ABOUT AUTHOR:Amanda Flower,

an Agatha-nominated mystery author, started her writing career in elementary school when she read a story she wrote to her sixth grade class and had the class in stitches with her description of being stuck on the top of a Ferris wheel. She knew at that moment she’d found her calling of making people laugh with her words. Her debut mystery, Maid of Murder, was an Agatha Award Nominee for Best First Novel. She writes the Appleseed Creek Mystery Series for B&H and the India Hayes Mystery Series for Five Star. She also writes mysteries as Isabella Alan for NAL. In addition to being an author, Amanda is an academic librarian for a small college near Cleveland.


ABOUT BOOK: Welcome to Appleseed Creek, the heart of Ohio’s Amish Country, where life is not as serene as it seems.

While her Cleveland friends relocated to Southern California and Italy, 24-year-old computer whiz Chloe Humphrey moves with some uncertainty to Appleseed Creek to direct technology services at a nearby college. Her first acquaintance is Becky, an ex-Amish teenager looking for a new home.

While driving Chloe’s car, Becky collides with a buggy, killing an Amish elder. But what looks like an accident is soon labeled murder when police discover the car’s cut brake line.

Now, Chloe must take on the role of amateur sleuth to discover who the real intended victim was before the murderer makes a second attempt. Becky’s handsome Amish-turned-Mennonite brother, Timothy, a local carpenter, comes in handy along the way. With God’s help, they’ll solve the mystery that’s rocking this small community.


Question #1:
The protagonist, twenty-four-year-old Chloe Humphrey, moves to Appleseed Creek in the middle of Ohio's Amish Country to take a job as the Director of Computer Services at a small college. When I was twenty-four years old, I moved to the middle of Ohio's Amish Country where the novel is set to take a job as a college librarian. Before moving there, I had never considered living in the country. The novel is inspired by that experience. Have you ever lived or been somewhere completely unexpected?

Question #2:
Other than the mystery itself, A Plain Death centers around an unlikely friendship between an high-tech woman, Chloe Humphrey, and a runaway Amish girl, Becky Troyer. These two women could not be more opposite in their upbringing. Some of my closest friends have been my opposites. My best friend when I was a child was the center of attention and I was shy. One of my best friends as an adult is logical and analytical while I'm a daydreamer. Why do you think these friendships work? Why are we drawn to people we could never possibly be? What's God's part in bringing friends together?


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I think God definitely brings friends together and usually pairs friends with the opposite of themselves.   In looking at my friendships, they all are different and unique individuals.  They may have some traits like me, but are not just like me -- which is good.   We need the differences to challenge each other in ways we wouldn't be challenged otherwise.  We need different perspectives and different gifts in each other to help us grow in ourselves and grow into the people God wants us to be.   We can't all minister in the same way, and caring friends will learn how to minister in the way that God has gifted them.   Together we can make a difference in the world in which we live!

Dianne, I could now agree more! Thanks for stopping by!

I grew up a farmers daughter and married a man who satisfied that lust of the country by living in the country with our kids 4-H livestock projects counting as farming to me.  Guess the Lord knew that my man needed to pastor cowboy churches!  As a missionary we moved to TX and live in town and near giant cities...but close enough to get to Mexico (10 minutes) for our church in the dump.  We had a possum in our roof and I finally saw it, ran for my gun & my husband is hollaring - WHAT ARE YOU DOING?  I'm gonna kill it!  He grabbed the gun and reminded me we weren't living in the country anymore - you can't shoot in town. 

Melody, it sounds like you and I switched places between town and country for a bit. :) Fun story!

 I love books about Amish people. Yes, I have been somewhere unexpected. When I was in my last semester of college, I went home for Christmas and my husband had orders for Berlin, Germany. In February we were on a ship bound for the port city of Bremenhaven, Germany. Many new and wonderful things awaited me, but I was too homesick to notice for a long time. Now I wish I could do it all over and get the full benefit of the experience. http://writepathway.com

Ann, I understand being homesick. When I moved Mount Vernon, I was homesick from time to time too. What a wonderful experience to live overseas!

1) I grew up mostly living in the city but when I was a teenager, we moved to a very small town in northern California. It was my first time living in such a small community but I loved it. I did miss the big mall my sister and I would hang out at but we made friends quickly and found other things to do in the "gasp" great out doors LOL.

WinterRose, I understand! When I move to the country the closest mall was over an hour away. However, I did love living in the beautiful countryside and going for long bike rides on the trails. Thanks for your comment!

I think we are drawn to people we could never be maybe because part of us secretly desires to be like that, but we are afraid or apprehensive. By being friends with them, we can experience a little bit within the safety of friendship.

I agree. I wish I were like my friends in many ways!

I can think of a couple of reasons God can bring such friendships to being.  Sometimes we need someone quite different from ourselves to help us see things we need to know -- about ourselves and about the world around us.  It might be that we can appreciate more about who and what we are when we see who and what others are.  And sometimes it's just fun to see the world from a different perspective.

I have a friend who has been close to another friend for over 20 years now.  Seems they are different as day and night.  My friend is a strong Christian who has witnessed and prayed faithfully for the other lady to come to Christ.  As of yet, that has not happened, but who knows when and how God might use her efforts to produce fruit.  This unlikely friendship may well make an eternal difference in at least one life.

Seeing the world differently does make us appreciate it more. It sounds like your friend is a wonderful and faithful person! Thanks for your comments!


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