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ABOUT AUTHOR: Harry Kraus, M.D.
is a board-certified surgeon, medical missionary to East Africa, and accomplished writer of both non-fiction and fiction. Medical realism and gripping plotlines distinguish his writing, as he gets most of his ideas with a scalpel in hand. Dr. Kraus resides in Kenya with his wife Kris and the youngest of his three sons.

ABOUT BOOK:When a brilliant surgeon undergoes a heart transplant, her life transforms as she begins experiencing memories of a murder she never witnessed.

The residents worship her. Nurses step out of her way. Her colleagues respect and sometimes even fear her. But surgeon Tori Taylor never expected to end up on this side of the operating table.

Now she has a new heart. This life that was formerly controlled and predictable is now chaotic. Dr. Taylor had famously protected herself from love or commitment, but her walls are beginning to crumble.

And strangest of all, memories surface that will take her on a journey out of the operating room and into a murder investigation.

Where there once was a heart of stone, there is a heart of flesh. And there is no going back.




1. Have you read any of Harry Kraus's books before? If so, which one affected you the most? 


2. New to Harry Kraus's books? What fascinates you and/or you find interesting about the cover? Topic?


3. Harry Kraus is a surgeon who lives with his family in Africa and works under less than favorable conditions he weaves his medical experience into the books he writes, it's fascinating. My questions to you are


a. What do you look forward to when you read a book like this? What do you hope to take away from this story? What do you hope to experience?


b. Have any of you been to Africa? If so, what surprised you? How did God touch you there?


c. Have any of you desired to go to Africa? If so why?



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When I was growing up my cousins were missionaries to Africa, and I always wanted to go there to see all the things they told us about.  I have never got there, but my son will be going on his 2nd trip in a few weeks,  and he is a great photographer, so I feel I am right there.  He even got to white water raft down the Nile River!!

I have wanted to go to Africa, but have never been there.  I would love to go see all the animals there in their natural habitats!

2. New to Harry Kraus's books? What fascinates you and/or you find interesting about the cover? Topic?


I especially like books with a medical theme weaved in to them and to add murder mystery with GOD, all the better!  I can already feel that I will not bea ble to put this book down and then will have to buy everythig he has written.  I am so excited to get started.  I firmly believe God is calling me to Afirca some day-just waiting for everything to align.  I read so many books with that setting to be prepared.

We have his books in the church library.  All of his books are hard to put down once you start reading them.

I have never gone to Africa but I know several people from my church who have.

Thanks for the opportunity to enter the book contest.

Janet Estridge.

I haven't read any of his books but I like medical mystery and this sounds like a great one and it has Christian valves which makes it even better

I spent six weeks in Nigeria.  Even though they're some of the poorest, they're so happy and willing to help anyone in need.  No need for government to help with programs.  If a need is known, it's addressed and people step forward.  Also, their greeting is "You're welcome".  Usually, I hear that after someone says thank you.  This is their way of saying "you're welcome in this place".


2. I have never read any of his books, but this book does sound interesting to me! I have always wondered how a person who got a heart transplant would feel afterwards: would he or she still like the same things, or would interests change? It is commonly said that you love with all your heart, and that brings another question to mind: do those who get heart transplants love people they have never even met before? I do know that our heart has muscle memory, so I wonder if that is what causes the feelings. I would love to read this book to view a different perspective on the subject!

Harry Kraus is a new author for me.  I'm really looking forward to reading this book because it sounds unique and different from a lot of stuff I've read and it's piqued my interest.  I have never been to Africa but my husband went to help build a church and it changed his life.  I should say the people he met and became close to and the children changed his life forever.  

When reading a book for pleasure, I look forward to being taken somewhere I've never been, experiencing and learning new things and being pulled into a great story.  Character development is really important for me to get involved in a book.  There are so many thing I take from a story, but things that stick with me long after are the characters and how they interact with one another  when they do acts of selflessness, kindness and generosity that have long reaching effects afterward.  That's the first thing that comes to mind although there's got to be a lot more.  I hate to admit that I have always been a little afraid to go to Africa myself....

2. I am new to his books. The cover for this is great. I find the woman looking you in the eye with a medical mask SO interesting. You can definitely tell there is a story here with depth....she just has that look about her.

The plot of the book is fascinating to me. It is a new concept to me to consider how transplanted organs might influence the recipient in some unanticipated way. The cover layout is quite striking. I like the color scheme with the eyes almost the same color as the surgeon's cap. That is subtle yet pleasing, a detail that adds to the interest.

I have heard a medical person speak of going on a short term missions trip to Africa and how difficult it was because of lack of working equipment and primitive conditions. I think it was told that mothers could not get their children from the hospital if they could not pay the bill. It was a tragic situation for all.

It would be great to win this book. What an interesting plot. I want to know what happens whether I win or lose! But I hope I win :-).


Blessings, Janice

I've heard of this book recently. The idea of her new heart giving her memories is fascinating.  My favorite part about the cover is the contrast to the couple at top & the flames & numbers on the bottom. It makes me even more curious about the mystery.

I would like to go to Africa with people who have been missionaries there.


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