ABOUT AUTHOR: Over the past 25 years Robin has written 70 books with over 4 million copies sold.
She started writing for teens when the girls in her church youth group challenged her to write stories for them. It took 2 years and 10 rejections before the first Christy Miller novel was published in 1988. Since then the tales of these Forever Friends have continued. The Christy Miller series was followed by the Sierra Jensen series, Christy and Todd the College Years and the Katie Weldon series.
As Robin's readers grew older they asked for more stories about characters their age. The 8 book Glenbrooke series was launched followed by the Sisterchicks(R) series and a variety of standalone destination novels including "Under a Maui Moon" and "Canary Island Song".
Join Robin Jones Gunn on her facebook public figure page where she frequently posts updates on her latest travel or writing adventure.


A daughter’s gift of time, a father’s silent wish.

Erin Bryce and her best friend, Sharlene, count the day they start their wedding planning business as a very happy day. So much so that they name their company The Happiest Day to reflect the fulfillment of their long-held dream as well as their clients’ longing for a wedding celebration to match the exhilaration of being in love. As a bonus, the two women utilize their business to help Erin’s son Jordan and his fiancée, Sierra, plan a grand wedding.

But the two friends aren’t prepared for the cloud moving in to cover the sunny, successful start of their business. Erin’s father, who lives in a small coastal Oregon community with his brusque, downright odd second wife, Delores, develops a medical problem that puts him in the hospital. Erin responds by rushing from Southern California to her father’s—and oh, yeah, Delores’s—cottage by the sea.

What greets Erin when she arrives sends her tumbling down a bewildering path to a different kind of happiest day. Her journey tosses her through highs and lows of hurt and healing, betrayal and renewal, wrong assumptions righted, and the brightest future one could ever hope for. All just around the corner, at the cottage by the sea.



1.    In recent years have you been able to pursue a dream the way Erin and Sharlene did when they started their new business? If not, what dreams have not yet been pursued and what would it take for you to take the first step?

2.    Have you been a caregiver for an ill or elderly person? Did you find the experience to be different than you expected? Know of anyone that was caregiving for someone and you became aware of things you didn't know was involved or could happen in a caregiving situation?


I had to add a question here Robin - I hope you don't mind. But I'm a fan of your Sisterchick series. I've read several had fun and learned a lot too! Love that!

3. Having said all that I wondered if anyone else has read the Sisterchick books??? If so which ones did you enjoy the most and why? For that matter which of Robin Jones Gunn's books touched your heart and made you tell someone else to read it?



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2) Yes, I was caregiver to my late f.i.l. from my first marriage. I was very young when this happened, very inexperienced, and had no idea what was in store. It was one of the hardest experiences of my life watching someone suffer knowing there wasn't a whole lot I could do for him other than to keep him as comfortable as humanly possible with the aid of the wonderful hospice ladies that came in to help with his care.

I can't imagine how difficult that position would be when you're so young. The people who do hospice ministry are uniquely gifted, aren't they? We don't all have the same gifting and their gifting is quite wonderful.

Aloha, Robin

For 20 years my husband pastored and then the Lord called us into missions.  I don't know that it was a dream but it was a dream come true for my husband and I found out that I could do all things through Jesus Christ who strengthens me (Phil. 4:13)!  In our early married life we owed a million dollars because of our daughters premature birth and 7 months in the hospital, then her death.  But my husbands former employer came up who worked for an oil company asked about our bills and when the 2 oil companies merged that he was in charge of - he made sure the money was there to pay it all.  I've seen so many miracles through the years including us getting out of debt from normal life that I knew God would take care of us in the jungles, wading through rivers & having a rat climb over our bedroom wall (2 nights ago).  We haven't had 'real' jobs for 8 years but the Lord allows us to continue on sharing in other countries.  So God's calling became my husbands dream which became my dream!

What an encouraging story, Melody!  Our Heavenly Father supplies ALL our needs, doesn't He?  Praise God for His goodness to us!

I'm not quite sure how to comment on the rat, though. Ewww!



Caregiving can be tough on anyone, because it is always harder than it looks. Not only are you dealing with the physical aspects, but also the emotional ones as well...for both you and the person that your caregiving for.

I agree, Dena. You sound like you're speaking for experience. May the Lord bless you for all the ways that you have given to others in need.

Aloha, Robin

Nora, I absolutely LOVE the Sisterchick series.  I have not read them all and have a couple on my shelf to read.  I don't have a favorite because they are all so good.  I read the Sombreros/Mexico, Down Under, and Do the Hula/Hawaii one.  Oh my!  I laugh so much when I read them.  Right now I am remembering fondly memories of friends stopping by a humble abode in Mexico and being welcomed as family, a cup of coffee from a cafe, and something about a suntan or was it sun-free tanning lotion??!! These are the best!!! I listened to one on audio book and I was hooked.  

As for question # 2, yes, I have been a caregiver for my mother-in-law.  Moving in with her was something I knew we had to do because it was the right thing to do, but it was harder than I ever expected. It was hard to give up family time to focus on her (my son was 10 at the time and I was homeschooling him), but we managed. God knows my heart... I wish I could go back and redo my attitude many times when I was not as nice or understanding as I should have been.  At times during those 4 years, I was very frustrated... being the daughter-in-law dealing with the 24-7 and the rest of the family (i.e. her other son & daughter) not understanding or seeing the things I did...

 I never had any desire to become a nurse or anything in the medical field, but I learned a lot anyway!  A couple years after she died, I went on my first mission's trip, partly in her honor.  She had been a nurse and told me once that she had wanted to do something like that. 

This is such a helpful post, Jamie. I'm sure it will be an encouragement to other caregivers to know they are not alone in the difficulties of their position. 

So glad you have enjoyed the Sisterchicks books. I did the audio recordings for the first three books (On the Loose, Do the Hula, and in Sombreros). I heard from an elderly friend who was bedridden who said that she listened to all the books in the series over and over on CD. When she listened to the first three it was as if I was sitting by her bed telling her a cheering tale.  That's a comforting thought, isn't it?

Aloha, Robin

I dreamed of turning a hobby into a business and we did. We've launched Dragon Lady's Treasure Shoppe from our website. By doing this, I get to keep in touch with teenagers. I have two helpers and we laugh a lot. I get to be "the boss." They tease me a lot. They formed a labor union of two, but when I pointed out they had to collect dues and lobby in Washington, they gave it up.

Hey Donita!  Hi! You amazing woman you!  Yes, you did see an amazing dream fulfilled. And you are reaching so many teens with your wonderful books, as well as ministering to your "child laborers". Hee hee. I love the jewelry you and your gifted helpers make and sell on the website. You are a great example of a woman who trusted God in a new way, took a risk and a couple of big steps of faith and now you are seeing the fruit of your labor.

May the Lord continue to bless the work of your hands.

Much aloha, Robin

Thank you for the giveaway, looks like a great read!  To pursue my dream would require going for a college education.  I really don't feel I have the energy to go for that dream, at my age.  It'll always be my, "should have" dream.

Maybe not. Maybe you have enough energy to pursue this dream through a yet-unexplored channel. Online education, perhaps? Ask Jesus what His plans are for you. He'll make it clear. His desires for us are always good. To prosper us and not to harm us. To give us a future and a hope.  He's not done with you yet, Carmee!

Aloha, Robin


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