ABOUT AUTHOR: PENNY ZELLER is the author of several books and numerous magazine articles. She is also the author of the blog "A Day in the Life of a Wife, Mom, and Author" www.pennyzeller.wordpress.comwhere she also provides weekly doses of inspiration and humor, along with movie reviews, and interviews with some of her favorite author friends.


Penny is an active volunteer in her community, devoting her time to assisting and nurturing women and children into a closer relationship with Christ. 


Among other books, Penny is the author of McKenzie, Kaydie, and Hailee in her Montana Skies Historical Romance Series and 77 Ways Your Family Can Make a Difference: Ideas and Activities for Serving Others. She is currently working on an historical romance series that takes place right after the Civil War.


When she's not writing, Penny enjoys spending time with her family and camping, hiking, canoeing, and playing volleyball.  While she is generally a health nut, Penny does have one small weakness: hot tamales (yes, the little red candy kind!)


Penny loves to hear from her readers at her website, www.pennyzeller.com and on Facebook at www.facebook.com/pennyzellerbooks





ABOUT BOOK ONE - KAYDIE - Desperate times call for desperate measures" is the reasoning that prompts McKenzie Worthington, a young lady of Boston's high society, to respond to an ad for a mail-order bride for a man in the Montana Territory. McKenzie is desperate, after all, to save her beloved younger sister, Kaydie, from her evil, abusive husband, who robs banks for a living. And so, it is with reckless determination that McKenzie runs away from the comforts of home and hearth to head West and meet her new husband-whom she'll divorce, of course, after she rescues her sister.

"Desperate times call for desperate measures" is the reasoning that also prompts Zachary Sawyer, a rugged rancher after God's own heart, to post an ad for a mail-order bride in various newspapers across the country. Managing a ranch and caring for his adoptive son, Davey, has become more than one man can handle alone, and Zach prays for God to send him a wife with whom to build a life and share his dreams.

When McKenzie arrives at Zach's ranch, she immediately puts her plan in motion, searching for her sister and doing all she can to keep her new husband from forming an attachment. But his persistent kindness and significant self-sacrifices begin to change her heart-and ruin her plans. God has a way of working things out to the good of those who love Him, though, as McKenzie and Kaydie will soon see.




Question 1
McKenzie - a mail order bride with one goal in mind - to rescue her sister...
Kaydie - a
 naive woman realizing things are not as they seem...
Hailee - a young school teacher looking to forget her past...
McKenzie, Kaydie, and Hailee each travel to the rugged Montana Territory. Would you be brave enough to leave the comforts of your city home and venture to the unsettled West in the late 1800s? Would you prefer to have lived in a city during that time period or on the western frontier? Why?

Question 2
Lucille Granger, a kindhearted but nosy gossip in Pine Haven, Montana, is one of my readers' favorite characters and she appears in all three of my Montana Skies Historical Romance Novels. She provides constant humor through her matchmaking antics and busybody ways. Who in your life brings a smile or laughter to your day?

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My husband always brings a smile to my day...

I have some wonderful friends who make me laugh and see the funny side of things but no one is quite like my oldest son! I was married and prayed for a baby for 7 years before God finally allowed me to get pregnant with the first baby I would carry to term. My husband left me and so I went through the pregnancy and birth and raising him until he was 3 all by my self. We developed a great relationship of "Little Man" (He's 17 and 6ft 6 now) and "Son of my Heart". 

He has always been a wise little talker and a precocious child for his age and has kept me laughing with his one liners and observations about life, God and people. Having been bed ridden for the last 3 1/2 years I get pretty down sometimes, but he can come in and start talking 90 miles a min., telling one liners and making me laugh so hard I cry! He looks at things from a totally backward point of view compared to most people and yet often it helps me see what I need to see without getting upset at being told I am wrong! He has a different and yet great, God given way of looking at and seeing things that often changes my perspective! Thank you M.A.G.!

I am going to answer question 1. I think if I was in McKenzie's position where she had to rescue her sister I would do as she did and leave the comforts of my home and move west. When I was younger I was adventurous and I think if I would have lived during the 1800's I would have been thrilled to move west! I have always been fascinated with stories during the 1800 time period and about people moving west so I think I would prefer to live on the western frontier instead of in a city.

Question 2. My husband makes me smile! Other than his insane good looks, his sense of humor was the first thing that attracted me to him. He is a natural-born storyteller and can make you laugh until you cry with his "true" stories. We have our own private jokes, and even have our own special "language". We laugh and joke when we are together, whether it's at home, in the car, on vacation, with friends ... wherever! I am sooooo blessed! Thank you for the opportunity to win books by a new author for me. I share my books with my 91-year-old mother-in-law and church friends. God bless!

I think I'd want to be a pioneer woman heading west on a wagon, but that's probably my romantic dreamy-brain kicking in. I think about the beauty of those wide open plains, and rolling hills and steep mountains.... But the living was so rough, I know.

Thanks for the giveaway! Please toss my name in the hat. I haven't read any of Penny Zeller's books, and I'm in the mood for some historical romance. ;D


Question #1.

I would hope so if i needed to, but life back then was rough. It would be super hard to pack up and leave the comforts of a the only city i knew to go to an unsettled Montana Territory. I think it would of been neat to experience what they had to experience back in the 1800's. You would of gotten a first hand look at what it took to make it back then, and the hardships of settling the "Wild West", i am not sure which i would of prefered. To be in a city is to be close to the comforts of town and the things you need faster, but the frontier where you dont have to worry about tripping over your neighbor.

2.  My husband is the person who causes me to smile and often, to laugh out loud.  He brings me joy each and every day and I have been blessed to have him!!

My 3 little grandsons make me laugh with the funny things that they say and do. Unfortunately, they are now living on the other side of the world with their missionary parents. Thankfully, there is Skype and email...and their mom tells me some of their funny antics! We are going to see them in a few weeks and can hardly wait. :)

The person in my life who brings laughter and a smile is my friend, Emily. A woman who has suffered much by her family and a husband who dominated, she always has something really funny to say. Altho we are the same age she is often like a child set free. She responded in a positive way when I helped her understand that she is unique and my friend whom I cherish. Now, she is free of all that because her hubby went to be with the Lord this year and she is making amazing decisions that make her happy. A beautiful Christian heart and she humbles me by giving me the hurrahs. Not me, she and Christ Jesus did that together--I was just a tool in the Master's tool box. :D Praise His name.

I'd love to win this drawing--I love to read this genre and am so grateful for this opportunity to enter. Blessings!

I would like to think I would travel but not sure.  I have left my "home" three times but really I had close friends one time and family at the others.  There were women who travelled alone back in those days because they had no relatives and a chance to meet someone to marry.  Their only hope to survive.  I guess if I knew the Lord I might have the courage to go if I knew He was leading and of course I would be taking Him with me!!   

I would love to win these books,Enter me!!

Sarah Richmond



I would have gone. It just seems cool the way woman carved out their spot in the west


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