ABOUT BOOK: When CIA Agent Bo Rider adopts a retired law enforcement dog for his family, teenagers Glenna and Gregg are surprised to discover Blaze’s special skills. They put the dog to work solving crimes, but a captured criminal seeks revenge forcing the kids to hide out at their grandparents’ Florida home. In Skeleton Key powerful villains connive to stop the teens from discovering their criminal enterprise. As Glenna and Gregg face high stakes, they find courage to keep pursuing justice. In Night Flight, the first stand alone novel in the Munsons’ Truth Seeker Series, the Rider family learns the true meaning of loving your neighbor as yourself. This is the debut thriller for young adults by these best-selling ExFeds who write factional fiction based on their careers.


ABOUT THE AUTHORS: Diane Munson has been an attorney for more twenty eight years. She served the U.S. Department of Justice as a Federal Prosecutor in Washington, D.C. Earlier, she served the Reagan Administration, appointed by Attorney General Edwin Meese, as Deputy Administrator of the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention. She worked with the Justice Department, the U.S. Congress, and the White House on policy and legal issues. More recently she has been in a general law practice.
David Munson served as a Special Agent with the Naval Investigative Service (now NCIS), and U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration over a 27-year career, where he often assumed undercover roles. He infiltrated international drug smuggling organizations. In that role he traveled with drug dealers, met their suppliers in foreign countries, helped fly their drugs to the U.S., then feigned surprise when shipments were seized by law enforcement. Later his true identity was revealed when he testified against the group members in court. While assigned to DEA headquarters in Washington, D.C., David served two years as a Congressional Fellow with the Senate Permanent subcommittee on Investigations.

As they travel to research and cloister to write, they thank the Lord for the blessings of faith and family. David and Diane Munson are collaborating on their next novel. www.DianeAndDavidMunson.com


1. "Night Flight" is written about two teens, for teens. Based on your
experience, how much freedom should teens have for social media/cell

2. In "Night Flight" Blaze the law enforcement 'working dog' is one of the
heroes. Who is your favorite hero, and why?

3. What do you like to see and/or like in suspense novels?

4. What do you think should not been in suspense novels for teens?


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My hero is Ronald Regan. He was a strong  man and did not loose his convictions even when the whole world tryed to get him to.


As parents of the teens they should be monitored, anyone can be swindled or lured.  That is why I do it, it is not because I don't trust my teen, I trust her I just don't trust the world we live in.


"Based on your experience, how much freedom should teens have for social media/cell

My children have had pretty much unlimited freedom with social media and cell phones/texting.  As long as they don't run up the cell phone bill, I'm reasonably happy.  Perhaps because this isn't a forbidden fruit, these things have not been a problem for them.  Online gaming is a much bigger time waster and has required more rules and observation.

My unfortunate personal experience with cell phones is that I'm extremely glad that my oldest son had one, had it in his pocket while driving, and had it fully charged.  After he had an accident, it was the only way his body and the wreckage of his vehicle could be traced.  I would never want one of my children to leave home without one.

This book would be a good addition to our Youth Fiction section in the church library

My children were teenagers before they had facebook, cellphone's, and texting. Unfortunately I don't have an answer to question #1.

3. I love to see action that almost forces me NOT to put the book down. I love not knowing where the plot is heading and having a few surprises along the way!

"Night Flight" is written about two teens, for teens. Based on your
experience, how much freedom should teens have for social media/cell


I believe that my responsibility as a parent is to know where my teen is and with whom,  her responsibility is to make sure that what she says is what it really is, thus there is no need for a cell phone at this point.  As far as facebook and that goes- I think it is too dangerous for kids to be playing with.  Things get put out there that can't be retracted.  They need some maturity before getting into that arena.

I like to see twists and turns, surprises, multiple characters that could've "done it", multiple problems/mysteries going on that eventually tie together to complete the bigger picture, I also like some thriller in there. I got hooked on mysteries by reading The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew mysteries growing up. So, if a book has most of those same elements it will be a really good read in my opinion. I don't think young teens should read too much "thriller" as it can sometimes be too much excitement for some. Most older teens are probably ok reading most Christian mystery/thriller as most of them are not too graphic. Teens don't need to read stuff that is explicit, graphic, bad language or give the wrong impression.

1) This is a hard one for me. I think it should vary in relation to the teen's level of trustworthiness and how good of a head they have on their shoulders. But still think it should be monitored to some extent. I find this question hard to answer because while I valued as a teen having a certain amount of privacy there are new dangers out there that weren't there for me as a teen. I still think some measure of monitoring should be happening, not just free reign for a teen.

Suspense novels for teens should provide a great story that will keep them engaged, but sexual content and swearing should not be in them. I've read and reviewed a couple of so-called YA novels and was shocked at the content.

Not sure If I can answer again...nothing says we cannot daily! So, here goes...one of my fave HEROES of mystery solving would have to be Regan Reilly (Carol Higgins Clark). Regan has super cool parents (dad~ owner of funeral home, mom~famous author) and then she met and married a policeman...can't get too much better. Plus, it's an easy read and the crimes are not gorey in detail. HOPE I win your book!!! teelayoung@hotmail.com  http://coffee24tea.blogspot.com

I think any sexual things and violence that is graphically discribed should be left out of teen or childrens books.


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