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ABOUT VICKI HINZE: I was raised in New Orleans. After I married a Hurricane Hunter/Special Ops officer, we and our children moved every few years. Some of those places? Mississippi, California, Illinois and Florida. We spent a year in Texas (home to my husband), then settled down in Florida.

I've been writing full-time since 1987, have written over thirty books--novels and nonfiction books and articles--and for the last decade or so, I've spent a lot of time teaching new writers or running mentoring programs like, where I answer questions on the craft, business and writing life, sharing what I can. I also have a free online writers' library, ON WRITING, on my website:( Additional podcasts and feature articles are available there, too. I'm a sponsor of The Book Club Network, International Thriller Writers, and American Christian Fiction Writers.

Between family and writing commitments, I don't have as much time for hobbies as I once did. During baseball season, I'm hopping field to field to games. My favorite other activity? Home-improvement projects. I'm active in ITW, MWA, RWA, ACFW, NINC, ACRA, AG, AWSA and other writing organizations.



ABOUT BOOK: After losing everything, Della Jackson tries to begin again as an investigator. But she can't forget the past…and neither can someone else. Someone who won't let anyone—even Della's best friend, former special operative Paul Mason—stand in the way. As Della is stalked and those closest to her are targeted, both Della and Paul realize there's only one way to survive. They each have to face their greatest fears, overcome the scars of the past and dare to love again…before it's too late.


Question one: 


Della Jackson's living room is empty, except for a rocking chair.  Her house, all but unlived in.  If you'd endured what she had, how would you cope?  Would you feel, or have you ever felt that you deserved nothing?  How did you cope with the event that made you feel that way?


Question Two: Do you buy print books or eBooks more often? Why?


Question Three:Who first introduced you to reading? When?


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I was first introduced to reading by my mom when I was a toddler. I loved books for for a very long time then lost interest when I married and had children. I read to my children but not books for me. My son went through a tragic drug addiction and I turned to God and books. The books helped me escape reality. I have been an avid reader ever since we made it through that tragic time and I will continue reading for the rest of my life!

Blessings to you

These are wonderful questions! I lost 6 primary members of my family in 2008. All were unexpected except my baby daughter who was dying slowly of cancer. My husband died with no warning in less than 2 minutes and my parents died very quickly. I was not told about my mothers death because of my daughter's surgery. I then continued to lose other cornerstones of my family so fast that they were gone in less than 4 months. So yes, a rocking chair was what I seemed to be left with as people fought over what had been my husband and my possessions.

My personal library is over 10,000 books so I was overjoyed when my son bought my Kindle Fire for Christmas last year! It takes up so much less space and I can also read books on my IPhone. I usually buy 20+ ebooks a month.

My beloved grandmother had a Masters degree when most women in rural Texas were not likely to have a HS diploma. She had me reading children's books by mid 2 yrs old and 2nd grade school books by age 3. I still have many of those worn out books even today! She relished books and I was reading Classics when other children read comic books. I didn't even know what a comic book was until I was an elderly teenager!
Great questions!!


Question 2, I buy print the feel of the book in my hands.....too hard to read on the Kindle.....

Another author that I absolutely love.  Anxious to read this book, too!


I read mainly ebooks,  so that I can read after my husband goes to sleep.  But, as of late, I've been having trouble with my Nook and thus have been reading actual paper books.

I like paperback books!!! I would love to win this book, Enter me in the drawing.

Thanks and God Bless!

Sarah Richmond


I love books !!!!! I do both e-book and paper book. I love my e-book when I travel and paper book most of the time. Who taught me how to read? My special Ed teacher. I couldn't read until 3rd grade.I was dislexia.....can't decode words or sound them out. When I read a book ,I read like I'm talking to I can remember what i read....Betsy Schaknowski

#3 As far back as I remeber I cant say who introduced me to reading.  I have a very vivid imagination and as a child becuase I lack a lot of things, I believe when I learned how to read it took me to places that I could only go in a book.  I remeber summers of walking to the library to get my favorite series the box car kids and the baby sitters club. 

Question # 3- A lady I used to work with, used to read all the time and she gave me this great book to read, and I will never forget that was from then on I started reading....she is still a good friend of mine, we worked together, still keep in touch even tho she is in a nursing home in Missouri and I don't think she reads that much, had some eye issues....but I owe my reading to her   :)

1) Yes I have felt unworthy or that i didn't deserve the nice things in life. Honestly I still struggle with that feeling at times.

I mainly buy print books.  The reason is I love holding a book in my hands and being able to lend it out.  My  Mom who is in her 80's and my  Daughters all look forward to the times when I send books their way.  Of course I get to read them first and I make notes in the front of the books for them to read.  I do have a Kindle and have several books on it for when I travel. But no way could I disappoint my family by not buying the print books.

 Do you buy print books or eBooks more often? Why?


I like to hold a book so I buy print books mainly.  I have only bought one ebook.  I read the book - back first - then notes, acknowledgements,  and I collect bookmarks (make some too) so ebooks make that harder. 

Question Two: Do you buy print books or eBooks more often? Why?

I usually borrow from the library, though I have bought print books of authors I really like or want the collection of, and I've gotten a few eBooks. I've only had an ereader for a few months.


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