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LET YOUR GLOW SHOW!! is the bedrock for everything Ruthie Lewis writes and speaks about. She is an Author, Speaker & Life Coach.
When gut-wrenching circumstances shook her from a life of have-to / supposed-to, her only lifeline was to reconnect to her inner light.  Then, her worst nightmare left her buried under an avalanche of inconceivable darkness.



After excavating the tiniest spark from the rubble, Ruthie’s passion to write, and lead others to live their inner light is not only miraculous, it’s contagious, its flame brighter than any firefly’s glow! A message so powerful it will make your toes tingle.
Ruthie resides in Edmond, OK and is the mother of two amazing grown sons, and a daughter who was a life-long dancer and brought light into the lives of everyone who knew her, and now dances with Jesus.
“Fireflies” is set for official release on Sept. 11.  Until then you can get your pre-release, autographed copy on her website:

Ruthie would love to hear from you!! Your story; how “Fireflies” has impacted your life; or for speaking. Contact Ruthie:  - Follow her blog by clicking on the blog page. Also, join her on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn


ABOUT BOOK: I'm so different now, so different from the naive high school senior full of heart and dreams. Like a firefly whose very being lights up a summer night like a Fourth of July sparkler, my soul's light was at its brightest.




1.When you think of living a life of have-to / supposed-to, as Tammy discovered she was, what do you think of, and what feelings does it provoke?


2.What was the most difficult issue addressed in “Fireflies”, or the most difficult to read about in Christian Fiction? 2.  “Fireflies” addresses very difficult issues. Why do you feel the issue of abuse is so difficult and misunderstood, and does religiosity have anything to do with it?



3.While the “Christian Fiction” genre has come so far out of the stereotypes, it seems, especially with the trashy stuff breaking bestselling records, that maybe it’s time to unhinge the boxes we’ve been put in, and instead of trash, write stories that are about all of real life. What are your feelings on this?


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I think it's definitely time to take Christian fiction "out of the box" and address some really sticky issues that people deal with but, in my opinion, are not explored enough.  A book written with insight and understanding that addresses an issue a person is dealing with is like a good friend that understands and does not judge... one that shares the love of God.

Living a life of "have to or supposed to" sounds like the one I lived under the so-called guidance of my supposedly Christian step-father (my own father had died).   Everything was about doing and living his way -- the have to's and supposed to's!   All of us kids after we left home realized that we had been totally emotionally abused and made to feel like nothing.   I was a fighter and I wouldn't let him get to me --- standing up for myself when I needed to (and even getting slapped for it).  My siblings internalized everything and even today we are  affected by it and deal with things in different ways because of it.

Thanks so much for posting this, Dianne!!

The trap of have-to / supposed-to happens many ways and yours is very common.  It forms a belief system that if you don't think this or do things this way, you're just a lesser or even bad person; and yes it affects us drastically whether the mind set comes from family, religiosity or whatever.

You will love the character, Charla in Fireflies! She comes face to face with how her father has affected her life even though she is a successful woman. 


Question 3. Real-life issues need to be written about. They are reality, both for Christians and non-Christians. I love to see a Christian author deal with the difficult subjects because they can do so without all the trashy talk and explicit "sex scenes" and yet get the point across. Then they can show that Christ can forgive, heal, comfort and strengthen. I'm sure these type books minister to many that we don't know are suffering. If they can get hope and encouragement, maybe they will seek help and counselling. Bad things do happen to good people, but there is hope in Christ! Thank you for the opportunity to win a book by a new author for me. I share my books with my 91-year-old mother-in-law and church friends.

Thanks for posting, Susan!!

Yes, life is reality! Christians are not exempt from life as it really is, yet we sometimes live that way.

And you're absolutely right that we can address issues w/o being trash and dark.  A very wise writing instructor once had me take a dark scene from a novel and rewrite it.  It was one of the best exercises for my writing that ever happened.

I love all the romance books but I also like a book that talks about real life and gives you something to think about and realize that you are not the only one going through something. We life in real life and we sure do need light easy reading but also something you can really sink your teeth into and make you think!

Fireflies will definitely give you something to think about, Christina!  And yes, we need all genres.  As with movies, sometimes we need a little romance, sometimes we need to laugh, sometimes we just want a great heart-felt story.

Thanks for posting!

As someone who grew up in an abusive home and then married an abuser, it is such a taboo subject. First, I never told anyone what was happening in my home/s. throw religion into it and how much more can you not say. How many times has it been heard that maybe you weren't being obedient, as somehow it's your fault that this is happening to you. Fortunately I got out of the mess, accepted Christ and married an awesome guy!

Yes, Robyn, where did we ever get the notion that whatever abuse you are receiving is happening for a reason. 

One thing I say all the time, is when bad things happen in your life, GOD IS NOT PUNISHING YOU!

Also, women often feel the need to blame themselves for all relationship problems, especially marriage.

Thanks for posting!

1.  "Have to/supposed to" -- I came to a point in my life when I realized there were God's expectations of me, what I thought God expected of me and what others expected of me.  The only thing that matters is what God expects!

Nothing makes me happier, Elaine than to see someone set free by this revelation and have the guts to live it even if they disappoint someone or make someone made.

This is truly a revelation that will take the lid off your jar!

3.While the “Christian Fiction” genre has come so far out of the stereotypes, it seems, especially with the trashy stuff breaking bestselling records, that maybe it’s time to unhinge the boxes we’ve been put in, and instead of trash, write stories that are about all of real life. What are your feelings on this?

I read a lot of non-fiction.  But a buy and send a lot of books to my mother in law - she loves to read and started her own library in her senior center.  She was interested in Amish fiction and now I am learning to appreciate it and understand the significance of uplifting stories.


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