one person from history, whose would you want to find? Why?

3. If you could have a copy of The New York Times from any single day in history, which day would it be? Why?

4. If you could have a dinner party and invite anyone from history (present and past) who would you pick and what would you do?


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I would love to read the personal diary of Harriet Tubman. She must have had quite the stories to tell. 

 I think I would choose either Abraham or Daniel from the Bible. Or maybe Joseph.  Picking one person would be really hard. I admire those men in the Bible and would love to learn from them, hear it out of their mouths about how God chose them, used them, and how they worked through their doubts about the plan and timing (okay, maybe that's more Abraham - not sure if Joseph or Daniel ever doubted).  

Thank you for this opportunity to win a boardgame and a chance at the quilt.  Blessings to you!

in Him,

Cheri Swalwell :)

I would invite Rosa Parks to dinner. I would love to talk to her about the day she stayed on the bus and changed history. She is a hero to be because she had no fear and stood up to those who judge and discriminate.

#2. I would love to read the diary of Mary, mother of Jesus. How was the childhood of Jesus different from his siblings? Did she experience the same birthing pains with him as with her other children? What miracles are not recorded in the Bible that she saw and maybe even kept to herself? I think it would be a wonderful treasure to have.

Please also add my name to the drawing for the quilt. 

It is so hard to pick just one person or event in history.   One of my Bible heroes is Abigail.  I would love to read her journal.  I think there is probably a lot more to her story and her marriage to Nabal than we know from the Bible.  And I would love to read about that and her thoughts on her new life with David.

Game and quilt

1. If you could have witnessed and/or met someone famous in their childhood, who would it be? Why?

I think it would be amazing to be able to witness the life of Jesus as a child. So little is mentioned in the Bible about His childhood. We know that He was obedient to His parents, that He did not sin, and that He "increased in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man". However, it would be so interesting and insightful to witness the interaction between Him and His parents and his half-brothers and sisters as He was growing up.

I would agree with Becky on whose diary I'd like to find. Reading about Mary's reaction to her son, Jesus would be a treat. Reminds me of the song, Mary Did You Know, and how she kissed the face of God... And as to the NYTimes about Jan 28, 1950--just because that is my birthdate!

would love to learn more about aaron henderdez from the new england patriots as i've read his final days and of his trial from his lawyers side. he didn't have to give up his life for others-they can use his medical findings to help others now afflicted with head trauma.

The New York Times on the day President Kennedy was killed. I saved the newspaper from my hometown on that day but years later in a cleaning frenzy I threw it away regrettably.

Please enter me for the quilt and game


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