LET YOUR GLOW SHOW!! is the bedrock for everything Ruthie Lewis writes and speaks about. She is an Author, Speaker & Life Coach.
When gut-wrenching circumstances shook her from a life of have-to / supposed-to, her only lifeline was to reconnect to her inner light.  Then, her worst nightmare left her buried under an avalanche of inconceivable darkness.



After excavating the tiniest spark from the rubble, Ruthie’s passion to write, and lead others to live their inner light is not only miraculous, it’s contagious, its flame brighter than any firefly’s glow! A message so powerful it will make your toes tingle.
Ruthie resides in Edmond, OK and is the mother of two amazing grown sons, and a daughter who was a life-long dancer and brought light into the lives of everyone who knew her, and now dances with Jesus.
“Fireflies” is set for official release on Sept. 11.  Until then you can get your pre-release, autographed copy on her website: www.RuthieLewis.com.

Ruthie would love to hear from you!! Your story; how “Fireflies” has impacted your life; or for speaking. Contact Ruthie: www.RuthieLewis.com  - Follow her blog by clicking on the blog page. Also, join her on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn


ABOUT BOOK: I'm so different now, so different from the naive high school senior full of heart and dreams. Like a firefly whose very being lights up a summer night like a Fourth of July sparkler, my soul's light was at its brightest.




1.When you think of living a life of have-to / supposed-to, as Tammy discovered she was, what do you think of, and what feelings does it provoke?


2.What was the most difficult issue addressed in “Fireflies”, or the most difficult to read about in Christian Fiction? 2.  “Fireflies” addresses very difficult issues. Why do you feel the issue of abuse is so difficult and misunderstood, and does religiosity have anything to do with it?



3.While the “Christian Fiction” genre has come so far out of the stereotypes, it seems, especially with the trashy stuff breaking bestselling records, that maybe it’s time to unhinge the boxes we’ve been put in, and instead of trash, write stories that are about all of real life. What are your feelings on this?


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"Have to do this." and "Suppose to do that," are phrases that are mighty restricting. Of course there are the commandments given by God for our benefit that are necessary to follow to have the best life possible. But then there are those self-imposed and other people-imposed limitations that stand as obstacles to possibilities that God has put in the world for us to live up to.

This does remind me of when I became a SAHM. The world was telling me I needed to go right back to work. The boss said six weeks for a regular birth and eight weeks for a C-section. I felt angry about hearing the roadblock of "Have to do this" when I had a baby that needed nurturing. I decided to jump out of the box of taking care of numbers in an accounting job to taking care of my baby.

Thank you for offering your insightful book in this contest. It would be a blessing to read it.

Wishing to glow even brighter, Janice

Thank you for posting Janice, you get it!  It's so important for us to be led by our inner light rather than live up to roles or expectations put on us.

And even with God's commandments, the choice is still ours. 

You GLOW girl!!

3) I agree I think christian fiction has so much to offer but has been placed in a box. lets break that box open!

Thanks so much for posting, Janet!  I believe most Christian authors are really trying to do that and that people are becoming more aware of what Christian fiction has to offer. 

I hope all of you will go to my blog and read: WHY READ FICTION?


Oh, and here's the link to the blog: http://ruthielewis.com/2011/06/09/why-read-fiction-2/ 

Thank you for posting, Joyce!

Your comment caught me off guard, but you're absolutely right!  Of all the difficulties and hardships in life, losing a child is every mother's worst nightmare. 

I know because I lost my precious daughter in a car accident Oct. 9; ten days before her 21st b'day.  My book Fireflies was only days from being completed.  The only reason it now exists is because I could hear her cheering me on.  She was so excited for me and would have been so disappointed in me if I hadn't moved forward with the completion.  It is dedicated to her - Christina Faith



I think that the reason abuse is so difficult to read about and to understand, is that we in the Christian world don't like to admit that the abuser is somone from our world. It is easier if we think it is "out there". When Christians do such horrifying things, it is damaging to the name of Christ and can result in loss of faith ...especially when the church leaders do not deal with it correctly. Such a sad thing.

Thanks so much for posting, Dorothy!!

Couldn't have said it better.

Christians also consider it unloving to call a persons actions what they really are.  We also put levels on what we call abuse.

In Fireflies, Tammy and Charla both face whether to risk stepping out in truth.

Question 3...I like the idea of more stories on real life events and circumstances.  Sometimes we can learn alot from others experiences and that can be helpful to our own situations.  I have always enjoyed nonfiction as well as Christian fiction.

On the other hand, some people like to escape their problems and get lost in a bit of fiction. 

The great thing is we can all choose what we are in the mood to read.  Thank you for the opportunity to win this book!  Carmee Ross

Thanks for posting, Carmee!!

Yes, there is just as much to learn from fiction as non-fiction, and somethimes the lesson is clear (light bulb moment) in story form.  It's why Jesus spoke in parables.

I believe you also would love the blog I wrote: WHY READ FICTION? http://ruthielewis.com/2011/06/09/why-read-fiction-2/ 

Thanks for your post, Deb!!

You are so right!  And abuse always happens behind closed doors, behind an image.  That's how the abuser stays in control of the abused living under constant threat.  The closed doors are not just in the Amish community, they are everywhere and where you might least expect.  We all know of stories of someone finding that someone they know and love very much has abused their children or maybe a friend is being abused by a husband who seems perfect.

I could go on but...  :)

For got to mention, Deb, I came across a book that sounds like what u might be looking for.  Haven't read it but it's called "Still Life in Shadows".


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